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  1. The last owner said he had them at his house. He wont reply now so i am going down there very soon .He will have a surprise for sure lol
  2. There is a reason for me to not have them in the car.....I don't have them 🙂 Called Toyota in Bath and the car has been serviced so i will get the history at least. Also went to a car wash today and no leak. Strange.
  3. So the seller is not replying to texts. He also did not have the rear headrests and some of the service history is missing. He did originally reply when i mentioned the headrests and said he would drop them off. (if you are reading this i'd reply if i was you lol) I feel like a wally as i am normally really good on these things. I have his address though and no way am i letting this go. So sick of dishonest people. I am going a knocking! 🙂
  4. Yes will try .Thank you. Fuming though as only just got the car. I feel the seller was a tad dishonest.
  5. Mine was more a woosh of water i could see . It was like a bucket of water coming from breast hight and down as i opened the door.
  6. Bought the car sunday and all has been ok. Today I opened the door and water rushed in from the windscreen or pillar and went down to my foot and the door bin. No way did the owner not know about this is my thought at the moment. Not too impressed but can someone clarify if this is a known issue? Thanks.
  7. Indeed:) I'm 6'2 and fit fine. Not much adjustment on the seat. My back ached a little but i am sure i will get used to it.
  8. I will be honest I did think of it but wanted to keep prices down and i also wanted auto. Coming from a GTD 2.0 was something of a lack of power, but i did hit 90 at one point on the way home. Car seemed ok, slightly sensitive steering but 10x better than the old smart i had in 2014 🙂
  9. Thanks to all. I get a IQ this sunday/monday 🙂
  10. Thanks for the reply. What is FTSH? Did you mean FSH as in full service history?
  11. I am just about to sell my 2015 Golf GTD. Simply not doing the miles these days so looking for a Toyota IQ (uk). I've had a smart for 2 in 2014 so a small car is not a new thing for me. The IQ seems to offer a few more luxury items, such as Power steering and electric windows? 🙂 Automatic is my preference as I am old (47) and lazy. Is there a particular model/trim to aim for? Thanks in advance.