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  1. Hi PaulinhoT

    tried a pretty comprehensive on the net but no joy.  I'm wondering if there are any from other manufaturers which could be a decent substitute.


  2. Hi All, first post! I have recently taken ownership of a '95 Carina E 2.0 Executive. I got it as a runaround following my 60K miles Jaguar XFS throwing a con-rod!! It'll be sick for a while. More importantly, I am now a convert to the Carina a lot of bang for buck; love at first sight! I am very much enjoying the drive of this retro classic and, as it is in excellent order (161K miles), I want to tidy up a couple of untidy bits. Can anyone help? I have been searching for Headlamp Washer Jets on line and failing miserably, the current ones are on stalks and I suspect the fairing covers went west sometime ago. The car is white (and has super paintwork for its 24 years). Also, the LCD on the radio has 'blackened', can anyone recommend a replacement? Thank you for taking time to read and regards Shaunymc