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  1. Thank you. Might have to get one from a scrapyard, any idea if the faceplate is easy to remove I don't want to break any clips. I guess once that is off it will just unscrew
  2. Similar problem if anyone can help.Need to replace drivers side grab handle as mind's come away.Does backing plate just screw on with faceplate just pushing on?
  3. Thanks for your help.Now have a 2011 Go! Takes a bit of getting used to after a Ford Ka Not used to that STOP light on the dashboard before I start the engine
  4. I have a similar problem if anyone can help.Got a 2011 Aygo with a 2 peg mat fixing.Place I ordered mats from has sent 1 peg fixing saying 2 peg didn't come in until 2013 is this right? Also drivers mat seems too short for footwell as it doesn't cover carpet heelpad
  5. Hope you can help. Looking to buy a used Aygo Go 2011 having had Ford Ka (mk1) for past 10ish years any useful opinions /tips most welcome
  6. Hello everyone, hope I'm doing this right. Joined up as I'm looking to get a Toyota Aygo. Had a Honda years ago then onto various Fords but heard good things about them