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  1. White smoke? Broken head gasket? Water in the oil?
  2. There is no such thing as a good halogen bulb! The only halogen bulb worth of using in a projector is Osram Cool blue boost. BUT, just like a led conversion, they are not road legal. So why not go for a good led conversion kit? i choose to use Swedish quality led bulbs produced by Ledson/ The bulbs ain’t cheap, around £140 for a set.. The only bad thing about them is the big cooling fan, since the original headlight housing rear lids/seal dont fit over them.
  3. I have tried a few different LED bulbs on my 2013 t27.. All were better than the standard halogen bulb.. but My advice is to NOT buy Led bulbs that is made for a reflector.. They will simply not work good in a projector housing, and you will have dark spots in the sides of the road and on the road aswell.. since the bulbs are going to be fitted in a projector, you will not have to worry about the beam pattern, so go with what fits best and give the highest light output. Out of the ones iv’e tried i will rank them like this. 1. LEDSON Projector Led bulb By Light output like original 35w Xenon, but the bulb is long with a big fan and the original rear seal/lid do not fit with bulb installed. 2. NovSight 30w 10000lm (claimed). Not quite the same light output as ledson leds, However not far off. Theese do come in a much sleeker design (red alloy body). Also equipped with a cooling fan, though much shorter/wider than the ledson bulbs, so original seal/lid actually fit over theese bulbs. 3. Auxbeam. (8000lm/pair claimed) Standard led bulb that all chinese brands seem to have under a different name. Long body/big fan, original lids do not fit over. Quite ok light output though. 4. IPF H11 Led. Really high quality from a big expensive brand.. Though they do not work very well in a projector.. BUT, since they are made for use in a reflector, they work very well for high-beam or fog lights.
  4. Nope, i missed on that one.. Well, they were only like £10 anyway so.. We’ll see if they work.. soon i Will have like 4 different pairs of t20 leds, a whole bunch of different canbus decoders 🤣 (i have 4 h11 decoders, 2 H7 and soon theese for t20).. Add to that, 2 35w hid kits, 1 55w hid kit, and some spare hid bulbs... Feels like i need to get rid of some stuff soon 🙄😄
  5. Ordered a set of t20/7443 resistors/decoders of ebay on friday.. should have them next week..
  6. Does the avensis even have canbus for the lighting? If so, its just on the DRL/parking light. The Lo-beam led conversion kit i fitted to my car does not have a built in canbus resistor and works just fine without warnings and such.. Same with the fog lights, non canbus IPF fog light leds installed. Only reason i fitted a Canbus HID kit to the hi-beams was i didn’t want to connect it via a relay.. If it’s only a matter of to low resistance, it’s easily solved.. Dont know if the rubber caps i bought is ”the ****” but they do the job, even if they are not threaded like the original Toyota ones.. At first i planned to modify the originals, but since theese rubber ones do the job, i did not bother 😎
  7. Iv’e now know what the problem with the DRL’s are.. The stock t20 bulbs has double filaments, one which function is as parking/position lights, and one which function as DRL.. The problem is to find double filament leds which has the same ”white” (6000k) light on all led chips.. It’s more common with white/orange dual filament bulbs.. But today i actually found some leds on amazon i’m going to try.. For the lo beams i went with IPF’s led conversion kit which were bought from Swedish site ”prestandabelysning”, but theese i actually gonna swap out for a led from ”diodhuset” which is made for use with a projector lens.. The IPF’s works best in a reflector.. Just remove the sealing cap, and replace them with some universal rubber ditos.. I bought mine from ”diodhuset” also...
  8. Hello there! new Avensis owner from Sweden here! Bought myself an 2013 Avensis 2.0d a few weeks ago. It’s my first ever Toyota, so i’m not really an expert yet! 😁 My question is regarding the DRL light! My car is equipped with halogen projectors and halogen DRL.. However, iv’e converted the lo-beams into Led with a conversion kit from IPF and hi-beams is converted into HID.. BUT i’m having problems with the DRL lights! Iv’e tried 3 different kind of led bulbs, with no success.. Canbus leds, non polarity leds etc but nothing works... For now i have theese crappy looking xenon look halogen bulbs, but they are no way near the 6000k white light that the lo-beam led bulbs has.. Also, the light output of the xenon looks suck big time, soo.. please tell me i’m not stuck with the xenon looks! thanks in advance