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  1. Morning folks. All the wheel bearings were changed, at that stage it still had the noisy tyres on. There was no change so the noise was put down to the tyres. The tyres were then changed, and although the road noise from the tyres has gone, there is still a bearing rumble. I then had the front right bearing changed again, but this made no difference and the noise is getting worse and is at a point now where you can feel the vibration through the pedals. The vibration doesn't change at all well different engine speeds or different gears, the only thing that varies it is change in vehicle so speed.
  2. The rumble varies according to the speed of the vehicle but not according to the engine rev's, also putting in the clutch and free wheeling makes no difference.
  3. I've replaced all of the wheel bearings. You can feel the droning of it through the pedals and floor, it is also worse if you steer left (thereby loading the right wheel more) and less if you steer right (thereby reducing the load on the right wheel). I had been sure it was wheel bearings so changed them all while I was at it, but it made no difference. After a few km, I changed the right wheel bearing again in case I'd gotten a bad bearing, but still no difference. The tyres that were on the front were very noisy, so I changed those out, and although the road noise is gone the noise that sounds like a bad bearing is still there and getting worse. I'm starting to wonder about the bearing on the gearbox where the CV joint goes into the box.
  4. My Wife's 2004 Corolla has a horrible wheel rumble and vibration, exactly as if the wheel bearing is stuffed. The bearing has been replaced twice, but made no difference. The brand of tyres has also been changed out to see if it makes a difference but no luck. It is a loud rumbling while driving and it has gotten to a point where you can feel it through the floor of the vehicle. Anyone got any ideas on what this can be?
  5. My wife's 2004 Corolla has 287000km (180000 miles) on it and still going strong except for a few niggles.
  6. Hi there, my name is Sean and I'm a British expat' living in South Africa. I've got a 2004 Corolla 1.6 as well as a 2012 Ford Focus 2 litre.