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  1. I have Auris 2010. Right tell-tale bulb/lamp is not working on the dashboard, otherwise indicator outside is fine. Toyota has told me strange thing that it will cost £670 because apparently they can't change bulb/lamp only but will need to change whole unit Please guide how to fix this issue? Is tell-tale light required for MOT? Thanks
  2. Thanks for reply. Again got car checked and now 2 codes are coming P1047 U011B is it still suggestive of problem with Valvematic controller Local garages don’t have much idea about this It appears that Toyota charges about £1500 Is it worth spending this much money, I am not sure if problem will be solved completely by new valvematic controller. Please advise!
  3. I have Toyota Auris 2010 and check engine light intermittently comes on. I have been to Toyota once and couple of times to other garages and code that comes indicate problem with ' valvematic controller circuit' I have changed battery and spark plugs but still problem persists. Has any body faced similar situation Please advice what should be done next
  4. I need advice regarding my Toyota Auris 2010 Automatic. Check engine light comes intermittently, when it comes for few seconds car have problem to pick up speed but then become normal and later light disappears and car runs well. I got it checked and was told that engine diagnostics have revealed the code indicating Valvematic Valve is faulty and will cost £1438 Any ideas if there is a cheaper solution to this. Anybody had similar situation?