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  1. You would have to add the cost of getting the immobilizer coded to the new ECU. Roughly 100 UKP using an auto locksmith here.
  2. I'm in the UK. My Yaris is an 'Icon' model. NSP 130 with the 1.33 INRFE engine. The chassis number is VNKKJ3D390A203210. It has a six speed manual transmission. (Maybe cruise simply isn't compatible with CVT?) My car has the audio controls on the steering wheel and an audio screen which doubles for the reversing camera. I don't have Nav on the screen, I think this is because my car is very last of the 'old' model.
  3. Been watching this thread only idly because I already have original cruise control (1NRFE). On VW diesels the cruise control is a small part of another electrical controller which also supplies current for other things. If you want to add CC and you don't already have the right part number for this other controller, you have to upgrade to better. I only mention this because even after this upgrade you still have to enable CC in the engine ECU. I wonder if Toyotas need this 'enabling' too. It isn't an ECU reflash it's just a simple change of coding to tell the vehicle that it now has CC wh
  4. The answer lies with the money. If the thieves can't sell, they won't steal. Scrap dealers legally cannot take cash for scrap from unknown sources any more following all the high profile copper/lead/anything else metal (and valuable) thefts. These days there has to be a paper trail. So it is down to the police to target a few of these scroats and winkle out the crooked dealers. Although I can't see the police worrying too much about the theft of a catalytic converter or two in their area though when they rarely even turn up these days following a burglary.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I'm hoping to be able to go through EGR flow and anything else that is available. I don't know if the procedure for any possible calibration would be the same as the iQ but will have a look. The problem for any testing is finding out normal range of what you should be expecting to see. The fact that it is a little worse when its cold interests me. I can watch what the coolant sensor is reporting live as it warms up and see that it looks sensible. It would be good to know what the fuel trim is showing as a guide. The software wouldn't work back when I first tried it
  6. I'm interested in this subject because I'm not happy with the throttle response on my 13.3 either. I wouldn't say it is jerky but it is laggy and hangs on gear changes. I've noticed that the hanging is worse when the engine is cold. It runs and starts brilliantly but on just two occasions (in 7000 miles/2 years) it has coughed on picking up after a gear change. It was not an individual cylinder misfiring, more like an electrical fault. But there were no misfires recorded by the ECU using my VW software which is very limited and mainly useful for basic engine code reading on Toyotas. I no
  7. Cheers, I'll go for that I think. I have several others but all for German cars and the wrong size.
  8. Does that cheap one in the link look the same as yours Bob?
  9. I've read most of the posts about this and I know I need a 64.5mm 14 flute version for my (last of the old model 1.33.) But no seller ever mentions Yaris. The Laser 5160 looks to fit the bill but again not a mention of Yaris. I have read that on some Toyota engines the clearance between the oil filter housing and the sump is an issue. Can anyone clear this up? Can I trust that any tool with 64.5 diameter with 14 flutes will fit? Even the real cheapos like this one!
  10. Thanks all. I always intended to use the Toyota software as I mentioned but my main concern was that perhaps the cable wouldn't actually work without using its own software.
  11. I've read that the (pirated) software often contains a virus.
  12. I am finally getting round to getting Techstream for the Yaris. I have a few questions if anyone can help - 1/ I am going to use the genuine software and just get the licence for 5 Euros a day when I need it but does it run with Windows 10 these days without too much faffing? 2/ Can anyone recommend a cheap cable which will definitely work with the genuine Toyota software? 3/ And lastly, I don't want to risk using any dodgy software that comes with the cable. Will I be able to ignore the Chinese software entirely and just load Techstream and use the cable or do the cables n
  13. It's a complete LED lamp, you have to replace the whole thing unfortunately.
  14. I wouldn't take too much on trust. Check it yourself. I questioned the dealer about why there was no A/C service history on my second hand 5 year old 13.3. They said it wouldn't have been done unless the customer had specifically asked! Mine mists up constantly unless A/C is on. Recirc is definitely not on. I haven't checked the pollen filter but I think it would need to be very wet to cause the problem.
  15. I understand what CAD is and what 3d printers are but that is about the extent of my knowledge. I'm really interested to see what can be done with them but (perhaps like others) I often don't answer posts if I don't think I can't add much. But that doesn't mean I'm not appreciating your work. I'm going to use that hearty button more on this site from now on. 🙂
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