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  1. Tintaglia


    Thanks all. I always intended to use the Toyota software as I mentioned but my main concern was that perhaps the cable wouldn't actually work without using its own software.
  2. Tintaglia


    I've read that the (pirated) software often contains a virus.
  3. Tintaglia


    I am finally getting round to getting Techstream for the Yaris. I have a few questions if anyone can help - 1/ I am going to use the genuine software and just get the licence for 5 Euros a day when I need it but does it run with Windows 10 these days without too much faffing? 2/ Can anyone recommend a cheap cable which will definitely work with the genuine Toyota software? 3/ And lastly, I don't want to risk using any dodgy software that comes with the cable. Will I be able to ignore the Chinese software entirely and just load Techstream and use the cable or do the cables need their own software to function? Thanks for any replies. 🙂
  4. It's a complete LED lamp, you have to replace the whole thing unfortunately.
  5. I wouldn't take too much on trust. Check it yourself. I questioned the dealer about why there was no A/C service history on my second hand 5 year old 13.3. They said it wouldn't have been done unless the customer had specifically asked! Mine mists up constantly unless A/C is on. Recirc is definitely not on. I haven't checked the pollen filter but I think it would need to be very wet to cause the problem.
  6. I understand what CAD is and what 3d printers are but that is about the extent of my knowledge. I'm really interested to see what can be done with them but (perhaps like others) I often don't answer posts if I don't think I can't add much. But that doesn't mean I'm not appreciating your work. I'm going to use that hearty button more on this site from now on. 🙂
  7. If the noise disappears when the clutch is pressed it's unlikely to be the release bearing. If you can only hear it 4th and 5th it sounds more like a gearbox bearing to me. As flash22 says, check the gearbox oil but if you find it low enough to make the gearbox noisy it's already too late! If you are able to put up a link to a video of the noise it will help. A vibration of some kind is another possibility but it's hard to tell from a description of a sound.
  8. I don't know about that. 5 Euros is cheap enough for me, and certainly cheaper than paying a dealer. 🙂 Especially if all I want to do is make a few quick one-off changes. A Toyota is not as unreliable as an old VW van that needs fettling every 20 minutes! My VCDS has paid for itself 100's of times over but £300 ish it is more than most people want to pay. The Fiat version is interesting and reasonably priced but I'm not a Fiat guy and I'm retired now anyway so I don't even have to open a bonnet on anything I don't want to. 🙂 It would be nice if there was a VCDS or MultiECUscan for Toyota but for what I need, cheap occasional access to TS is probably better Thanks again to Flash22 for the kind offer of help, I might be in touch over the next few months when I get stuck!
  9. That looks hopeful. Although if it's like VW, what can be altered varies widely on year and model. I'll report back here on how it goes. 🙂 There might be a delay because life seems to keep getting in the way at the moment!
  10. Thanks chaps! Interesting links. I thought you had to pay for a whole year at £1500. I'm happy to cough up 5 euros for one day for the licence if that is the deal. I know I can't use my VCDS interface lead because it doesn't support the required SAE J2534 standard but I see the sort of leads Flash22 mentions are for sale on ebay from China for £11 or less. https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/163223169587?chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=710-134428-41853-0&mkcid=2&itemid=163223169587&targetid=602529625626&device=c&mktype=pla&googleloc=9045277&poi=&campaignid=1506533022&mkgroupid=56472528165&rlsatarget=pla-602529625626&abcId=1139596&merchantid=138795450&gclid=Cj0KCQjw_5rtBRDxARIsAJfxvYD2j4pculRpt8PXeKPY7e1BhoylCVKirpfSud2sJi9FSzsRgkcBSLgaAjyREALw_wcB Does anyone know if these Chinese leads actually work (other than for EOBD?) I don't want to end up with something that relies on EOBD because VCDS can do that anyway and it only reads limited emission-related things. If nobody knows any more about this I will just buy what looks ok to me and risk it for that price. If it works I'm really interested in seeing what it can do (and how many annoying beeps I can shut up!. Thanks for your help. 🙂
  11. Thanks for checking Bob. 🙂 Do you know if there is any way to access TS apart from at a dealer? I have a legal and registered version of VCDS for VW's but I had the feeling that TS requires a huge annual subscription so is beyond my pocket to buy. It's annoying really because on my VW I can change so many things, I have even had the multi function display giving its various warnings and other info in Chinese characters once for a laugh!
  12. Thanks Bob. 🙂 I'm happy to go down the muffling route for the parking sensors but the one I really, really want to delete fully is the key/door open alarm. Do you know if that is definitely deleteable via Techstream on a 2014 Yaris? Its a pre-facelift one.
  13. I just had a look at ours which has a rear camera and reverse sensors only. It too has has a beep which borders on a scream sometimes. I can see from the service history that were fitted by the dealer in 2016. I like them but I'd like to be able to turn them down. I found the (genuine Toyota) box by listening and taking off the rear right (offside) bulb access panel. Its sticky pad had come unstuck and it was free to bang about inside the body. I could get my hand on it to stick it back but there is not enough loom pull it out for a proper inspection. Taking the rear lamp out would not help. For full access you would need to take the boot side-trim off. Or perhaps with a bit of a struggle you could disconnect it (very awkward!) and remove it that way for a look. I am simply going to muffle it with some foam or something. For the record, being a genuine Toyota part but a later dealer fit, I have no switch to disable them completely or even temporarily silence them. There is just a blank next to the RH heater control and no switch in the boot. I would suggest anyone that wants to quieten them listens first to establish if the noise comes from the boot or behind the dash. We both hate all the endless beeps on this car. By the time the ignition key alarm, (😬) reverse alarm, lights on alarm and seat belt beeps have finished with you there is no peace! And I thought the Japanese prized serenity! (As in a Japanese garden.) One beep however that is missing for us is a beep for low fuel, which even my 16 year old VW van has!
  14. You're right that they are not part of the MOT. On some other Japanese cars (Mazda) they are part of hub assembly so you would have had to change that including the bearings. I'd just forget about them. They cause more problems when they get rusted and weak by bending and scraping noisily and annoyingly on the disc. I never had one cause stones to get caught up or any other problem apart from looking unsightly and the scraping.
  15. My microwave beeps very loudly upon each button press. It's a combi oven so some programs take multiple presses to achieve. To add insult to injury, when cooking is complete, it announces this marvellous feat with five long, loud, further beeps! This was all before I took a small screwdriver to the internal piezo speaker...