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  1. I'm considering the Obdilink recommended for the app it's not cheap at £55-60 compared to some but it's apparently quick and fully functional. Thought I'd ask for people's impressions in here before opting in... Just got the car today and reckon I'll just get on and order it anyway...
  2. I know, I took delivery of my Rav today and took it for a quick burn up the A3, I too have those squeaky Dunlop tyres and frankly with winter coming I just want to burn through them as quick as poss... They are skittish, don't know about wet performance yet but easy to squeal and push the envelope with these shoes on....
  3. Picked up my Awd Excel in Galaxy black today... Having unloaded my Passat I took my time attempting to pack my tools/etc back into the Rav and as a consequence its neat but I'm going to need some custom racking to make the most of it. I did have time for a 60 mile round trip on the A3 and managed a quite respectable 49mpg average having reset at the garage where I filled up. I'm impressed, so far so good.. Run up to London and back tomorrow with some "round town" driving too... Hopefully I can take the opportunity to familiarise myself with more of the on board tech. Chuft so far 😁
  4. Step on the brakes and hit a moose and if it doesn't join you in the cab your vehicle will be a right off.... More natural to take evasive action though imay be reluctant in the Rav... May have to apply cause and effect in my decision making.... If I have the time.... Don't fancy explaining to insurance attempted swerve and flipped it....
  5. I'm aware of the app and just about to take delivery of a new Rav4, just curious as to whether anyone thinks its a useful addition or not before I spend out on an Obd scanner.......???
  6. I still think Toyota won't be impressed that they've not done too well on this test which also caught out the hilux. It is surprising that the Nissan which isn't all that reliable can get through this test at nearly double the speed of the Toyota without apparent issue. It seems odd to suggest an Awd with 220hp, not a huge amount, cannot put that power down in anything but a straight line... I'm sure the engineers need to get on this though perhaps not in so much of a hurry as they would be if the sales weren't so good..... And another thing.. Lol... Where's the android auto support..?? Just having a little grizzle.....
  7. ****, that was not a good test.. Qashqai whooped *****!! Even the big Kia did well and they were both 2WD...!! Not exactly inspiring when I do a fair bit of driving on rural roads... I do hope Toyota can effectively "tweak" its stability software in due course and in the meantime I hope no deer jumps out on me!!
  8. Very true Pete, I will use them for servicing and tweaks and also get mudflaps put on, shortly after collection, with them....
  9. I'm counting down the hours till Monday now when my new Rav should appear!! The cyan with beige looks really nice though I'm hoping my regret at not ordering that combination myself will be assuaged when I get my own and give it a good mop to get it all nice and shiny... I've said I'm err "working from home" lol
  10. I had a 2hr test drive from a very helpful dealership that were fully aware I would be ordering through lease company as opposed to them... Which was good of them as demand was high.. I liked it enough on the basis of that and my daughters demands to get it.... Order in delivery due Monday.
  11. And another. Today around noon. At Petersfield roundabout a silver Dynamic... They are definitely getting out there now... 2 in a week!!!
  12. Spotted a nice Rav in Obsidian Blue colourscheme today on M27, looked lovely... Have sorted delivery of my one.. Coming from Leeds to South Coast a week Monday.. Can't wait!!! Its in Galaxy black....
  13. At last!! Spotted a 19 plate in obsidian blue on M27 just outside of Portsmouth... Lovely colour.. My one in black arrives a week Monday. Yay!!
  14. Call from dealer today.. Which I missed 😭 but on the upside.. "please call back so we car organise delivery of your new Toyota"... Yay!!! 😁 I'll be straight on that tomorrow!!!
  15. Looks good.... Enjoy your new motor...