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  1. Not at all!! I've used Android Auto and agree it's not perfect, it's just that having it available on the Toyota would give me a great deal more functionality than the already poorly rated infotainment system that is currently supplied with it. I appreciate its not for everyone but additional choice is never a bad thing....
  2. OK, so I have contacted Toyota GB re the Carplay/Auto issue. They got back to me today with the usual stock answer of they are unable to confirm if either will be available or retrospectively fitted to the new Rav4 as presumably they are, waiting to be instructed on this.. If it should become available they will release "the news" on their website and blog. Along with an apology that they couldn't confirm anything further at this stage. I can't grumble as much as I'd like to know it is going to happen, Toyota, were hardly going to tell me before general release... If... Such news was even in the pipeline.. Just hope it's confirmed one way or another as soon as....
  3. I understand that if they rush it out that there may be glitches and that just wouldn't be Toyota... They would demand and expect reliability. However, as I'm sure they have realised, they simply have to offer Carplay and Auto as manufacturers that do not have been overtaken and indeed lost sales to those that do. With infotainment rapidly improving these phone friendly apps are rapidly becoming a requirement for buyers. I'm quite comfortable that Toyota are "on this" and sincerely hope that if not supplied with, my new Rav4 will be upgraded free of charge when they are happy with how this software will run in their vehicles and confident their security will not be compromised. I hope Toyota UK will be able to reassure us that this will happen in due course. Fingers crossed!!
  4. Still a rare sight in the South. I regularly travel home counties and West London and have only seen maybe 5 in total... Nice analogy about becoming like twitches... Its true!! Until I take delivery of my Awd Excel I'm looking out for them wherever I go... I thought the Rav was selling extremely well but delivery must be delayed for many... No doubt loads around when I finally take receipt of my own.... Keep twitching!!!!
  5. I like the storage facility and very reasonably priced too, I'll try my local dealer and see what they say, hopefully a similar outcome and I can always show your post in support.... Thanks again.... Not in Hampshire by any chance??
  6. Actually just reread your prev post £300+ for matching alloy... 😮
  7. A full size alloy spare with TPMS for £80.12??? Or was that just the sensor? Sounds like you have a great dealer in that they will store and swap your tyres for you. Thanks for the reply
  8. 🤔 I phoned my dealer to request install of removable tow bar and queried the spare situation.... He went away to clarify and told me car would be supplied with space saver.... Said ordering a full size spare was not an option? It makes sense that I can't tow on a space saver but I'm getting a little confused with tyre availability generally... A quote of £350 for a full size spare doesn't sound too bad but how come my "stealer" seems to think its not an option? As to these Dunlop tyres as soon as they're done I'll put Michelins all round are cross climates going to be OK? Thanks in advance of your help...
  9. Hi... Still awaiting delivery of my much anticipated Awd Excel... To those fortunate enough to be in receipt of their vehicles, what is the raic with the spare? Full size? Space saver? Or silly kit thing as standard?
  10. Hmmm... Some interesting reading here.. My delivery date has slipped from mid August to mid September and that's for a regular Awd Excel with some small add ons fitted at the stealer ship... I for one will not be keen should the date keep slipping though it may be bearable with an upgraded sound system.... Android or Apple compatibility perhaps... A guy can dream.... Can anyone advise which ships transport these to the UK and where they land? I'm hoping to look it up and monitor its arrival, presumably around the end of August... Sad I know, but there we are...
  11. I ordered in May, Awd Excel, initially advised mid August revised to September now... Every cloud an all, 69 plate? Android Auto? Hoping for no more delays than that just have to wait in hope....
  12. Yeah right, because they will be totally candid and forthcoming with the actual reality of the situation. Much the same as them not having a care in the world over losing the odd customer who is not prepared to wait months for their vehicles, Toyota GB is unlikely to consider giving a straight answer to an individual applicant. If that's all you have to offer then save it...
  13. Is it genuinely a case of underestimating demand or has production globally been stopped until issue with hybrid braking, which has gone public in Oz, is resolved. It would make sense to take the hit now and get it fixed as there will be less vehicles for a potentially expensive and brand damaging recall.
  14. Also... Has anyone heard if Toyota will retro upgrade Carplay/Auto when it rolls out in Europe? I understand that it's been agreed as a free upgrade in Australia which I thought was pretty decent. Im kinda hoping we'll get the same offer in the UK but nobody appears to know the official line???
  15. I'm told if I place my order : Excel Awd in black in next couple of days then estimated delivery mid August which I didn't think was too bad at all.. Dealership advise longer waits on 2WD variants, poss October/November time. Order goes in tomorrow.. Fingers crossed. Anyone know where I can get decent oem mudflaps?