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  1. Just for info... Really nice mats made from recycled materials, custom fit, durable and easy clean available from a company called Nicoman... I got mine in red and they're great..
  2. That was an interesting read... I've been considering upgrading the led lamps in my excel but will exercise more caution and perhaps give the Phillips a go now... Many thanks Avalon!!
  3. Thanks for that, the link takes you to aliexpress which appears to have quite a few accessories / mods for the Rav.. Great stuff, though I'll take your advice re Christmas waits on board and probably wait till January.
  4. Hallelujah!! If that's correct, I'm rejoicing already.....yay! £150 is a realistic price to upgrade the infotainment tho free would of course be better..... Put me on that upgrade list ASAP... My Rav is in for service next week so I'll ask the dealer then....
  5. Really??!! I did not know that.... Seems pretty daft tho.... Thanks!!
  6. Looks like there's still a distinct lack of available accessories or moss in the UK as yet.... No doubt the Canadian/American market which is undoubtedly much bigger may be a source for future. I'm thinking maybe people are still just acquainting themselves with their cars "as purchased" and there maybe not quite the demand for such things yet here in the UK???
  7. Yep.... I mean surely in this technologically advanced society a more accurate measure can be had for little investment in the scheme of things.... Good point, well made MrNuts
  8. Thanks Tabbyboy it's good that you are very pleased with the Rav. On the whole I am too. I'm very glad that this RFID scanning thing doesn't seem to have taken off here.. Yet!! Though a one for all rucksack seems like a good idea and I've shielded my bank cards just not my car keys so far... I have tried to feel the unlit buttons but invariably end up unlocking nothing and winding down a window or two before finding what I want... If it's any consolation my mpg has taken a bigger hit recently too though that may be that it's colder here... In any case thanks for your impressions!!
  9. A couple of photos of the new mats as promised... Ready for winter inside cabin though I know I could have mopped it first!! Company called Nicoman does a custom fit in a variety of colours for the Rav and, indeed, any other car.
  10. I thought it would be shared with other forum members... Like one post in which to air their niggles... I didn't think for a second that Toyota would either look at or respond to this post as its been pointed out countless times that this forum has no official association with Toyota... As much as I agree that Toyota customer services would be an idea I feel that in isolation individuals would be fobbed off.. I mean they, Toyota, do not appear at all bothered once they have taken your money. I do actually like my Rav, mostly... 😁
  11. Nice one Scottydog.. Can you post a link? If its not allowed then msg me with it please..
  12. I have a couple of niggles so far and although minor... 1: it's silly that to operate the door unlock at night I have to turn on an interior light to see the button... What is that about?? How long have back-lit buttons been about!!!! & 2: I have waxed lyrical about this, elsewhere but the last decade infotainment is truly rrrubbish!! Please highlight any issues or niggles you have under this thread so we can share them centrally....
  13. Thanks for the link Frosty... Appears I am fortunately unaffected!! No recall letter for me on this one!!
  14. In my trusty Passat I was doing astronomical mileage and soon wore out the carpets... Changed to a supplier of looped pvc mats which simply shake out or can be jetwashed.. Very durable and hard wearing and I'm just awaiting delivery of an entire set of mats for the Rav... Just in time for winter. I'll post some pics when they arrive. Can anyone else advise if they have upgraded/changed anything for the better from a 3rd party supplier? Head units, lights, anything.....
  15. Should be free for early adopters, like Australia.... . I'm unsure if this was an easier/cheaper option for Toyota as from other posts I believe the hardware is different in Oz.. But either way the infotainment in my 69 plate is woeful and should be upgraded to prevent further embarrassment to Toyota for releasing it in the first place...
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