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  1. Thanks for reply Garth, I really need some one with a model close to this of mine i think. A guy on line shows a Hyundai test of MAF by disconnecting and stops engine if MAF is ok. He says if your car runs after disconnection then MAF is no good. There's a vid of it. (when hot) My car did this when hot but not cold (on choke i guess) Now believe it or not i disconnect when hot and it just stumbles a bit and goes on running, BUT WHEN I RECONNECT MAF THAT WHAT STOPS THE ENGINE!? I'm lost with it G I can't seem to find anyone with a definitive answer on my model. I been ill two years and the pot has a hole in the bottom , so to speak. Am utterly skint and got a car i thought i knew to get me back into work. Its forty quid for a "bootleg" MAF and thirty five for a scrapper (for god's sake) Don't wanna buy one and find it makes no difference type thing. Dunno what the Avensis is like on this. The engine is same in 1.8 Celica of the same period Apparently this varies from one make to another and even models ie mine up to 2002 and maybe your Toyota at 2004? Could you possibly put this question to the right people? Am only just online recently with a very old Laptop and got next to no idea what am doing. Come here for obvious reasons. If i can't get it through emissions and mot i can't afford get another motor. Thanks again for the interest Obv realise you will help if you can
  2. Hi All, Can someone tell me if my engine should or should not stop when i disconnect the MAF sensor please? I swear i heard the engine should stop when hot and the MAF is disconnected, but now i'm getting told allsorts and don't know which is correct! The emissions were out of limit on mot Co2, HC And Lamda. I put cleaner through it and hammered it, cleaned PCV and tube. Changed oil, filter n plugs. Emissions were ok so i did the other mech work and took car back for re test now ALL emission levels failed! Even though they were right a week ago. If disconnecting the MAF doesn't stop the engine Do I neec a new one please folks. My head is battered! email richardarcher1310@gmail.com