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  1. Just an update. Had my first MOT, so thought that would be a great time to sort that pesky squeak I was getting from the suspension. Thanks to TonyHSD for solving this issue. The cars squeak free. Sprayed silicon as advised while the car was up in the air and the noise was gone instantly. Thanks again TonyHSD.
  2. Hi. Yes all working fine. I had a under seat amp and sub (all in one) added to original Toyota setup couple of years ago. Adds a well needed bass boost. It's fitted underneath passenger side seat at the front. I don't have any diagrams etc as it was installed by the shops.
  3. I've a design and no ambient lighting. Bought footwear lights aswel amd trying to do the same as you and connect to dome lights.
  4. Whos Kingo? Could you pop a link please. My 1.8 hybrid design doesn't have insulation under the bonnet either 😞
  5. I've a 1.8 design 19 plate. Hatchback and I got offered spare wheel and took the option
  6. Corolla 2019 design. 40k on clock. Going over humps slowly with either front or rear wheels slowly there seems to be a creeking noise. Like someone's slowly opening a squeaky door. A lot of dry steering and humps as I live in London and the cars used by Learners. Any ideas guys? Drop links?
  7. Could you link which wireless car play device your using please mate. There's 2 on amazon. Ones £85 and the others £135.
  8. I get the same when im in the country side. Flashed by others, when in country lanes that are unlit.
  9. Just have to hope Toyota get back to me and overturn the warranty department's decision, which is very unlikely. However they did say they would contribute towards a new steering wheel when I was at the dealers. But I'd rather not lol.
  10. Then the left should be more worn out as there constantly rubbing there hands on and off? No?
  11. I agree to a point in regards to students hanging onto the wheel and friction etc. But it's mainly on the right hand side. Learners hold the steering with both hands so I would guess it should have had somewhat of an even wear. Weird.
  12. Thank you for the information mate.
  13. I'm awaiting a call from the warranty department. Funny thing is the warranty manager at the dealers said he's happy to change the gear shifter.
  14. That's what I was trying to get at with Toyota. But there basically in a nutshell saying neglect.
  15. Unfortunately I don't have any pics of it currently. Dealer did take a few to pass on to the warranty department. Apparently the steering wheel is around £900 thus warranty not wanting to change it.
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