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  1. Hi guys. Trying to install an aftermarket sub woofer under the seat and wondered if anyone had the diagram of the back of the stereo or any other helpful hints and tips. Never done this before but willing to give it a go. It's a kenwood ksc-sw11 underseat subwoofer. Trying to install under passenger seats as there is no rear footwell heater system. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi guys. I've been looking for a while now but I'm after some custom made seat covers for my 2019 Toyota Corolla Hybrid hatchback. I currently have cloth seats and dealers wouldn't let me get the pan roof as well as leather seats. I went with the pan roof. So in the market now for some leather like seat covers. Only place I found was a company called seat skinz I think. But there after 500 quid. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Don't have a clue how I would connect and use mirror link. I've plugged my Samsung s9+ into the car usb (next to the gear box). My phone just turns off completely and I can't use the phone until I disconnect. Any ideas guys?
  4. Also would anyone know where to get a set of descent leather like seat covers for corolla hybrid 1.8? I ordered mine and they said I can't upgrade to leather seats as I ordered pan roof. And if anyone has pictures of theres that would be great.
  5. She's a beauty. Put up some more pics.
  6. Lol spill the beans. I paid £25.250
  7. Yep I ordered white too. How much did you end up forking out?
  8. What number plate bulbs are you using?
  9. I was 1st told 28th June but that it wouldn't be a guaranteed date. And now July 15th. I too ordered same spec but with the roof and few extras. I also watched everything on YouTube lol. Can't wait for collection.
  10. Yes and for hatchback as well please. Thanks in advance.
  11. Not sure about the lining unfortunately. Receipt says cloth seats are black. Guessing roof lining is black aswel. Same as roof.
  12. Hi yes it's 17" hatchback hybrid 1.8 design with panoramic roof. And yes spare wheel as the dealer gave me a choice. Obviously the space savers.
  13. Right. Mines now been delayed until mid July. 12th to 15th to be precise. Mines a design ordered with panoramic roof at an extra cost of £900. It's a 1.8 model. I have also got the spare wheel instead of the puncture repair kit.
  14. Awesome. Saw them video's. Mines does 27th June. Will put up pics once collected. Hopfully no delays by the dealers. They said they will 100% confirm the date 1st week of June. Fingers crossed.