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  1. Hi all. Hope all are well and safe. Just a quick question. I need to replace my wiper blades for the front. Was wondering if I should change the actual blades themselves or change the whole housing aswel? I actually like the housing as it comes from manufacturers. Could anyone shed any light. Its a Toyota corolla hybrid 2019.
  2. They usually disconnect the dash cam for security purpose or something along them lines. Maybe it could have been the reason why your wiring was out of place?
  3. I changed all my interior lights and number plate lights to LED. Bought the Philips wedge bulbs. Bit expensive but worth every penny as they outlast the cheap knock offs. It was £15 for 2. Its also alot brighter than the Chinese knock offs
  4. Just an update. Just got the car home. Dealers updated infotainment system with AA/Car Play. All working well. Took the whole day. Apparently I was the 2nd car they were doing. The 1st car took a day and a half as it kept crashing. Luckily mine got done at 5:10 and they close at 5:30. Brilliant and well happy with it.
  5. Booked my Corolla in for android auto/apple car play retro fit. Just came into the dealers this morning apparently. Booked in for next week. Will take few hours they said. £50 inc vat and they honoured the discount as I serviced my car 2 weeks ago. Can't wait 🙂
  6. Where in the country are you? And what dealer was it that dine your upgrade mate?
  7. OK had the tyre's for nearly a week now. Can't tell if its quieter but MPG has started to improve. From 57.7 to 58mpg so far.
  8. Can I private sell? I have an interior to get rid of?
  9. Decided to go with Goodyear efficientgrip 2 as few here recommended and brilliant reviews online. Getting them fitted at Kwik Fit on Wednesday. Many thanks for the replys guys.
  10. Just had my 20k service today. Asked about car play they said it looks like end of November but they are not 100% sure yet.
  11. need 2 front tyres soonish. Was wondering the best tyres for the car and a good deal if possible. Any tips would be appreciated 🙂
  12. I've booked in a service for the 9th October for my corolla Hybrid 2019. Its 20k service. I asked 2 dealers in regards to Android Auto and they have no idea its coming out on the 12th October. 1 said November sometime. I even called the head office in Surrey I believe and they advised me to talk to the actual dealers. Spoke to: Battersea Toyota service centre Hills of Woodford
  13. Automatic is alot more busier than manual these days. Pushing electric cars in London so more demand. Didn't do the sides yet but will do after the replys I've heard
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