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  1. Toyota have agreed to do the re-gas for free now. Service manager was meant to call yesterday but didn't. Waited until today and had to call the dealer myself. I have a friend who works at Lexus in there service department and he's told me becuase of COVID-19 dealers are trying to push to make that extra money from customers. Seems like they put warranty work on the back burner. They said a couple of weeks to fit me in.
  2. I have used it even in winter for several minutes a week just to keep everything moving as I was told this many years ago by a mechanic. So the system doesn't seize or something
  3. Just spoken to Toyota UK head office and they are saying they are having a word with the dealer and want to try and arrange a "good will gesture" and sort it for free. Wonder how many others had to pay for it! I've attached the Toyota UK head office number below for anyone dealing with the same issue. Dealers should call me this afternoon but will keep all updated. 0344 701 6202
  4. Funny thing is the service manager was also trying to blame the new gas.
  5. Just started realising that the aircon on my 2019 corolla wasn't blowing as cold air as before. I just done the Mrs car at kwik fit so could immediately tell the difference. So called Toyota dealers as its only been a year of ownership and they said to bring it in. I took it in today and they are saying that warranty won't cover it and I would have to pay. Now I'm baffled as its barely hot enough to be using air con in the UK and it's already run out of gas. Spoke to the manager and he goes he won't be able to do anything but give me a discount on a refill £99 instead of £129.99. I refused and called Toyota UK and they said they would have a word and see what can be done. Just wanted to know if anyone else had this issue as I recall an earlier post in regards to this but can't find it. Thanks in advance. The car has done 16k and its a hatchback design 1.8 on a 19 plate.
  6. Because I'm asking in regards to the USB on the dash. The one in the arm rest will get in my way while I'm training students to drive as my phone is on a magnetic vent mount.
  7. Hi guys, Just wanted to know am I able to split the USB slot on the dash? I use it to charge my Tom Tom and wanted to charge my phone too (I know its slow but its convenient for my job) I've attached the item I'm looking at below. Also will it slow the charging down even more? Many thanks
  8. Yep. I've faced the same issues too.
  9. I've the exact same issue. Will need to contact Toyota Dealers and get the car booked in....
  10. I think it's fine.
  11. Got it upto 58.1mpg. That's in town and students driving the car. Best I got was when I drove the car back for the first time from dealers. Liverpool to london. Got 60.1mpg. Pure motorway miles. 1.8 hatchback hybrid
  12. Have a boot mat I just purchased. Unfortunately did not fit as it's made for the non hybrid version. Selling it for a tenner if anyones interested. Not used. Collection from south east london.
  13. Hi. Can anyone tell me if the avensis 2004 hatchback 1.8 petrol has an auxiliary input? I can't find it. I'm guessing it's not there or behind the standard stereo system?
  14. Sorry I know super late reply. It's a pioneer under seat subwoofer. Just type it into amazon or ebay you'll see it. Don't know the model number. I got it fitted in the shops as I'm not to handy with electrical stuff. It's under the front passenger seat so takes up no space at all and is hidden well.