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  1. Whos Kingo? Could you pop a link please. My 1.8 hybrid design doesn't have insulation under the bonnet either 😞
  2. I've a 1.8 design 19 plate. Hatchback and I got offered spare wheel and took the option
  3. Corolla 2019 design. 40k on clock. Going over humps slowly with either front or rear wheels slowly there seems to be a creeking noise. Like someone's slowly opening a squeaky door. A lot of dry steering and humps as I live in London and the cars used by Learners. Any ideas guys? Drop links?
  4. Could you link which wireless car play device your using please mate. There's 2 on amazon. Ones £85 and the others £135.
  5. I get the same when im in the country side. Flashed by others, when in country lanes that are unlit.
  6. Just have to hope Toyota get back to me and overturn the warranty department's decision, which is very unlikely. However they did say they would contribute towards a new steering wheel when I was at the dealers. But I'd rather not lol.
  7. Then the left should be more worn out as there constantly rubbing there hands on and off? No?
  8. I agree to a point in regards to students hanging onto the wheel and friction etc. But it's mainly on the right hand side. Learners hold the steering with both hands so I would guess it should have had somewhat of an even wear. Weird.
  9. Thank you for the information mate.
  10. I'm awaiting a call from the warranty department. Funny thing is the warranty manager at the dealers said he's happy to change the gear shifter.
  11. That's what I was trying to get at with Toyota. But there basically in a nutshell saying neglect.
  12. Unfortunately I don't have any pics of it currently. Dealer did take a few to pass on to the warranty department. Apparently the steering wheel is around £900 thus warranty not wanting to change it.
  13. Hi guys, Wondering if it's just me but my toyota corolla 2019 is on 40k and the steering wheel is wearing and gear shifter is wearing out super fast. It started at 20k roughly and has just gotten worse. Toyota said that its abrasive hand cream or hand gel. They did agree to change the gear shifter through warranty but not the steering wheel. I've been back and forth from dealer to head office. But warranty department basically saying its not a manufacturer fault. I kind of understand from there part but I didn't know you weren't allowed to use hand creams or ant viral hand gel when driving lol. I've attached some pictures below from last year of the steering wheel etc. It's has worsened since. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. (Note: I'm a driving instructor so others drive the vehicle but rarely anyone with excessive rings on fingers etc)
  14. I had both. They don't last long. Get the Philips led wedge bulbs. I've tried plenty of lights. Led etc. All don't last. I've philips on my number plate bulb. It's lasted 2 year and still going. The cheap lens I had lasted few months. Worth the small investment.
  15. Made small holes in grill. Will check tomorrow if they work. Won't be recognisable once on car.
  16. Window switches and lock switches light up on mine. Corolla hatchback 2019 design
  17. It's not in there with screws but it aint going nowhere. And yes you are exactly right about the speaker grills. Maybe I should buy a spare and try what you mentioned.
  18. Issue resolved. The guy re connected the sos speaker and stuck it elsewhere. They tried flashing the system and resetting it but the sos went green for a second then went back to red. Thanks for your help mate. Now I need to figure a way out to get the right speaker grill vent more sound out as theres no sos speaker on there so the grill holes are smaller. Hard to explain lol.
  19. I ordered my 1.8 design hybrid 2019 hatchback with the spare wheel. Boot is raised in line with the mouth of the boot. Same as my last car. Prius 1.8 hybrid
  20. Yeah I use the suction mounted ones. There available from Amazon. 10 quid I think for 1.
  21. Thank you for your reply and help. Sounds to difficult for me. I'm popping back to the shop tomorrow so will keep you updated. See what they can do. Once again, many thanks for the help.
  22. Thank you for the reply. I have still got the old speaker/SOS unit. Do you sell the cover that you placed ontop of the old speaker? I'm happy to buy if you do. I'll get the same set up as you
  23. I paid 25.5k for my corolla hybrid hatchback 2019 design with panoramic sunroof and the silver bits and Bob and spare wheel through car wow in 2019. My local dealer wanted 28k. Had a trek to Liverpool to collect. But we'll worth it.
  24. I'm guessing it uses historical data. But I remember someone said before it scans the road to determine the speed limit. But I'm in London and it's probably 80-85% correct, due to consiste changing of speed limits (30 down to 20mph)
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