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  1. Just uploading pictures on behalf of the seller
  2. I'd be interested. PM'ed you.
  3. Took it to dealers and apparently Kwik Fit damaged one of the sensors and replaced it with a non OEM part. Now issue starts when I went back to Kwik Fit and explained what the dealers said. They obviously denied it and said that's not the sensors they use etc. However it was already confirmed by the manager that they would pay for it. Ended up costing £180 for diagnosis and change of sensor. Alas the issue was sorted lol.
  4. I've had several front tyres and never had this issue before. I'm guessing they messed about with the sensor.
  5. Just tried resetting via dashboard. Doesn't do anything. Usually resets but becuase of the malfunction showing. Nothing happens.
  6. Had 2 tyres fitted at Kwik Fit. All fine. Drove on dual carriageways etc. Next evening I have this message pop up. Obviously will have to take it back as I'm guessing they've messed up tyre pressure sensors. Tyres are all fine though and no loss of air etc. Really annoying. Didn't fancy another visit and wait there lol. Ps. I have the extra module fitted that tells me all tyre pressures for all 4 wheels. Guessing it can't be becuase of that. Has been working fine for few months.
  7. I have the 2 front Michelins already. And yes they have rim protectors but not as good as the standard falkens. But that's not what I was saying. I have actual rim protectors on as I'm a driving instructor. Students like kissing the kerb sometimes lol. I really don't like the look of the Michelins. Love how the falcons look on the actualy car. Michelins bulge out on the tire wall side. But as mentioned by others on here before the Michelins are far superior than the Falkens.
  8. I actually need 4 new tyres soon. I've already have 2 front Michelins. Was recommended from the forum. Would you guys still recommend that same tyre? Or good year? I also have rim protectors on.
  9. I've still got both rears from new still on and the cars done 53k. Fronts a different story. Changed several times. I do mainly town driving though.
  10. Hold down the mode button for a second or 2 on the steering wheel. This will mute or pause radio/DAB/MP3 etc. Press and hold again to resume.
  11. Think I'll just do what you did. Many thanks
  12. I bought this from Aliexpress. Just plug and play. Doors lock and unlock. When in P it unlocks all doors. In D it locks all doors. Works a treat. https://a.aliexpress.com/_mLFwkg8
  13. Any idea what fuse I would use to piggy back a footwell light in the fuse box? I've already have my dashcam piggy backed.
  14. Just an update. Had my first MOT, so thought that would be a great time to sort that pesky squeak I was getting from the suspension. Thanks to TonyHSD for solving this issue. The cars squeak free. Sprayed silicon as advised while the car was up in the air and the noise was gone instantly. Thanks again TonyHSD.
  15. Hi. Yes all working fine. I had a under seat amp and sub (all in one) added to original Toyota setup couple of years ago. Adds a well needed bass boost. It's fitted underneath passenger side seat at the front. I don't have any diagrams etc as it was installed by the shops.
  16. I've a design and no ambient lighting. Bought footwear lights aswel amd trying to do the same as you and connect to dome lights.
  17. Whos Kingo? Could you pop a link please. My 1.8 hybrid design doesn't have insulation under the bonnet either 😞
  18. I've a 1.8 design 19 plate. Hatchback and I got offered spare wheel and took the option
  19. Corolla 2019 design. 40k on clock. Going over humps slowly with either front or rear wheels slowly there seems to be a creeking noise. Like someone's slowly opening a squeaky door. A lot of dry steering and humps as I live in London and the cars used by Learners. Any ideas guys? Drop links?
  20. Could you link which wireless car play device your using please mate. There's 2 on amazon. Ones £85 and the others £135.
  21. I get the same when im in the country side. Flashed by others, when in country lanes that are unlit.
  22. Just have to hope Toyota get back to me and overturn the warranty department's decision, which is very unlikely. However they did say they would contribute towards a new steering wheel when I was at the dealers. But I'd rather not lol.
  23. Then the left should be more worn out as there constantly rubbing there hands on and off? No?
  24. I agree to a point in regards to students hanging onto the wheel and friction etc. But it's mainly on the right hand side. Learners hold the steering with both hands so I would guess it should have had somewhat of an even wear. Weird.
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