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  1. Have a boot mat I just purchased. Unfortunately did not fit as it's made for the non hybrid version. Selling it for a tenner if anyones interested. Not used. Collection from south east london.
  2. Hi. Can anyone tell me if the avensis 2004 hatchback 1.8 petrol has an auxiliary input? I can't find it. I'm guessing it's not there or behind the standard stereo system?
  3. Sorry I know super late reply. It's a pioneer under seat subwoofer. Just type it into amazon or ebay you'll see it. Don't know the model number. I got it fitted in the shops as I'm not to handy with electrical stuff. It's under the front passenger seat so takes up no space at all and is hidden well.
  4. I've had mine for over 6 months and it shows 57mpg. I'm a driving school so bare that in mind.
  5. Yep. Mines on the left hand side too. Fitted it myself though. Give me your email I send the pic over if you want
  6. Mines fine. I have front and rear. Also it cant be seen from drivers position becuase rear view hides it. Cant put up pics for some reason unfortunately.
  7. I have a corolla 2019. Speakers are not bad. I've just fitted underseat subwoofer and that does the trick. Deeper bass without losing space.
  8. Nope I left the side ones on. Done it as it looks much nicer and cleaner from the rear.
  9. I've de badged mine. Just need fishing wire and some sticky glue remover. It may also require a polish and buff after.
  10. TazUddin

    Map update

    I did ask for the car maps update. Yes I was made aware about Android Auto by them.
  11. Gosh. The seat covers were ridiculous. Was not fitted properly and cheap quality. They were really nice when placing the order but after is when the issues started. Absolutely shambles of a company "auto leathers" in Walthamstow. They even kept my deposit. I have to resort to small claims to get it back unfortunately. Please avoid at all costs. Check there reviews on Google before purchasing.
  12. TazUddin

    Map update

    Had my 1st service today. Asked about the map update at Woodford Hills of Toyota. Apparently the update is not out yet.
  13. Thanks. Just ordered from your recommendation. Black on black with perforated centre. 3 weeks wait. Will put up some pics if anyone else is interested. Hope they look decent.
  14. Hey. Tnx for the tip. Will look into them now. I checked but average is around £500 for seat covers. Tnx once again
  15. After some leather seat covers for the Corolla 2019 hatchback. Any ideas? Posted before but never got a reply. I currently have the cloth seats as I couldn't get leather becuase I chose the glass roof instead of leather seats. Couldn't get both as options.
  16. Hi guys. Trying to install an aftermarket sub woofer under the seat and wondered if anyone had the diagram of the back of the stereo or any other helpful hints and tips. Never done this before but willing to give it a go. It's a kenwood ksc-sw11 underseat subwoofer. Trying to install under passenger seats as there is no rear footwell heater system. Thanks in advance
  17. Hi guys. I've been looking for a while now but I'm after some custom made seat covers for my 2019 Toyota Corolla Hybrid hatchback. I currently have cloth seats and dealers wouldn't let me get the pan roof as well as leather seats. I went with the pan roof. So in the market now for some leather like seat covers. Only place I found was a company called seat skinz I think. But there after 500 quid. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Don't have a clue how I would connect and use mirror link. I've plugged my Samsung s9+ into the car usb (next to the gear box). My phone just turns off completely and I can't use the phone until I disconnect. Any ideas guys?
  19. Also would anyone know where to get a set of descent leather like seat covers for corolla hybrid 1.8? I ordered mine and they said I can't upgrade to leather seats as I ordered pan roof. And if anyone has pictures of theres that would be great.
  20. She's a beauty. Put up some more pics.
  21. Lol spill the beans. I paid £25.250
  22. Yep I ordered white too. How much did you end up forking out?
  23. What number plate bulbs are you using?
  24. I was 1st told 28th June but that it wouldn't be a guaranteed date. And now July 15th. I too ordered same spec but with the roof and few extras. I also watched everything on YouTube lol. Can't wait for collection.