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  1. Its MK3 avensis saloon D4D 2011
  2. Any specific vids or instructions for this Model? Thanks
  3. Hi everyone, I have a MK3 Toyota Avensis and the NSF wheel speed sensor needs replacing. Any ideas if I will be able to do this my self and if anyone could share a tutorial on how to do this please? Thanks.
  4. Hi Everyone, hope we all ok. I just needed to know which Alternator is this please? I purchased this from a Breaker a very long time ago being sold as 2.0D4D Alternator. However, I got told by the Mechanic it was the wrong one when the Alternator packed up on my Car recently. All help and advice will be appreciated. Thank you
  5. Very true actually! I will got through my tool box and make a note of the tools I need.
  6. No worries. I think I need to purchase a new set of tools with everything included. Any ideas where I can get this from at a cheap cost (may be online)? Thanks
  7. I used all my force lol and I was turning it anti clockwise.
  8. I used a spanner and a ratchet is it called, the one you can change the heads on.
  9. Yes that is correct, I only attempted to remove the bottom bolt but has been an absolute nightmare. Seems like I will just to make a trip to the Mechanic.
  10. Hi all, Well where do I start from lol, I attempted to change the Pads but could not take off the caliber bolt 13mm! I tried with many Spanners/adjustable etc and no joy. My hands are also actually killing me with the amount of force I tried with (also used WD40)😔. However, I managed to service the car. The Oil Filter was undone easily. I also changed the lights from HID to the normal H7 Bulbs. Also had to change the brake light bulb.
  11. Thanks all for your helpful replies. I will make an attempt on this now (wish me good luck) 😉
  12. Sorry to sound dumb but is there any chance of you sending me a pic of this location? As I have never changed pads before.
  13. Sorry to sound dumb but is there any chance of you sending me a pic of this location? As I have never changed pads before.
  14. Thank you for your prompt replys. Is it a must to use Copper grease? If so can I use anything else instead as all shops are closed where I am located.