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  1. updated fuel consumption winter use has knocked it down to 61mpg from 69mpg, not impressed by the time the engine & heater take to warm up far worse heater performance than previous Honda Insight, on the bright side loving the car in general
  2. one thing I noticed when trying different specs of tourer over quite a few miles before settling on the Icon was that the bigger wheels & tyres of other specs made a huge difference in ride quality and noise especially on poor road surfaces
  3. Nothing wrong with Icon Tourer it is the most comfortable riding/economical of the range with the small wheels (suspension settings) as Lian says why spend thousands on toys you don't need, done 3000 miles in mine now absolutely loving it much better for bumpy roads than the other models.
  4. EV growth stifled by battery shortage _ Electric Cars and Hybrids.html
  5. just been reading (fleet news) they are saying there is a shortage of batteries, also the cars are made should read (assembled) as the component parts come from various factories around the world and with (just in time) manufacturing 1 item being short brings the whole thing to a stand still. The thing that annoys me is why cannot they just be open with buyers and give an honest answer so everyone knows where they stand
  6. Seems to be an excuse to me made up by the dealers, i would imagine the cars would go to the US first as they do not put up with bad customer service and would go simply elsewhere
  7. I was told my car was delayed because of a shortage of wheels then inflation canisters !!!!! also told that my car had been allocated a number plate, when I phoned DVLA to ask why I had a registration number but dealer said they were not allowed to register it i was told by the DVLA that it could not be allocated a reg plate without being registered, on relaying this information to the dealer (hey presto) you can pick your car up in 2 days cant wait for my free service to appear (or not)
  8. Yes I hold my hands up to not looking around dealerships I did buy from a big chain although in my defense I was looking for a local dealer, saw the car fell in love bought it, never done this before but was getting desperate to replace Honda insight after 7 years (boys and toys) I was lucky with the Honda and found a smaller dealer who was spot on.
  9. The ride quality & road noise between models was a big part of my decision to go with 16" wheels after test driving different spec levels multiple times I found the difference in handling and road (noise) to be considerable
  10. 1.8 Icon total score 69.3 mpg here with lots of short runs 3 miles or less, 73 mpg on longer runs, compares well with my previous Honda Insight at 57 mpg, the key to good mpg is keeping the battery as full as possible what we lose on the school runs are made up for at weekends with 30 mile journeys. As Nathan said some people do get a shock when you put the welly in as I am convinced they read hybrid and think of electric kids go-karts
  11. There does seem to be an issue with Toyota and its dealers being at the very least unhelpful at worst dishonest, I am dreading my first service, my previous car a Honda was a totally different experience the dealer was 120% committed to their customers, Although I find the Toyota cars superior to Honda at least in regards to the feel of the interior materials & ride quality I do worry that if I experience problems it is going to be an awful lot of grief so unless something changes this will be my last Toyota
  12. there seems to be an issue with all cvt equipped vehicles, my corolla has still not been released from the dealers despite it sitting there with its registration plates on everyone is blaming each other (no straight answer) but I noticed that there is quite a stir going on in US & Australia with recalls for failure of cvt gearbox failure which the dealer denies knowing about
  13. seems this is quite a common problem with Toyota at the moment I ordered my corolla tourer in February and have had several delivery dates each one later than the last, now the car has arrived at the dealers and I have been told that corollas & camry's are being blocked from delivery & registration by Toyota but they do not know why, customer services always refer me back to the dealer who does not have the amswers