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  1. We’ve got a RAV4 Excel on order to replace our 2020 Excel which was produced in Japan. I’ve seen articles online that say the RAV4 is now produced at Toyota’s plant at St Petersburg Russia for the UK market. Is this true?
  2. Just had an email through from our dealer, Motorline Toyota Worcester, see below. I've spoken to them this morning and they're recommending the solar charger of which they have two types for £27 and £40 (forget capacities of these). The person I spoke to said he thought they could be connected via the cigar lighter socket. I'm going in on Monday morning to see what they have and how they recommend they are connected. With most of us staying at home and being encouraged to park our cars if we can, you may be concerned about the level of charge in your batteries during long periods without use. At Toyota, we like to give you total peace of mind. So we recommend buying a 12V battery trickle charger or a solar panel charger to ensure your battery remains fully charged at all times. Which trickle charger is best for you? Solar-powered trickle chargers Solar-powered trickle chargers charge at a rate that's equal to the self-discharge rate, so they’ll keep your batteries charged at the proper level. They won’t charge a completely dead battery, though. Smart battery trickle chargers As well as discharging, analysing, conditioning and performing cycle tests on your batteries, smart trickle chargers typically charge your battery in the same amount of time as a rapid charger.
  3. I have a 2020 Excel with beige leather seats. They’re a very practical colour and make the interior look fabulous, almost Lexus in terms of quality, and I’d like to keep it that way. Does Toyota recommend any particular type of leather care product for these particular seats? I’m aware that there are quite a few methods used to produce leathers of different quality and what is right for one might not be good for another.
  4. I have a 2020 Excel and I’m finding it very difficult to get comfortable in the seats. It seems to me that there is a lack of support at the base of the seat back. Using the lumbar support doesn’t help because it comes in several inches higher up. I’d hoped that the seats would settle after a period of time and maybe mould themselves but no luck so far. I keep tweaking the controls to try to find something that works. Without doubt they’re the worst seats I’ve ever experienced, which is a shame because the car is otherwise pretty much perfect. I have absolutely no problems with the seats in our Corolla Icon Tech which is a bit weird.
  5. So, the car went in today. No error codes logged. Couldn't reproduce the problem so they they updated the "software" to the latest version. Fingers crossed and hope for the best? I'm not convinced ...
  6. The screen has now started coming on for a period and then going off again so it’s an intermittent fault. Surely this kind of problem can’t be due to battery drain? Everything else is working just fine.
  7. My problem has nothing to do with battery drain, or if it has then the car is fundamentally flawed. The car was only delivered to us ten days ago and I certainly haven’t been sitting in it listening to the radio. It’s been to St Albans and back (250 miles) and has only done 350 miles in total.
  8. Don’t think it can be the fuse. Just been out and tried to start the car. The screen flickered on and off a couple of times and then stayed off. I’d say a loose connection (really? With modern bus based systems?) or a software timing problem.
  9. We’ve only just taken delivery a week ago of a new RAV4 Excel to replace our Volvo XC60. Whilst driving along the main central LCD display (with the Home, Setup, Map and other buttons on either side) just went blank. I pulled in, switched the car off and on again but still completely blank. Phoned dealer to see if I’d inadvertently done something to switch off the display but there’s nothing of that kind. They suggested it was a software problem so in it goes on Thursday. Has anyone else experienced this problem? I never thought I’d have a problem like this with a new Toyota, Volvo maybe but Toyota never.
  10. Just discovered the solution on another thread: Adjust seat all the way forward, all the way back, all the way up, all the way down, all the way back reclined, all the way back to vertical, tip front of seat all the way up then all the way down. Between each step hold the switch in that position for 3 seconds. Lo and behold, seat memory now works. Mind you, very sloppy PDI from dealer.
  11. Just taken delivery of a new RAV4 Excel and can't get seat memory to work. I've followed the instructions in the manual to press SET then 1 or 2 until buzzer sounds. There's a beep, then if I move the seat and try to recall the position nothing happens except a beep when I press the button. What am I doing wrong? Car is in Park with engine on.
  12. I’ve been using the MyT app on my iPhone to monitor hybrid performance for our Corolla 1.8 hatchback and found it fascinating. We’re expecting to take delivery of a new RAV4 in mid July to replace our Volvo XC60 and I wondered if the MyT app can monitor more than one vehicle?
  13. Our car was in for its first annual service yesterday. When I asked about upgrading to Apple CarPlay I was told that it should have been available this month but would now be delayed until July at the earliest.
  14. I've followed these steps and managed to register my multimedia device because it shows in MyT on my iPhone and in MyToyota web site. How do I get the car to upload trip statistics etc?
  15. That's exactly right. If the switch is illuminated (which it was) then moving the stalk forward has no effect. Turn off the auto high beam and the stalk behaves like one would expect. Thanks for the prompt reply.
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