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  1. Thanks to you all for the comments, and I do go to this garage regularly so trust his opinion. As for the fault, they had it on the diagnostic machine and this was the result, a broken spring on the squib?? The dealership were going to charge £90 for the diagnosis and I paid £30! The dealership quoted over £300 for the item plus labour at £90 an hour so I sourced one brand new on E Bay for £40, but have not yet received it. I do hope that the problem is what he says it is, but its a matter of trying it. I dont want to scrap my car as its pristine, but the thought of a bill for several hundred is frightening. I will keep you posted on the outcome, as I expect the item this week and have the car booked in already for the work to be done. Fingers crossed its ok!! Thanks again to all of you!
  2. I have a problem after a diagnosis from a garage that my car needs a new squib for the steering wheel. I am not quite sure what this means, and wonder if anyone out there knows? Apparently its only available from a main dealer who want to charge over £320 for one. I am sure I could source a secondhand unit but have no idea what I am looking for, and what the correct name is. Do I need a new steering wheel or is it just a part that fits my existing one? Help!!!
  3. I have a 2004 Corolla 1.6 in great order as been well cared for by 2 previous owners, but the passenger airbag warning light has come on recently. I took it in for diagniostic check and was told I would need a replacement unit which is situated behind the steering column. Apparrently only available from main dealers so will be expensive. Has anyone else had a similar situation please?
  4. I have bought a replacement passenger side wing mirror (Just the mirror) and wonder how easy it is to fit please? It has a sticky backing but no idea how to get the old cracked one out???
  5. Can anyone advise why the hydraulic system which opens the boot lid only goes half way? My beautiful Corolla is 15 years old and immaculate, but is there any way of fixing this problem so I dont bang my head every time I go in the boot???
  6. I have just bought my first Corolla from a family friend, and am so delighted with it. Its a 54 plate 4 door saloon and immaculate for the year. Its got the full service history and every receipt since it was new, so I should be very happy. Problem is its done 115k miles and I know that timing belts dont last forever, so I need some advice on what to do? Its not giving trouble but I have been told it can just snap then thats the 1.6 engine gone!!! Has anyone replaced theirs, and do I get it renewed to ensure its not going to go? Any help would be gratefully accepted! Thank you in anticipation