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  1. Hello everyone 

    okay so I got the tester delivered today. I checked it and it’s green as seen on attached picture.

    The fear of being “🤓” by Toyota was just my head imagination. No conspiracy or sabotage 🥳

    However the level is still low.Brake pads are in good order, still plenty left. Should I leave it or top up?



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  2. Hello everyone 

    Two months ago I got full service in Toyota. I paid +£500 for service including gearbox and brake fluid replacement.

    was topping up windscreen washer and noticed that brake fluid level is low and dirty. I had low level since I spotted it in September.(car parked on even level) 

    Correct me if I am wrong - the level should be at full mark or at least between full and low?

    thanks for help


  3. Thanks 


    well, there is nothing wrong with the Sidelight. Both sidelight work perfect.

    I was only curious if these bulbs are replaceable as I can’t figure it out. I have both headlight and fog lights 6k led installed so I thought that I may upgrade it to match everything in 6k including sidelight.


    It seems that it can’t be changed so that’s fine

    thank You for your help 



  4. Hello everyone 

    Hopefully everyone is health and safe

    Just curious if it possible to replace LED day running sidelight bulbs in Auris hybrid 2014? I looked at it but is seems that is sealed? And can’t replace the bulb, unless I am doing something wrong.

    many thanks 👍🏻

  5. Hello everyone 


    hopefully everyone keeps safe in this difficult time 


    I have a question

    My stupid neighbour dropped something from the window and it landed on my car. It caused a dent in top of the fender area. Do you know if this dent is possible to fix without mechanical repair? 

    Thank You for your help

  6. Thanks


    insurance is fine with it. They even more happy because winter/snow tyres provide more safety during the winter season


    so maybe stick with current 17 inch wheels, just swap the tyres?


    17 inch tyres itself is around £360 fitted


    16inch wheels and tyres is around £360 fitted as well but without sensors.



  7. Hello everyone 

    I’m planning to fit steel 16 inch wheels with wither tyres to my car(currently 17 inch alloys with tpms)

    Can I use these wheels without TPMS? Do you know if I will get a Warning light message about tyre pressure?

    I’d rather get wheels with no tpms as they are costly and reprogram costs

    thank You for Your help

  8. Hi all

    I collected my car today. The garage claims that it was leaky condenser and no other leaks. All replaced. 

    Hopefully the air con is fixed now.

    I will let you know in the next few months or next year to see if that was a permanent fix

    thank you for your kind help👍🏻

  9. 8 hours ago, FROSTYBALLS said:

    Later hybrids, petrols and diesels use R1234yf gas, which is more expensive but is supposed to be more environmentally friendly. Some manufacturers started using this from 2014 in preparation for its use becoming compulsory in new cars. Both of our cars use R1234yf.

    Yes but I mean his particular car should be r134a.😀



  10. Auris hybrid uses r134a - same gas as all cars around world. The difference is the compressor oil - ND11 non conductive as the compressor is electric not belt driven. 

    You need to find a good garage which will “regas” and use ND11 oil as specs in hybrids. The cost should be same as usual plus you will need to pay extra for your “hybrid oil”(lets say £10-15£ more)

    £130 that’s current Toyota price. It is a total rip off. £130 for air con regas it’s Bentley or Aston Martin range isn’t?

    my Auris has air con problem but because it loose a gas quick I complaint for warranty repair and currently is under repair.

    I had few cars before Toyota but never needed “regassing” or “top up” previous vehicles.

    before Auris I had mercedes 2001 year for 8 years and never had an problem with air condition despite it was an old car with high mileage. Good air con will not leak - based on my car experience. Thank you



  11. Hi all

    I did a complaint to Toyota UK regarding my issue.

    next day I had an call from my local dealer and was asked to bring it for warranty repair.

    Today got update that allegedly they traced the leak and it leaks from condenser. According to my service adviser car should be fixed and ready by Friday.

    will update then



  12. Thanks guys

    yes they keep saying that there is no leak but obviously the leak is there.

    I agree that they waiting for warranty to expire so then they charge me.

    I could go to specialist garage but why should I pay for it if car is still under warranty. Thanks for encouraging me😀


    Thank You

    I will update

  13. Hello everyone 

    I will need a help please

    My air con is not cold enough. Over the weekend was a nice weather so I was using it but air con “just “managed to keep cooling on high blast and it only was 22 degrees (Celsius)I had air con checked by useless Toyota main dealer three times within 12 months. Every time I was told that there is no leak just needs recharging and once was charged radiculous £90.

    Well based on my experience in all my previous cars I never needed to recharge or top up air con 3(three) times within 12 months. 

    I never turn air con button off even during winter 


    I know that the gas is 134a as most cars but hybrid uses different oil , I think that it’s dielectric non conducive oil

    Can anyone please help or recommend a good garage in North West London or maybe you could suggest what I need to do or is it me doing something wrong?


    Thank You



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