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  1. With this "dirty" weather do mud flaps make a difference? I read somewhere that they could not be fitted on all four wheels. Is this correct? ie ether front or back is a problem? I have side steps fitted. I am considering Toyota ones fitted at my dealer for convenience at the service coming up. Thank you
  2. At this time of the year about right. April - September 50% more MPG.
  3. But a 2019 (which is being referred to)would be a Hybrid and the petrol engine would start at some point. Mine does not start for 30 seconds, but immediately if the heater is turned on. Remote starting is only legal on private property in the UK.
  4. I understand remote start is illegal in UK, as you have to have someone in charge of the vehicle with the engine running.
  5. Isn't the first touch on the indicator arm which gives around 10 seconds of flashing usually OK for exiting a roundabout?
  6. I got my knickers in a twist trying to comment. I will try again. I have a series 4 2019. I find radar cruise control; useful in 30mph areas, as mine will work down to 25mph before coming out of the mode. The problem I have moving down in 5mph increments is that the brakes are applied very hard. Moving down four increments ie 20mph could prevent a problem to following traffic especially if tail gating.
  7. I miss the heated windscreen Strange as I had it on Ford Focus' from 2007.
  8. I bought a new 4th generation in March 2019. According to the dealer it was the last 4th generation to be delivered by Toyota to a dealer. I had Fords for over forty years. I am so pleased I made the change. After 17 months I have had no problems. It is a real joy to drive and very comfortable. Summer MPG is 50, dropping to 40 in the winter. The drop is mainly because the heater is on and the petrol engine cuts in as the operating temperature drops. The Hybrid system really works. The only problem is deciding either do I drive, or my wife. She has never shown an interest
  9. I have the 4th generation which does not have hold. Thank you. I now understand where hold come in with the 5th generation.
  10. I frequently read on American sites where posters have had problems running down their traction battery because they have been in neutral for a period. Only explanation I have read is that they were in a car wash. This is explained in the online manual so I was aware of it. But when is it appropriate you use neutral? The only time I put the car in neutral is when entering a car park with barriers and you have to reach out for a ticket. My reason is that if my foot slips off the brake there is a danger of hitting the barrier if I am in drive. It is easier to put in neutral than p
  11. The radar controlled cruise control increases in 5mph increments. A bit dangerous is reducing, which is in 5mph increments, but puts the brakes on quite hard. The non radar cruise control is in 1mph increments.
  12. I agree at around 45mph (on a flat road) the petrol engine comes in, but the electric motors are working all the time supporting the petrol power. Usually electric to front wheels, but also to rear (if AWD) if the car senses it is needed.
  13. On a flat road, at 30mph I reckon 5 miles. Back to the MPG last summer pottering around Nottinghamshire country lanes at around 30mph I often got 75mpg.
  14. I have a 4th generation first registered March 2019. No problems. Summer 50mpg winter 40mpg. Does depend on weather and use of heater.
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