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  1. Thank you. Clarifies that I am not missing a trick. Need a 2019 +.
  2. I was tempted by the Toyota Insurance with the guarantee of using Toyota when I bought my new car in March. The problem for me was they would not add my daughter with 20 years driving and no claims as she had a licence from a European country where she lives. (Brexit looms) She would only drive in the UK not abroad on her occasional visits to us. My current insurers NFU have had no problem adding her over the years and they have confirmed I can use a Toyota garage for repairs. Also NFU include two years GAP insurance as standard at no extra cost, so Toyota Insurance lost a customer. Oh the ins and outs of insurance and the changes you have to be aware of.
  3. I bought one of the last 2018 models new in March 2019 and still learning about the controls. I read that using the automatic mode is for dehumidification. With misting of the front and side windows I use (as indicated in manual) the defogging switch. I have come to the conclusion that the automatic mode is more applicable to climates with high humidity levels that make the interior of the car uncomfortable. The Freelander I had previously had an auto mode that automatically switched on and off the air conditioning to maintain the interior temperature. The Rav4 control seems to me to be different in its application. Anyone use the automatic mode for benefits I am missing?
  4. Does anyone use this drive mode on a regular basis? Anyone found any advantages of Eco drive mode?
  5. Thank you. It appears to have worked. Fingers crossed.
  6. I take your point. I was making it clear that it is not a 2019 model.
  7. 2018 model AWD Hybrid. Registered March 2019 After working correctly for two months a warning is being shown at a speed well below the sign indicated by the system. It is definitely set for mph. Is there a known fix before I see the dealer? I realise the system does not "see" every sign, and I could live without it, but it would be nice to have it working in a new car.