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  1. I agree at around 45mph (on a flat road) the petrol engine comes in, but the electric motors are working all the time supporting the petrol power. Usually electric to front wheels, but also to rear (if AWD) if the car senses it is needed.
  2. On a flat road, at 30mph I reckon 5 miles. Back to the MPG last summer pottering around Nottinghamshire country lanes at around 30mph I often got 75mpg.
  3. I have a 4th generation first registered March 2019. No problems. Summer 50mpg winter 40mpg. Does depend on weather and use of heater.
  4. gavioliuk

    Battery mode

    I have a Mk 4, claimed by the dealer as the last Mk4 delivered which I bought new and first registered in March 2019. I find keeping an eye on the energy monitor one of the fascinations of driving a Rav4 Hybrid. Responding to some of the comments and points in this thread I make the following comments. There are times I expect to be in EV mode, but note it is not. This is even though up to temperature, no heater, no a/c, level ground and around 30mph. I assume the computer knows best. At other times, after passing 5,000 miles use I find on level ground the car stays in EV mode up to 45mph on level ground. Cruise control helps to get this. I do not restrict to this speed if it affects others behind me. This makes me wonder, as the car "frees off" and the computer senses this it enables EV mode to continue at a higher speed. The battery usually shows two bars not alight, reducing to two alight after EV use. I do regularly have only one bar not alight, but during a holiday in the Yorkshire Dales, down hill runs often showed the battery full. Will the fascination of a Hybrid car ever wear off?
  5. Bought a new RAV4 version 4 March last year. Dealer claimed it was the last version 4 delivered in the UK. No problems with the effectiveness of the AC. There is a large vent in the middle, just below the windscreen which the handbook states is for directing air to the rear passengers over the heads of the front passengers. There are also vents under the front passenger seats directing air to the rear. I have had no one complain. I have not checked if this is the same on version 5
  6. I have a 2018 Fourth Generation Rav4 Design AWD Hybrid which I took delivery March 2019. Supposed to be the last 4th Generation delivered to a dealer. I was very happy with the final deal. From March to October I was getting 50mpg rural/town. 55mpg up the A1 100miles from Nottinghamshire to North Yorkshire. 50 - 60 mph. With the cold weather rural/town is down to around 38 - 40mpg. Probably through using the heater. It does not go into EV mode as often with the petrol engine having to provide heat. However the battery level comes right up to give power for longer when it does turn to EV mode. The battery power is also there to give added acceleration when demanded. Have yet to try dual carriageway now the weather is colder. First Toyota and really pleased with it. My wife hated driving, but now it is an argument as to who is driving. A bit brief but I hope it helps.
  7. As part of servicing the handbook says rotate the tyres every 3000 miles for RAV4 AWD. This is the first car I have had for many years that recommends tyre rotation. Anyone doing this?
  8. I find the dangerous change of speed when in radar cruise is to decrease. The 5mph reduction is not gradual but the brakes go to bring the speed down straight away. You have to be careful no one is right behind.
  9. Thank you. Your comment on modest mileage covers me which will only be 6,000 per annum.
  10. I assume most are ignoring the handbook recommendation to rotate wheels every 3,000. Any further comments?
  11. It is many years since I have seen it specified to rotate the tyres on your car. I note that the handbook recommends rotation every 3,000 miles. Searching on line there is advice to rotate and as much not to rotate from tyre dealers and manufacturers. Any comments from members?
  12. It seems fairly common from several manufacturers not to have a spare if a panoramic roof / moon roof. My daughter has just bought a Land Rover Discovery and they have no spare.
  13. Anyone having problems to log in?
  14. Thank you. Clarifies that I am not missing a trick. Need a 2019 +.
  15. I was tempted by the Toyota Insurance with the guarantee of using Toyota when I bought my new car in March. The problem for me was they would not add my daughter with 20 years driving and no claims as she had a licence from a European country where she lives. (Brexit looms) She would only drive in the UK not abroad on her occasional visits to us. My current insurers NFU have had no problem adding her over the years and they have confirmed I can use a Toyota garage for repairs. Also NFU include two years GAP insurance as standard at no extra cost, so Toyota Insurance lost a customer. Oh the ins and outs of insurance and the changes you have to be aware of.