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  1. Yes the sharp and short pulls is what I meant by pulsing the stalk. From memory I think the rear sprayer can be triggered just to spray without the wipers activating so I though there may be a trick to do it with the front one. Thanks for responding!
  2. Hi all Long time lurker, first time poster here:) I have come across a screen wash that doubles up as a de-icer, and was wondering if there is a way to spray screen wash on the windscreen without the wipers activating? They come on too quick for "pulsing" the spray to be viable.
  3. You might find this interesting:
  4. Terminal for a fob perhaps?
  5. Same here, and in city driving my warmth loving wife is able to get it as low as 45mpg by running the heater constantly and thus the engine!
  6. That's exactly what I think it's happening and switching the heater off for me puts it in EV mode if the normal criteria are met (I.e. during warm weather).