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  1. Needs to have the features removed for UK market Blind spot monitoring Rear cross traffic assist (now with braking as per my20 chr)
  2. Wonder if op managed to get sorted
  3. Doesn't come with JBL or even as an option Depending on how good your ears are like any STD car ice its not bad Reading your posts so far I think you might be buying the wrong model excel sound more up your street I'm curious how you arrived at the decision to buy a gr sport did you test drive one or did the dealer have chat and steer you towards this model Not taking the p155 mate just curious
  4. They will be better than xenon
  5. Any modification from none factory fitted has to be declared chances are it won’t alter premium but insurance will look at any way to prevent having to pay a claim
  6. Did you order the car over the internet ?? contsct the dealer asking them to hold fire until you can test drive the same headlight model over night
  7. All corolla Come with led
  8. Let's say they agree and change them it will be allover the paperwork it happened Should you have a bump on the front it would come to light then and either A) car would be rebuilt with nondual led as the build spec lists them B the modification would come to light then and the insurance could refuse to pay out The none dual led is not a bad light when lit it does not look as nice as the excel lamps granted but perfectly adequate for my very rural location when I've borrowed bob basic spec corollas in the past
  9. Trust me they won't change them for free I work at Toyota and the cost would be in excess of 2k
  10. Thankfully mines only 6 month lease so I can move on pretty quick
  11. Nope it comes with the basic led headlight as found on icon icon tech and design you only get those on the excel well thats what we get in uk market anyway kinda pisses me off we get **** headlights and no blind spot monitoring or rear cross traffic assist on any corolla model in the uk my older chr had both of these
  12. When cruising lift off the throttle and gently press back on Speed won't decrease but it should switch to electric power My gr is due when I get back to work but the above works in my chr and the ct
  13. Every oncoming driver thanks you good choice on bulbs btw
  14. It has led headlights so retrofitting hids are A) illegal B) pointless and a step backwards in terms out efficiency and output Not come across a rear splitter for these but then again I haven't looked
  15. Just had a look at fish brothers /Toyota parts direct and they are no cheaper than what we sell at some prices are actually dearer Unless you need them right away then your local dealer when this is all done and dusted you might be surprised