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  1. Op didn't Reply after 3 years don't think he will after 5
  2. Malcster


    When I had my gr sport a tech had an excel and he also wanted the HUD The box to project it plus the different Speedo was in excess of 1k He bough a plug and play device from Amazon and plugged it into the obd port
  3. Malcster

    Dim headlights

    Hid wow 2010 is calling you mate It's all about led now
  4. Malcster

    Dim headlights

    12k and perfect fit
  5. Malcster

    Dim headlights

    Katur bulbs from Amazon in the wife's Very good light not stupidly dazzling Stuck it on the mot beam setter at work and it's a perfect spread of light with correct beam pattern as it is controlled by the de module The difference is night and day
  6. If you do the ota via your phone it takes 40 mins or so and only updates UK maps
  7. It's rubbish on the Corolla On my chr it would dip early it seems to leave it too late on the Corolla and it also comes on while driving down a road with street lights on whereas the chr didn't
  8. It does state in the update procedure that failure to adhere to the instructions will potentially brick the unit and no warranty claim can be accepted If they have replaced the unit it would be at there own expense
  9. Nope left my drive clicked download Got to work and left car in the workshop while it finished I only updated UK maps
  10. I just hotspot my phone to the car and download and install on my way to work Took about 40 mins
  11. Ball park figure about 17- 20 Inc vat for the pair I'll double check tomorrow when I'm back at work
  12. Tbh they are cheap enough from Toyota for complete blades
  13. Let us know how this goes please
  14. It's a good part number you can a look so get these in different colours as well
  15. We have a guy coming in next week to buy a set to convert his so I'll let you know how he gets on I think the loom is different for the led version might be plugnplay with the older version
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