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  1. I know about aa being a wired connection But if I go into Google maps then say back to the Toyota main menu and use Toyota map or say select radio I have lost Bluetooth and a WiF hotspot connection
  2. But can you get WiFi as well at the same time If I use Android auto i loose Bluetooth if I have WiFi on
  3. Nope Have the same problem with a pixel 3 and pixel 4 I can get them both working WiFi and Bluetooth but as soon as use Android auto i loose.bluetooth until I shut down and restart
  4. Is that for your my Toyota account ??
  5. There is one on AliExpress that gives you a wireless charge as well as a usb charger looks pretty straightforward fit Not sure if it will fit rhd cars plus I can't use it with Android auto £51.01 28%OFF | Car Qi Wireless Charger for Toyota Corolla 2019 2020 Mobile Phone Fast Charging Pad Holder £69.80 | Wireless Charger QC3.0 Quickcharge USB Type-C Plug & Play Wireless Charging For 2019-2020 Toyota Corolla Levin
  6. 20 plate gr sport with Android auto as std and I have an annoying glitch I have WiFi and hotspot to my phone I can't connect car to phone for calls either via Android auto or via bluetooth and all calls go to handset if I search for devices it times out saying no devices found I connect WiFi first I can't search for any devices and if I go the other way and connect Bluetooth first than WiFi it looses bluetooth after a few minutes Tried with 2 phones and the same happens Pretty sure in my old 69 plate chr I had the option to connect via bluetooth teathering but can't find it in the Corolla Also what is WiFi power ??
  7. Malcster

    Car washes

    I usually spend all day detailing each car
  8. Use aquapel It's a little more difficult not apply than rain X But last between 6-9 months between applications At 40mph+ in normal/heavy rain you don't normally need wipers Not so in light drizzle or slow speed
  9. If you just park it up with the hybrid system still on it will fire the engine accordingly when required sounds like you you had it in accessory position It is true re solar charger they can't be back charged through the aux socket Not sure how short a journey you have but my mum does 5 miles a day in her Yaris hybrid with no issues
  10. Battery in the keyfob
  11. It was a dearer.on the staff scheme Might have one in 6 months when I change this
  12. Car was sat at the hub since march car was built in Feb Time to say good bye to the chr