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  1. Update- on my squealing wheels - it turned out to be badly worn pads on the rear!! Even the mechanic thought it was coming from the front when driving, funny how the noise stopped when you brake though. all quiet now..
  2. RE: Squealing noises/screeching noises from front wheels. Changed the pads (again) on the front - this time they are Pagids - and would u believe it still makes squealing noises - can’t understand whats is wrong with this stupid car, at my wits end. mechanic says that it could maybe be the shims? So now i’ll have to try the main Toyota dealer. Anybody elses got any ideas what is causing this? Front discs were changed 3 weeks ago - still good condition.
  3. Should i go for cheaper or more expensive version of the Pagid pads? have been told there are 2 versions suitable for my car.
  4. My Toyota Auris has developed starting probs (intermittently) its a 1.6 petrol. Also strange beeping noises when i put the key in the ignition and also when taking it out- is this normal? I have only had this car since April of this year. I assume this is to do with the immobiliser.