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  1. I know I can only try. I'm gonna strip the old head gasket bits off and see if it is just that, I highly doubt its jsut that but if I can do the head gasket it will just cost me 100 and a lot of my time. If I have to replace the engine it's going to be nearer 1000...seems like its worth the chance. I'll wait till I've stripped it before I order the kit cos if its more than new refurbed engine way to go. Can strip the old one down for parts, it's got 3 new injectors in it at least. If anyone local to Cleethorpes has any interest fixing stuff and helping my little blonde cupcake of useless car buying gf out I'm sure we can come to some arrangement for beer tokens or something in helping her out! I will figure it out eventually, but not much info out there for changing a d4d engine on a mini. Thanks for all your responses, you've really helped! Sorry I asked before but is a 2006 engine a definate no go? Shame the newer ones don't fit... There's a cracking 2010 one with only 27k on clock for 400 😩
  2. 200 miles in a year for a car described as "An excellent runner"
  3. Yeh had a look around but struggling to find one for this engine in the mini, I will continue searching! I wish it was....I've thought about small claims court as the advert clearly lying considering its done 200 miles in the last year....
  4. Any guides available for replacing the headgasket on this engine?
  5. Does anyone have any experience replacing the head gasket, how difficult a job is it? Realise the cover might need reskimmed if its warped and if its the block thats damage then thats pretty much a scrap lump. Can you do a head gasket change without removing the engine?
  6. Is the 2006 one suitable? Or should I try find a 2003-2005, I take it later ones are totally different. Just trying to get this sorted for her, I wish she had waited for me because so many alarm bells for me when shes been going through stuff, like 200 miles in the past year on the MOT's.....saying the service history will be sent to her later. Basically conned her good nature. Some people are scum. She's got 3 kids and has had to take 2 weeks off work now unpaid because she can't get them to child care and get to work on time without the car, shes only on low wages as it is.
  7. Hi, Really hoping I can get some guidance here. My GF bought a MINI Hatchback One, Hatchback, 2003, 1364cc, Diesel. 5 days after buying it the headgasket has gone and god knows what else. I've read elsewhere that it's the same engine from a Toyota Yaris (D-4D), looking at trying to source one of these, seen them for around £400 with a warranty. Can anyone confirm this is correct, and if so does it have to be a certain year or can I purchase a newer engine (a 2009 one for example) does it have the same mounts and things for swapping them out or does it have to be a 2002-2006 (I think). Any help much appreciated, she spent too much on the car already (£500 recovering and them trying to fix the problem), she's skint so i'm lending her the money and if possible i'll try swapping it out (mechanical technician by trade but i'm not used to cars, as I work on larger drives). Thanks! Chris