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  1. We have snow, sub zero temperatures here in Croatia since I'm located at the most northern part. Also, a lot of salt on the roads during the winter months. What exactly is tpms? I assume tire pressure monitoring system? How does that affect the choice? Does the tire have to be specifically designed for that?
  2. Does that mean it's not "legal" to put 17" wheels for winter?
  3. Hi everyone! I have the 2019 Corolla TS 2.0 hybrid and the current wheels and tires are 225/40R18. Since winter will be here pretty soon, I want to be prepared on time and I started looking into new set of alloy wheels and tires. 1. What wheel size should I go for the winter set? Should it also be 18" or should I go with 17"? Other dimensions I see on the Corolla brochure are 205/55R16, 225/45R17 2. White tires to go for? What brand and which models are best for Corolla? 3. Does anyone have link to good alloy wheels and tires shops? I'm located in Croatia and it would be good if the shop would be nearby or if they ship to Croatia. As for the price point, I'm not looking for the most expensive options but I would like a quality set that will not affect ride quality.
  4. I'm getting the pop-up when I try to make an outgoing phone call and when there is no signal (according to the car, but I always have signal on my phone). Also to note, even though there is no signal on the car media screen, I can receive phone calls to the device and they appear right away on the media screen. I should maybe try with a different phone to be sure it's not specific to my device
  5. Just to point out, I have signal on my phone at all times, it's just that car media system does not have signal and that results in 'out for service' when trying to make an outgoing call. All incoming calls are connected with no problems
  6. I also have a question about Android bluetooth paring. I'm getting the no signal issue while pairing my Nokia 7 Plus (Android 9) about 95% of the time (I'm able to share music after it is paired). Here is the picture of how the issue is displayed on media screen. While that is the case, I can't make any outgoing calls when trying to dial out from the car media screen but if I receive a call from anyone the car media screen displayed that normally (have in mind that the actual contacts are not displayed, but only the number is shown. Even if I have that number saved in the contacts list, only the number will be displayed on the media screen). Does anyone else have this issue? Is it my phone or the car media center? I'm guessing it's my phone because my wife's iPhone has no issues with that.
  7. The day finally came on 13th July 2019. My new car arrived to the dealership on Friday and after they added the Toyota protect to the outside and the inside, we picked it up on Saturday. I have to say, the pictures don't do the car justice in this case. I'm so glad we went with the red color because it's stunning! It looks great on pictures but has an extra WOW effect in person. I went all in on the car, 2.0 hybrid, panoramic roof, HUD. JBL and Adaptive suspension were the only things I didn't go for. I'll add some pictures so everyone can see 🙂 As for the car itself, coming from a 2006 Ford Fiesta 1.4 TDCi, this feels like a space shuttle 😄 The level of noise in the car can't even be compared, the ride comfort, acceleration, ease of driving. I really feel like I'm driving in a premium class and brand car.
  8. Croatia has all 3 versions, HB, saloon and touring sports. I ordered the touring sports. Are they made in the UK?
  9. I don't understand the equipment in different markets. As the dealer told me, Corollas for Croatia are made in the UK and I ordered my in the highest trim and added the panoramic sunroof and the HUD as options. The Blindspot monitor comes as standard on the highest trim. Not sure why the UK market does not have that stuff even as an option
  10. Hello everyone! Like the title suggests, I'm curious to know if the AVS (adaptive variable suspension) is worth the extra money (roughly 1k € here in Croatia) when configuring the car or not? I have not had a chance to test drive the new Corolla with the Adaptive variable suspension fitted so I don't really know how the drive feels. Even though I already placed my order for the 2.0 TS hybrid with the highest trim available, I think there still might be time to add that extra (if I do decide to do so) since the car is not due until mid-July. Any input and opinion is highly appreciated. Tom
  11. What kind of 'trick' does enable Android Auto? Have you collected your car and tried it out?
  12. Fingers crossed it doesn't get delayed. Mine is due 12-15th July and we are going on vacation on the 19th so I'm hoping everything goes to plan, but I'm not counting on it. It's better to not hope for it and be pleasantly surprised than to hope for it and be disappointed.
  13. A bit late to reply but I just joined the forum 😄 Here are a couple of videos I found on youtube since it's hard to find anything related to the new Corolla with the Sunroof The first one is in Dutch and the second one in German and no subtitles are available but you can get the hang of it. Both reviewers are about 185 tall so that might be useful as well. Just like you, I ordered my TS 2.0 with the panoramic sunroof sight unseen because not a single dealer in Croatia has a Corolla with the sunroof to showcase. I can't get my head around that and can't believe they can't order at least one model with all the specs for people to see. If they had an ALL IN version of the TS in the showroom I would have bought it as once since I would not need to wait for 2 months like I am now. But what can you do. Regarding the sunroof, since the normal roof is a bit lowered as it is, I was not sure how much headroom the PSR takes but I went with it anyway since I'm 175cm tall and pretty much everyone else that will be driving in the car is the same height or shorter. I'm hoping I was not wrong and to have enough headroom not to scratch my head to the PSR cover. My Corolla is due Mid-July so send some pictures if you get yours delivered before then 🙂
  14. Hello everyone! I joined this forum since I'm waiting for my new Corolla TS 2.0 hybrid to arrive somewhere mid-July. I'm from Croatia and my wife and I currently drive 2006 Ford Fiesta 1.4 TDCi and love the car since it has served us very well for the last 5 years since we bought it used. Since we are planning a family and also wanted a newer car, we decided to go with the new Corolla TS. We'll keep the little Ford as the second car as well. Coming from the 1.4 TDCi with 68 HP to a 2.0 hybrid with 180 and completely different engine and drivetrain, it will definitely be a change but a positive change. Initially, we were looking for the new Kia Proceed but since the waiting period for a new one is 9 months, we wanted to check other options before pulling the trigger and I'm glad we did because the new Corolla is a level above the Kia, in general, I would say. I was more expensive compared to the Kia with the relatively same performance, but I can justify the price difference due to the hybrid powertrain. Anyway, that's a short introduction from me. I'll join in other topics on he forum. Tnx, Tom