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  1. Weelawser

    2008 D4D

    Ahh, thanks for the reply
  2. Weelawser

    2008 D4D

    Oops, well spotted. !
  3. Weelawser

    2008 D4D

    Folks, Can anyone tell me if the attached switches are supposed to be illuminated when using headlights ? cheers, Paul
  4. Does anyone know what the yellow wire on the stereo wiring harness is for ? Fitting after market Sony Head Unit and that is the only wire as in the attached pic that I can't figure out where it goes ?
  5. Thanks for the reply however I want it to connect up to my Head Unit
  6. Looking for suggestions on an after market reversing camera for my 2008 2.2 XTR D-4D, there is no spare wheel on the tailgate door. I have seen a few that would fit into license plate light socket, which seems the easiest way to go ? I have also fitted a Sony XAV - AX100 Head Unit which has the rear view camera option.
  7. Any idea of what fitting kit was used ?
  8. Anybody fitted an aftermarket head unit to their Rav ? As above, touchscreen, android auto, Bluetooth, mirroring - recommendations ?
  9. Is there such a thing as a parts manual for the RAV 4 ? 🤔
  10. Dab, play music via mobile, more media functionality, touchscreen.
  11. Hi Folks, Looking for advice on stereo / media centre upgrades for my 2008 XTR, it has the 6 CD standard stereo ? Cheers, Paul
  12. Thanks for the replies folks....Is it worth the extra for Toyota rails or are after market ones as good ?
  13. Thanks for the quick response, rails I presume, every other car i have owned has had side rails for bars to fit to.....Can you fit bars to the RAV without side rails ?