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  1. Hey All, I have a 2011 Avensis 2.2 D4D!!! The head gasket went on it just after I bought it used about 2 years ago. I got it fixed and no real problems but brought it for a 4 hour cross country drive 2 weeks ago and it over heated and now it seems it has gone again, it is putting water out of the overflow pipe on the expansion tank and there is a strong exhaust smell from the coolant. I am not going to spend anymore money on this car, I have spent enough!! I drive an hour to work and an hour back 5 days a week, I don't drive the car hard rarely go over 2000 rpm. Is there any of the bottled miracles that work, I am willing to give anything a try as I am just going to keep driving it regardless (topping up coolant every few days) until it dies!! The only problem is the leak is obviously creating pressure in the system which is pushing the water out of the expansion tank so will these bottled fixes work? There is not white smoke from exhaust and no water in the oil just the pressure in the expansion tank and the exhaust smell from the coolant. I have heard steel seal is good and some people have mentioned Blue devil, any advice would be very welcome. I'm sure there are alot of 2.2 D4d drivers out there that feel my pain!! Thanks in advance!!