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  1. Hi All I'm trying to find a pair of stiffer anti-roll bar's to fit my 1999 Toyota Picnic. I'm not interested in stiffening the springs I just want to stop some of the roll. Thanks , Adam
  2. cresad

    Picnic shocks

    Hi all Hopefully I'm posting this in the right forum , I couldn't find one just for the picnic's. I'm trying to find some air shocks / load levellers for the rear of mine , I do a lot of towing and find them very useful. I've had them on my cars for the last 30 years but can't find any for the picnic. I've found the Monroe number - LA494 Load Levellers , but even Monroe can't find any left available. Does anyone know if there are any other Toyota models that have similar rear shocks that I can try and find shocks for ? Thanks , cresad
  3. Hi all Well I've bought another Toyota after not having one for over 10 years , the last one was a 1978 RX30 Cressida , this time is a 1999 Picnic 2.0 auto with less than 80k on it. Had the Cressida for about 20 years so we'll see if this lasts the same , so far it's looking good just a couple of things that need sorting for me. Cresad