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  1. Hi am gettin an error message on the display head any ideas
  2. Hi what is the latest map version for the Corolla 2019 Usually use a TomTom for sat but forgot to take it today and used the cars sat Nov Can't believe how crap it is. Bring on AA and Apple play so we can have Google maps
  3. Are you loosing any coolant from the system? Is there any oil in the header tank Have you bled the coolant system to stop air locks 1. Start with engine at ambient temperature 2. remove the rad or expansion cap 2. Turn the engine on and turn the heat to max. Turning the heat to max allows the radiator fluid to circulate through the cooling system to ensure that all air pockets are eliminated from the system. 3. Rev the engine to 2,000 RPMs and hold for approximately 10 to 15 seconds and repeat two to three times. This will allow the radiator coolant to circulate throughout the whole system and ensure that all air pockets exit the radiator.
  4. Hi I have a new Corolla with parking assist. My mother that it fantastic how it parks itself Is this feature available in the Yaris.
  5. Dropped Corolla off for a service today and service manager advised me that the carplay and Android auto had been pushed back to the Q4 What I do find strange is up to march they were going to upgrade the system in 2 months in may So they must have had all the equipment in place to do the upgrade. Now I can understand we have covid19 and the dealers have only just reopened. So why isn't the update 2 months from now in August for the update Maybe they are just wanting to do servicing and repairs to catch up with lost revenue whilst they were closed Looks like all corollas including the icon will now be getting the upgrade
  6. Will this update ever get done. It was all in place to be carried out in may. I understand we have covid19 but why has that set it back to later in the year. Just seems excuse after excuse
  7. thanks, is the media upgrade just software or software and hardware
  8. Rang the Toyota dealer today to book in for the first major service on my 2019 Corolla icon tech I asked if I could have the media updated for the apple play and Android auto. Yes no problem. Booked in on the 10th so will let you know how I get on and post some pics unless someone is having it done prior Do they do the hybrid check on the major service
  9. will the may installation on thee 2 systems be set back 3 months from may due to the cover 19 outbreak
  10. I wonder if its a general message to toyota owners from toyota to let them know the franchise are closed for servicing
  11. Recently got the same message on my 2019 corolla Was serviced at 9800 miles 3 months ago and now has less than 18000 miles on the clock Does this mean the dealer hasn't reset the service counter and will it not go off til completed
  12. My corolla I creeping up to its next service. Will the android auto and apple play be available from 1st of may Hopefully want to get the service and update done at same time for £50
  13. Is thats Dealer only or can it be done through usb not to bothered about the audio update at the moment as hopefully the AA and CP will be a better add on in may
  14. Here is the pic from the car
  15. just been to collect the corolla st from the main agent for a repair to front wing and have had the software/firmware updated. not the one you can download from toyota but main agent only type any idea what has been updated and what I will notice