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  1. looking on shells website: How much does Shell Recharge cost? The standard Recharge service costs 39p per kWh now bearing in mind an average electric car travels 3.5 miles per kWh this would be 11.14 pence per mile
  2. Looked at charge prices at various place and are averaging 37p per kw which is about 8.7p per mile My hybrid is is averaging 7.6p per mile This is only based on if you charge you car away from home but I believe the hybrid gives you better flexibility
  3. Only like putting a phone in a protector. Like to look after the investment so its mint when you come to sell it
  4. Hardwired a dashcam into my cab using a next gen hardwired kit and a vantrue n2pro camera Piggy backed it to one of the switched live fuses Best for forward and rear facing in my opion
  5. Purchased a key fob protector to save damaging it if I drop it Seems a good fit
  6. How would new vehicles without steering wheels be winched onto a tow vehicle
  7. Is the steering wheel in modern cars actually connected to 'the wheels' or is it just a sensor and a motor in both steering wheel and on the wheels
  8. My corolla 1.8 hybrid with 16 wheels has now covered 4000 miles over the 2 months I have owned it I am averaging 76 mpg on a regular basis. This seems to be the same for town or motorway but I do keep it on the motorway to just under 60 and pulse and glide the pedal. If I do 63mph and over I do find the petrol engine stays on for most of the time Anyone getting similar mpg
  9. Not had any issues with my note 9 Try removing it from the info system in settings and reinstalling
  10. When using the lane guidance feature and the "put your hands back on the wheel" warning pops up Does the lane guidance feature turn of after a certain length of time Or stay on along with the warning Getting a few customers asking about the hybrid system and how it differs from full electric
  11. Just turned the ac on whilst driving in town I expected the petrol engine to cut in to drive the power steering pump but it didn't It must therefore be driven off the cvt gearbox. Anyone know any more...
  12. Under the new rules, every new model of electric or hybrid vehicle introduced from July 1 this year must have the system, although it can be deactivated temporarily by the driver. From July 2021, however, the system will be mandatory in all new electric cars. does this mean all our new corolla hybrids will be made to have an audible noise fitted from the dealers at the first service I want mine to shout get off your phone and pay attention to your surroundings ridiculous
  13. In the uk we get an extra 10,000 mile / 1 year warranty added to the battery if taken to the main dealers Is that the same with other countries