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  1. I wonder if its a general message to toyota owners from toyota to let them know the franchise are closed for servicing
  2. Recently got the same message on my 2019 corolla Was serviced at 9800 miles 3 months ago and now has less than 18000 miles on the clock Does this mean the dealer hasn't reset the service counter and will it not go off til completed
  3. My corolla I creeping up to its next service. Will the android auto and apple play be available from 1st of may Hopefully want to get the service and update done at same time for £50
  4. Is thats Dealer only or can it be done through usb not to bothered about the audio update at the moment as hopefully the AA and CP will be a better add on in may
  5. Here is the pic from the car
  6. just been to collect the corolla st from the main agent for a repair to front wing and have had the software/firmware updated. not the one you can download from toyota but main agent only type any idea what has been updated and what I will notice
  7. well the 2x drivers wiper blades I ordered from euro car parts arrived today and look spot on and at £1.56 each including free delivery seem a bit of a bargain for valeo wipers
  8. Is there no warning light on the dash to let you know you are getting low on windscreen washer fluid on the new corolla Always had it on older more basic spec cars
  9. Hi thanks for the help with the wiper blade part numbers. I rang my local dealers who were positive only oe wipers could be used on my car quoting around £50 for replacement and would need to be ordered in I quoted the part numbers you gave me and indeed confirmed the price to be £21 and in fact had these in stock !! As this was my first purchase for my car I think the original quote of £50 and not having them in stock would have had me going to an aftermarket source and would have put me off purchasing future parts from a toyota franchise due to high costs Thanks again john
  10. how can I order through yourself
  11. ordered 2 drivers side ones from eurocar parts inc free delivery. be interesting what arrives in the post
  12. thanks for replying, spoke to my local toyota garage and he tells me the optifit blades are not an option for the 2019 corolla sports tourer and only oe are available at said price
  13. got a price of toyota for wipers drivers £32.43 plus vat passengers £10.32 plus vat told me with some discount they could do both for £48.74 inc vat expensive wiper blades every 8 months
  14. My Corolla is around 8 months old and the drivers wiper blade is starting to smear I have tried cleaning area on screen and wiper blade but its still there Called in at the dealers and was told this is a wear and tear item and not covered under the warranty. if I buy a new wiper blade this would be covered under the 12 months parts and labour warranty by toyota wouldn't it so why is the original one not covered
  15. When Adaptive Cruise control is operating and your car brakes heavily copying the car in front does you car apply the brakes (without you touching the break pedal) to warn the car behind you that you are breaking