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  1. Fuelled up after a 205 miles mix of motorway, A roads and town work 15.80 litres so 75mpg which is better than I thought it would be
  2. Oh not like this fast A roads and motorway driving. Even with a light food I am getting around 63 to 68 mpg on the gauge Guessing this will be a true reading of around high 55 mpg Will stick to town I think
  3. Sure here we go. Bottom pic is for the usb power point
  4. I wanted something that would sit near to the cars screen so I choose this one from amazon. Miracase moving life
  5. Have a read of this
  6. Cbatoday

    conrod bolts

    Have you tried the dealers or an engine overhaul centre
  7. The code you have quoted denotes a large fuel leak By require more rpm this increases the fuel demand and also pressure from the pump Could be one of the pipes on the fuel filter not connected properly after replacement or the seal. Have a look in that area for dripping diesel fuel Be very careful with diesel fuel system they use very high pressures which can cause severe injury I would ring the selling garage and get it sorted asap.
  8. I start by using decent fuel, usually shell but not the expensive one. Over the years I have always found that cheaper fuels equals lower miles. My car is used as a taxi and apart from being cold in the the morning the engine never becomes cold again for the rest of the day due to picking up fares and driving in stop start traffic When accelerating I back off the pedal when the engine cuts in then apply again after coasting for a few feet My fuel drops by around 10% if I use on faster A roads but I do use the pulse and glide technique on these types of roads and tend to read the road conditions so never usually end up using the brakes If people want to go faster than me they can burn their fuel and go round me but usually ending up at the red traffic lights not long after them I just find driving this car is so relaxing and quiet that it makes you alter your driving style
  9. Ok filled her up to 2nd click after 340 miles Cost me £26.15 to fill Averaged 75.01 mpg Great savings
  10. Getting up to 1000 miles now and seem to be getting the best out of the cars optimum mpg. I have to go to the petrol station later so will give my true mpg over the last 300 miles since I last filled it Hopefully if my dash readout is anything to go by it should be ok as my eco screen seems high
  11. No cant use waze as far as I know But google maps works