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  1. Sooner they remove the steering wheels and the vehicles become fully autonomous the better. Some drivers have no idea
  2. as I spend a lot of time in my toyota as I use it as a cab. some of my time is sat waiting for my next job. I would find it so much easier just reading the email from the screen. I have no intention of using it whilst driving
  3. On the phone section on the screen you can choose messages On the left it shows sms/mms in and out. This shows all me text messages Underneath it shows E-mail in and out but I cant see my emails wether sent or received. Has anyone had any success with this and how did you do it emails
  4. We put folding wheelchairs in the boot for customers all the time. I do have to fold the handles down to get it in
  5. From boot lip to back of seat 104 cm From side to side 100 cm From boot floor to lowest part of room lining 64 cm The boot floor tray can be dropped another 12 cm if need be but then it doesnt sit level with the top of the bumper Hope this helps
  6. this video is good at the explanation
  7. I thought lane guidance was enabled when its white but not actively working unless its turns green
  8. During normal driving the lane guidance icon stays on white and feeling the steering wheel it not active. If I then put on cruise control the lane guidance turns green on the same stretch of road as the lane guidance only is selected Is this normal
  9. Sorry I thought this was a corolla forum for corolla owners.
  10. If the option became available to fit one to your corolla hybrid pre 2021 would you have it fitted or would anyone else for that matter
  11. As long as people walk round with head phones in it wont make a difference Would be oblivious if it was a jumbo jet
  12. This is vw's noise it will use when cars are require to emit a sound. What do you think
  13. Will have a look at mine
  14. Would be covered in the warranty