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  1. when you say rebooted the car head unit was that just a case of tiurning the car off by ignition and restarting
  2. what is the latest version of software for the multimedia on the 2019 corolla. remember doing it vaguely from Toyotas website via a usb stick. is that still a thing my last major update was by Toyota dealers themselves can it be done via download and usb stick or direct to the car or is it only main dealer update now oh if it can be done yourself is there a guide
  3. thanks have ordered one to see how it goes
  4. started recently to get issues with android auto connecting and disconnecting on its own. when it did connect you can say hey google call whoever and it rings the person but the sound is on the phone speaker not the cars speakers once you connect. "Handset Mode" I am using a pixel 6 with latest android 12 os got onto chat with google and they said the Toyota Corolla is not compatable and sent me a link. pic attached. When did the corolla become not compatable as it always worked since we had he big update from Toyota a year or so ago
  5. I can be just sat parked up and get the 3 beeps
  6. Car makes 3 chirps/beeps every so often Any idea what these are
  7. Took the car to the dealers today to find the cause of the water in the tailgate. Was not the fault of Toyota but the people who wrapped the car. Behind the number plate is a drain hole for the upper part of the tailgate which they had covered up The dealers cut the wrap to expose the drain hole so all good As you can see in the pics the red car has the wrap with the hole covered and the grey car with it exposed Thought this info may help if other people had their cars wrapped
  8. With all the rain over the last week I noticed a whooshing sound od water inside the tailgate just below the glass around the number plate lamp area. Took it to dealer and he agreed its a water sound and they have booked it in for next Fri to explore Anyone else had this and wondered if there's recall Car is a corolla 2019 sports tourer
  9. Can go to a centre 120 miles away which would take me an hour each way then leave the car with them for three hours and have to make my own way off the trading estate to find something to do as you can't wait in the centre due to covid. As its use as a private hire taxi maybe I should threaten them with 3 weeks loss off earning to see if that gets me an earlier appointment at my local autoglass or have repair carried out at my local Toyota garage next week
  10. Thanks for the replies. Autoglass are quoting 3 weeks before they can do it which I think is very poor Will they cover new wiper blades every 2 or 3 days when it rains and they are damaged on the damage. I somehow don't think so.
  11. Might ask insurance if autoglass can fit an oem screen How much would toyota charge for a calibration only
  12. How would putting a non oem part on the car affect the warranty
  13. On motorway yesterday and stone has put a bullseye in middle of the screen Autoglass said they can't replace it for 3 weeks as it has to go into a centre to have the new screen fitted and then calibrated 3 hour job Is this correct and do you have to have autoglass do it as the insurance told me to use them. Would rather use a Toyota dealer with genuine parts and expertise
  14. Wonder why Toyota only saw it fit to use standard power charging from the usb ports. Surely fast charging would have been the way to go.
  15. Is it possible to watch video like netflix or YouTube on the screen whilst parked up via Android auto on the 2019 corolla
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