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  1. Many thanks for the replies, so stick to the petrol and make sure it's had the aux belt replaced. Any thoughts on the auto box? The Mrs can only drive auto and while she has her own car, it'd be useful if she could drive the RAV4 too. I don't mind an auto if it's reliable but it's also more tech/moving parts which could go wrong... Lastly, I'm struggling to find any UK brochures on the web for the 4.2, anyone know where to look?
  2. Hi all, I'm looking for a cheap but reliable family car (2 adults 2 kids and a dog) at around £2k and a 100k mile or so 2nd generation RAV4 is on my radar (2005ish). I've read all the used reviews, dug up what I can on parkers and honest john etc, but the real info is always from other owners and my search-fu on here seems to be weak. I'm aware of possible DMF and EGR issues if I go for a diesel, but is there anything else I should know? Any issues with the petrol engine? Things to look out for in general? Am also considering the Honda CRV for the bigger boot, but it's as ugly as a bag or rocks compared to the RAV4. Sincere thanks in advance for any advice.