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  1. That'll be the source of the confusion, mine is a 2004, so a completely different car!
  2. Bomber209, What year Yaris is your manual for?
  3. Well spotted. Mine is French built & the bolts go in from the back, so I think your (lower) torque figures are right. Thank you, much appreciated
  4. Thank you for the info. So there's a discrepancy between your manual & the Haynes one. Helpful, eh? I notice your manual is a PDF, is there any way I might be able to get a copy please?
  5. Thanks Bomber, but someone else has given me much lower figures. Can I ask where these figures came from please?
  6. That sounds more like the sort of figure I'd expect, maybe the other figures are the actual wheel nuts. Thank you.
  7. Could some kind soul with a manual please look up the torque setting for the 4 bolts that hold the rear hub bearing in place? Mk1 Yaris, 2004 1.0L thank you.
  8. I have a noisy rear wheel bearing. My options seem to be........ GSF Standard £50, GSF Premium £110 Euro car Parts 'Aftermarket@ £73 Euro Car Parts 'SNR' £114 Euro Car Parts 'DMR' £110 Ebay - second hand £20 Ebay New £25 (but I have to question the quality at this price new!) Local Breakers Yard £35 Thoughts observations & comments would be most welcome.
  9. Thank you. Is there a separate section in the manual on the brakes? perhaps the other torque setting I need is in there? thanks.
  10. 2004 French built Yaris. can someone please confirm the torque settings for the caliper pin guide bolts, and the calliper mounting bolts. also, do either of them require loctite? thanks
  11. Found a YouTube video on how to take it apart, so should be ok now thanks.
  12. Thanks for your help, much appreciated. can you remember how the facial comes off?
  13. Thank you. Did you use some sort of Y connector, or did you splice in the wires? or does the car already have the right connectors and you just unplug them from the standard unit and connect to the new one?
  14. Interesting, so you put it in as well as the existing one and just wired it in instead.