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  1. How would I be able to fit a 7" or 8" tablet to the headrest though? I don't think the ugly mounts would look nice and I would prefer a permanent fixture to the headrest if possible.
  2. @Heidfirst - Thanks very much for the links to the ICE system and the forum link talking about dvd players. Funny enough, I've already viewed both...the ICE manual has been provided to me by the previous owner. The problem I have is that there is no info on what spec the LCD screens are? What resolution or format can they handle? Once I know this, then at least I'll be able to find the correct type of media player. @oldcodger - Thanks again. In all honesty, the CAC suppliers are very expensive. But they are useful in gauging what's available for the vehicle. The problem with the dvd player link you've provided mate, is that they are portable screens, whereas I either want to use the existing screens, built into the headrests or possibly buy new headrests. Let's be honest, dvd is well out of date - nowadays it's either usb/sd card, wifi, bluetooth and this is what I'm aiming to setup.
  3. Thanks very much mate. I've just spoken to CAD. They are going to email me with their stereo recommendations as well as the list of facias/adapters. I know you said you can't help much with the headrest screens and dvd player due to their age, but can you point me to any aftermarket products/headrest media players? I've got black leather seats and need to find some decent players to replace mine.
  4. Thanks very much for the detailed information. So long as I can fit any double din stereo, then I'm happy with that. I know what you're saying mate about if no one replies, that I need to look around, but if I don't know what I'm looking for and I need to make sure if the parts actually fit. For example the rear screens... what resolutions can they handle?
  5. Thanks very much oldcodger (should I be calling you that? 😋) . It's not the stereo that shows the mpg on mine as these are on the dash. It would be great if I could have steering controls, but not the end of the world if these were not long as the stereo has good features. I think I've pretty much figured out how to remove the headunit using youtube videos like THIS (BTW, that is exactly my version of verso, except everything is the opposite). I could do with a lot of assistance in helping me decide the right/recommended equipment. I would be very grateful if someone could help me with the following important questions: Can any double-din stereo fit, so long I get the correct facia? What stereo can you recommend? i.e. I'm looking for a stereo which in order of priority has: radio/bluetooth/video/usb, handsfree-phone system, front/rear cameras for parking assistance (Although I could get one of them rear-view mirror cameras instead) sat-nav, steering controllable What accessories/adapters would I need to make sure it works and fits perfectly? What can I do for the rear headrest tv screens? i.e I need a bluetooth/usb replacement for the old dvd player if possible. Thanks again
  6. Thanks very much for moving my topic. I thought there was no-one around 🤣 Sorry about the incorrect profile. I've now corrected it and can confirm that I'm definitely from UK. I'm just shocked at some of the youtube videos....I never knew that I could actually replace the crappy stereo with a google nexus tablet:
  7. Anyone????? Should I post these questions in a different part of the forum? Response seems to be very slow ☹️
  8. Your right, I could certainly look into this, but firstly I need to figure out how to swap the toyota stereo, which types can fit it and whether it can support rear cameras.
  9. Hi catnash. Unfortunately there's no ICE shops around here. The only places are online as far as I know. I'm hoping someone can provide some guidance on how to do the above.
  10. Hi Paul, Thank you for the warm welcome 😊 I'm a bit disheartened that there has been no reply to my questions. I'm hoping someone will get back to me soon...
  11. Hi guys. Thank you for an informative and wonderful forum. I've always been a big fan of Toyota and have recently I've bought a Toyota Corolla Verso 2.2 T180 (2006). Lovely car with low mileage for it's age and a basic dvd player/rear headrest tv screens for the kids. I know it's a bit on the old side, but I got it for it's reliability. I've a lot of questions regarding different things, but lets start off with the first one. 1. I'm not exactly chuffed with the current car stereo and the fact it's got an old dvd player for rear screens, so can I change the system to a better one? If so, what can you recommend? I haven't got a big budget (approx £200-£300) and don't mind getting a used item or a chinese make if needed. Can I fit any double-din? Would I need any special brackets, fascias, wire adapters? I need preferably some sort of android stereo and if possible change from the old dvd player system to a usb/sd card/bluetooth type of system for the rear tv screens. If possible a rear-camera/parking system. If changing dvd player/system to a usb/sd-card/bluetooth is possible, would I need to also change the rear headrest screens? I look forward to any help and recommendations 😊