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  1. Never really considered the benefits of either end, just wanted to achieve the objective of blanking off the valve! Retrospectively, yes, blanking at the other end does negate soot in the tube, but as the gasket from valve end was loose that was template, do that's where it was fitted. Not taking apart again to check size or alter, does what I wanted it to do!
  2. 42.3 mpg on second fuel up! 😁 Trouble is I was too impatient so Tuning Diesel Synergy 3 fitted as with EGR blanking plate. These mods are same as what I have done on my old Freelander TD4, that's returning 40 -43 mpg from 35. Really happy! Next time I fill up I'll switch off Synergy box and see what difference the EGR has made. Certainly better in initial take off.
  3. When I did EGR blank off on my TD4 Freelander the difference was stunning, acceleration, running and MPG, occasional puff of white on start up but can live with that! On the RAV no ECU alarm amazed me, really pleased, just about to go for a run and see. The whole NOX / emissions etc gets me big time, like catalysts, we burn more fuel / less efficient for fewer emissions! and saw this yesterday which really gets to me................ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4764208/Child-miners-aged-four-living-hell-Earth.html Looks like we have still yet to find the answer! How about Sunday shopping being outlawed? That would save resources, emissions, traffic and frustration! Wonder if Boris or Mike Hunt (so hard to say! ) would add that to their manifesto! 😔
  4. Tried to get pics in correct order, just wont have it when I upload / submit! Richard.
  5. ****! What a mine of information! 😲 Such an easy job! Engine cover off, EGR directly in front, 12mm socket and 6" extension, two nuts removed from pipe mount onto EGR, then two bolts removed from other end where pipe fixes to manifold, it's away! Luckily gasket 'tween pipe and EGR still loose, removed, used as template onto some 2mm steel I had kicking about, bit of sawing, grinding and filing then two 10mm holes, sorted! Bit of silicon sealant on new plate facing the pipe, new plate fitted on top of existing gasket, replace nuts / bolts removed, replace cover, sorted! Thanks all for comments leading up to me having a go, hope this helps anyone undertaking the change, and I was lucky enough to have tools and steel in me man cave, the parts on Ebay are sensible money if you can't have a go yourself! 20 minute job, let's see what it does to mpg now!
  6. Just wondering if I have bought a pup or need to drive differently! 2008 2.2 D4D 135bhp XT-R, 88k miles, was hoping for 40+ mpg, regular drive is 40 miles commute at motorway speeds, cruising! First tank 30.2 mpg! wasn't expecting that! Dash display indicates 48 / 49, way off! Just filled up second time and will see what I get on this tank. Is that what I have to expect? Any others with same spec out there can let me know their consumption as a comparison? My old Freelander TD4, 120K miles, 2.0l BMW lump consistently gives 40+ mpg, was hoping the Rav4 would better that!
  7. Tried that ! Unfortunately it mounts one way only, inverted 180 get a lovely view of the clouds! Lens is angled at 45 from horizontal, and is not adjustable. Nice man from the east has agreed to send a replacement, we'll see if that';s any better! Looks like most cheap ones have a vire loop on the wiring harness, if image is reversed then cut loop and will correcvt, this one has no such loop so must be a production issue, wait and see what comes when replacement fitted!.
  8. Just wondering, is anyone out there running a Synergy 3 diesel tuning box on the 2.2 D4-D out there? Fitted one to my TD4 Freelander, 2003, the difference is amazing! To clarify, I am not interested in more power or speed, just a smooth / improved torque transition, more torques for pulling the caravan, and better mpg when used as a commuter. On the Freelander I regularly get 38 - 43 mpg commuting, and towing is a pleasure! Pretty impressive for an old 2.0 oil burning 120k miles bus! Really fancy fitting one to my Rav, feels a tad lacking in lower revs, still to see what true mpg it returns, just wondering if any thought on if or how the Synergy improves the car. Any feedback appreciated.
  9. Thanks all, yes, after taking the bumper cover off again and reseating all sensor connectors, all back to normal and working! Added a camera as well while I was in there, trouble with that is it plays 180 reversed, ground is sky! The joys of cheap Amazon goods! As far as the car, loving it! Will be interesting to see what it does to the gallon after dripping fuel tan filler gets changed tomorrow!
  10. Just taken ownership of D4-D XT-r, really liking it! Fitting towbar, all going good, bar on, bumper refitted and yet to do electrics. However - issue - replacing bumper, reconnected plug for rear sensors, but every time I engage reverse get about 5 seconds of intermittent beep, then followed by another deeper beep tone, continual, that stops after another 5 / 10 seconds. Reverse sensors not functioning when reversing up to garage door now! Thought it might be the fixed swan-neck towbar hitch fitted, so dropped the hitch off, but still getting the same noises when engaging gear. and nothing in front of rear bumper. Is this a fault condition on self-test / start up? Any ideas what might be the cause? Attached video plays sound when reverse engaged. Rev sensor.mp4 Any help appreciated, thanks.
  11. Attempting to sign up to the +5 club to reap the benefits for my newly acquired RAV4. When attempting to sign up, enter reg plate, (08) and continually getting error "car must be 5 years or older! I know that the car was bought new on the Isle of Man, and had private plates, but registered now to 2008 plate, I have the V5 detailing same, but still cant register! Any thoughts? Is there an option to sign up for +5 using VIN?
  12. Just taken ownership of my first Toyota! 2008 RAV4, D4-D, XT-R spec. Had Toyotas previously as company cars, always impressed with build and reliability. Had a bit of a bump in my Golf and fancied something different that would tow our caravan. So, the black beast is mine! Can only be impressed so far, engine is as sweet as a nut, comfy ride, just fitted towbar and Android head unit, looking forward to a long relationship! Interests in motorcycles, UK holidays, walks and nutty canines from dog trust that win me over with sad eyes! Looking forward to the wealth of information on this here forum to resolve my problems and general advice / banter!