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  1. Hello All I went to collect the car yesterday after been told on Tues 24th July @ 6pm that it ready, excitedly I went along on Wednesday, to find that he is now saying the Turbo is whining and needs a replacement or repaired, I am now totally lost, as this was tested by a Turbo company and was ok with no play and spinning fine. The turbo company wanted to know the oil pressure which at Idle 2 Bars, 30psi and revving 3 bars 45 psi . He also did ask how much oil was going to the turbo but the mechanic did not answer, guessing 250ml the not sure what that means. Can anyone tell me how long to take the turbo out and refit, bearing in mind the Wiper motor panel was not fitted What would cause the turbo to whine ? and what checks can I do to ensure that the replacement will not fail,again.? Many thanks again Safi
  2. Hello fellow members The follow up after been told DPF was faulty, I took it to a DPF cleaning Company in Crewe, as I was going there I also took a second DPf from a Toyota Breakers who has one from a 2011 model and of same spec with alleged 35K, so armed with 2 DPFs, showed to the Team member at Crewe, he said mine as was damaged during a local clean , but the second one he cleaned and said its should be fine. So this morning I took the Good unit and my Mechanic fitted it , originally he had to take out the Drive shaft to remove the faulty DPF it in the first instance, not sure how long that would have taken, any way to fit the replacement didnt take too long, so now the test to get the Car started, it took a long time and lots of Cranking to start, eventually it started with lots of smoke , a mixutre of Grey then white and settled to white , he left it running for some 5 to 10 Mins, lots of water on the floor and it transpired it was from the DPF, this was also running part thru the Exhaust system which was not connected to the DPF and the other on the outer lower side of the car .Upon revving there was lots of water at the rear end of the Exhaust similar to a Petrol car, which I guess is possibly due to condensation, ( Can some one Comment). Initially there was a lot of sound and erratic ideal around 600 rpm and this reduced as the Engine was running and getting warm. The DPF was glowing like in the pictures, am not sure if this was due to the Exhaust not connected or it just is like that , I have attached two pictures taken , please give me your comments , Picture taken from below the Car and the other from the side of the car looking at the DPF He was going to put the Car back together and was going to test it. I have just had a call to say I can collect the car which i will do tomorrow am. Please advice what I should be looking for and other than smooth ride like before the HG repair. Should I ask for any readings now the car is running, if he put his computer on what should I be looking for.? Many thanks for all your kind support and advice. Kind Regards Safi
  3. Hello fellow members Sadly the Toyota has been pushed on a slow repair line, I have attached a video clip taken by the Mechanic, who has taken out the DPF and showing engine running with an adapted exhaust for test purpose. He Connected the DPF as the sensor pipe and cables required. As you can see there is a lot of smoke and I suppose thats the purpose of the DPF to clean out and send through the full length of exhaust cleaner hopefully. Can anyone comment on the level of the engine noise after a head gasket repair. He has asked for the DPF to be cleaned , he tried cleaning but was not successful in starting the car, now he is saying its blocked., though when I asked him to put water one end and see if it flows the other end, the water did pour out not at the same rate but flowed out,so I now confused , if the commercial DPF cleaning will help ? Kind Regards Safi Toyota avensis 2.0l D4D
  4. Hi Mike, Much appreciate it , for the labour time on DPF remove clean and refit. Kind Regards Safi
  5. Hi All, Thank you for all your input., apologies for being quite dont had much to report back..... So the current situation is he has not been able to give me any figures, however has got is started by removing some two sensors pipe to the DPF near the timing cover and also opened the from EGR mounting from the front Exhaust, theres lots of smoke as it doesnt go thru the Exhaust, so he is saying that the DPF is blocked, when the car was running the Head gasket leaking and the extract from the Exhaust was left in the DPF, and when the Head was removed and took time to refit it back the waste has , dried up in the DPF, he said he as tried to clean this but without any joy whilst in situ. So now he will remove the DPF we will establish if blocked or another red herring!!! If he loosens the DPF from engine area and then blew air from rear of car exhaust outlet inwards towards the DPF, will this prove the DPF is clear or blocked iof he can feel air coming through or is blocked How long does take to remove the DPF and refit , can this be cleaned with some cleaner or do I need to replace it? Should I look at secondhand DPF , at what cost and if so what needs to be done to the ECU? Many thanks for all your support Kind Regards Safi
  6. HI Kenny Thank you your response, , the original was 3 Notches and the replacement was also 3 notches, I did raise this with the Mechanic, but he said its ok. This morning I went to the garage the main mechanic is on leave and his other member was putting the rocker cover back after testing the injectors on the bench with and the fuel rail to check for any blockage, there was no blockage as I would have expected. He also confirmed that timing and compression was all ok, though I was not provided any figures. he was to start later and let me know the progress, but he did call me back, so I guess a trip to the garage in the morning will need to be made. Any other thoughts? I appreciate all the guidance provided. Many thanks Safi
  7. Hi Guys, So the Head was skimmed and tested, but the Valves were not cleaned and resealed etc...but the Engineering company, they were just put back I guess. The Mechanic also the fitted the Head as it arrived, ow he will remove the rocker cover and recheck the clearances on all the valves and adjust and refit and try. He seems hopeful I will get the car back tomorrow, lets see. Does this all make scene now with non starting after shutdown and then very noisy and rattly from removing the exhaust from the turbo. Regards Safi
  8. Good Morning Avetoy, Yes am concerned about the loud sounds, but he must sort out the problem as it wasn't there when I gave him the Car. Keep smiling :).. Safi..
  9. Hello Gents So I went this morning , he has tried another set of Injectors yesterdays , this made no difference, as expected, The timing was rechecked again, Later he removed the Exhaust connection to the Turbo, managed to start after some cranking however it very noisy, very rattly and erratic, of course with lots off smoke as not going through the exhaust outlet as it would normally Upon leaving later he was suspecting the Head with valves not opening .... Am not sure of this as the Cylinder Head was taken to a usual reputable company used by the Mechanic for skimming and pressure testing etc..., it came back all good hence he fitted it back. The Compression was tested as ok, , also that by removing each sensor it would show up in the computer and by re-connection no fault codes. Tomorrow Morning he will check with the engineering company the details of the skim and pressure . If the Skim was done past the wear limit it would hit the pistons, correct me if I am wrong and potentially damage the valves and pistons. ... The good thing is Mechanic agreed that the car was perfect in terms of its running, no prior noises and very smooth other than the Water mixing with Oil. Any further thoughts? Many thanks again Safi
  10. Hi Mike/Avetoy Thank you both for your messages, He is a good Mechanic recommended to me by several garages locally, he also has done lots of engines including Toyota, hopefully he will sort my car. I will report back after my visit to him. Have a great day. Safi
  11. Hi Mike, In-fact I will go to the garage tomorrow and get him to check the water and Oil . Are you suggesting that head has not been fitted correctly. When I gave the car for H-G job I did tell him that with 185000 miles it runs so smooth and he also noticed this, there was no missing or out of step mis-fire as I rev'd the engine gently. He did suggest that the Injectors may have gone but that not possible due to it been very smooth prior to the start of the repair. There is the 5th Injector which he was going to check today and EGR valve and clean , however this was not an issue before so am not convinced any of these. He did say it probably something simple. Is it possible the timing chain go off sync after starting and hence it died? Thank you all for again for your help and support.
  12. Hi Avetoy, The Engine was in Place with the Head taken out for Skimming and checking for Cracks etc... refitted with new H-G started and ran for few minutes then suddenly died. After which not been able to restart, it cranks over i think he said around 500-600 Rpm if am not mistaken. Yes perhaps its simple as loose wire or hose . He hasn't called me today so I will call him tomorrow to get update and will post .
  13. Hi Heidfirst, Yes he has used the Snapon Computer and also another one cant recall the name , and he cannot get any readings on this for some reason, thats all I know, I was there yesterday, after the initial start last week, and it cut out, he has not managed to start it after rechecking and back tracking... The Engine Cranks up but not fire up. He also used additional battery to boost the power but hasn't helped. I need my Estate back as its loosing me work!!! its now been for over 3 weeks 😞
  14. As a new member Hello to the forum. My Avensis is in the garage for head gasket repair due to oil n water mix. The head skimmed replaced gasket etc and all fitted back, mechanic started left running for few minutes, and engine stopped. Now it won’t start , any suggestions he has checked all is fitted correctly. Many thanks for your help in advance.