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  1. Hi Guys, So the Head was skimmed and tested, but the Valves were not cleaned and resealed etc...but the Engineering company, they were just put back I guess. The Mechanic also the fitted the Head as it arrived, ow he will remove the rocker cover and recheck the clearances on all the valves and adjust and refit and try. He seems hopeful I will get the car back tomorrow, lets see. Does this all make scene now with non starting after shutdown and then very noisy and rattly from removing the exhaust from the turbo. Regards Safi
  2. Good Morning Avetoy, Yes am concerned about the loud sounds, but he must sort out the problem as it wasn't there when I gave him the Car. Keep smiling :).. Safi..
  3. Hello Gents So I went this morning , he has tried another set of Injectors yesterdays , this made no difference, as expected, The timing was rechecked again, Later he removed the Exhaust connection to the Turbo, managed to start after some cranking however it very noisy, very rattly and erratic, of course with lots off smoke as not going through the exhaust outlet as it would normally Upon leaving later he was suspecting the Head with valves not opening .... Am not sure of this as the Cylinder Head was taken to a usual reputable company used by the Mechanic for skimming and pressure testing etc..., it came back all good hence he fitted it back. The Compression was tested as ok, , also that by removing each sensor it would show up in the computer and by re-connection no fault codes. Tomorrow Morning he will check with the engineering company the details of the skim and pressure . If the Skim was done past the wear limit it would hit the pistons, correct me if I am wrong and potentially damage the valves and pistons. ... The good thing is Mechanic agreed that the car was perfect in terms of its running, no prior noises and very smooth other than the Water mixing with Oil. Any further thoughts? Many thanks again Safi
  4. Hi Mike/Avetoy Thank you both for your messages, He is a good Mechanic recommended to me by several garages locally, he also has done lots of engines including Toyota, hopefully he will sort my car. I will report back after my visit to him. Have a great day. Safi
  5. Hi Mike, In-fact I will go to the garage tomorrow and get him to check the water and Oil . Are you suggesting that head has not been fitted correctly. When I gave the car for H-G job I did tell him that with 185000 miles it runs so smooth and he also noticed this, there was no missing or out of step mis-fire as I rev'd the engine gently. He did suggest that the Injectors may have gone but that not possible due to it been very smooth prior to the start of the repair. There is the 5th Injector which he was going to check today and EGR valve and clean , however this was not an issue before so am not convinced any of these. He did say it probably something simple. Is it possible the timing chain go off sync after starting and hence it died? Thank you all for again for your help and support.
  6. Hi Avetoy, The Engine was in Place with the Head taken out for Skimming and checking for Cracks etc... refitted with new H-G started and ran for few minutes then suddenly died. After which not been able to restart, it cranks over i think he said around 500-600 Rpm if am not mistaken. Yes perhaps its simple as loose wire or hose . He hasn't called me today so I will call him tomorrow to get update and will post .
  7. Hi Heidfirst, Yes he has used the Snapon Computer and also another one cant recall the name , and he cannot get any readings on this for some reason, thats all I know, I was there yesterday, after the initial start last week, and it cut out, he has not managed to start it after rechecking and back tracking... The Engine Cranks up but not fire up. He also used additional battery to boost the power but hasn't helped. I need my Estate back as its loosing me work!!! its now been for over 3 weeks 😞
  8. As a new member Hello to the forum. My Avensis is in the garage for head gasket repair due to oil n water mix. The head skimmed replaced gasket etc and all fitted back, mechanic started left running for few minutes, and engine stopped. Now it won’t start , any suggestions he has checked all is fitted correctly. Many thanks for your help in advance.