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  1. They reckon the last time they did something similar it took ages for the engine to come in and the van was taking up too much space on their premises in the meantime
  2. it is diesel and not even sure where to start getting a second opinion!
  3. Thanks, I have corrected my profile. How would you even go about finding a new engine and making sure its any good!?
  4. Hi We have a 1994 Toyota Hiace which we have barely used since buying it at the end of last year. Last week it went kaput though and since being towed back to the garage we have been told the crackshaft has gone so it either needs a completely new engine or we can try selling it as it is. We paid £7K for it at the end of last year, and have been told that we may be able to get a new engine for about £1K and then would have all the work on top of that. Its gutting as just before we bought it apparently it had had a new crack pulley, alternator, radiator and struts put in so we thought it was in good nick. The van itself is in good state with hardly any rust. Really not sure where to start with all this! The garage that has it cant do the work so I'm not even sure where we would go for help with it or even if its really worth doing. Any advice please? TIA!