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  1. The pedal adjustment is strange as its less for LHD cars than RHD. Is the floor layout slightly different on the LHD. As others have said, you can adjust the free play by adjusting the plastic nut on the cable inside the engine bay. Haynes reckons 18-28 mm. Its possible you have little free play.
  2. Hi, I have a 2008 and had the same problem. There is an adjuster on the pedal to adjust the return height. In the Haynes manual it gives a measurement which personally I found way to high (unless you have massive feet!). I adjusted mine right in to give a lower rest position. I then adjusted the cable from inside the engine bay to give me a bit of slack before the bite point. Having some slack is important or you will just burn away your clutch. I would be interested in other people's views as this is a common gripe on these cars. There is a bunch of info on Youtube to help locate the adjusters etc.
  3. Hi all, about to start looking for an Aygo for my daughter. Looking at probably around an 08 model less than £2k. Looks to be a lot around and have posted a few questions regarding what to look for. If anyone in the area is looking to sell a good one I may be interested.
  4. Hi everyone. First post and pleased to find a very active owners forum. I am about to look for a first car for my daughter. The plan is to go for an Aygo/C1/107 due to the relatively low insurance. I hope to start looking next week and realise I know very little about these models. They seem to be able to handle high mileages so looks to be a good engine and no timing belts to worry about. I will probably end up with something like a 2008 model with about 70000 on the clock. What should I look out for? I like to think I am an okay mechanic so am not phased by brakes and servcing. Its possible she will be living away at Uni with it so want to make sure we buy a good one. Ive seen posts about clutch biting points and leaks. Anything else that should concern me? I hope to get one with AC. Given its a tiny engine, is the AC effective? Given the Aygo/C1 and 107 are virtually identical, whats the better model (maybe I shouldnt have asked that on a Toyota forum!)? The Aygo platinum looks a good spec (half leather and alloys) and Im not keen on the crazy seat colours in the 107. If anyone is selling anything good in London/Essex area for less than £2k I may be interested.