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  1. What's the 1.8 like with 5 people in it? I've just ordered my 1.8 sports touring, it's going to be a taxi.
  2. Anyone know how many miles before the oil/filter is changed in the gearbox (that's if it has a filter) cheers
  3. Buying it from cabs direct, dealer is Salford Manchester
  4. Is this the seats for the Icon Tech or excel do you knknow sales person at Toyota hasn't got a clue. thanks
  5. Thanks mate. But have you got a side picture of the front seats please? Many thanks
  6. Thanks for the reply guys. Whats the difference with the front seats compared to the Icon Tech? Any chance someone could send me a proper picture of what ticon tech seats please? Thanks for your help
  7. Not a happy. Ordered the new Corolla sports tourer 1.8 hybrid, excel model. Only to realise the council will fail it on its taxi test. The window tints were too dark, now have to go down to Icon Tech. Anyone got the Icon Tech, and happy with it?
  8. I've just put a deposit down on a new Corolla sports tourer 1.8 hybrid. It hurts me paying nearly £10k a year of diesel, working as a taxi in a Ford tourneo custom. I'm looking at buying a house, hence the profits need to be higher. I can't a wait to start working this car, very economical motor.