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  1. Thanks Neil. I'll keep researching.
  2. Now that I know where the discs go, can anyone please advise me about exactly what disc specification I should be looking for in the purchase of mini disc dvds to play on the roof drop down screen? Many thanks.
  3. Thanks Neil. Love this car and everything that it comes with! I look forward to years of enjoyable driving.
  4. Morning Bob, you were spot on! I followed your instructions and all was revealed! Many thanks.
  5. Sorry Bob, I've only just picked up your reply, Will try what you suggest,
  6. Hi Tony, Many thanks for the response. I've looked under the passenger seat and although there are couple of small black boxes, they don't appear to be CD/DVD players. I'll keep looking!
  7. I have recently purchased an imported 2006 Estima 3.5 V6 AWD. Having examined the Panoramic Sound/Navi system (obviously still the Japanese set-up), can anyone tell me, (and please forgive my ignorance!) where the entry is for DVDs and CDs? For the life of me I cannot find it.
  8. Hi Tony, Many thanks for your reply. I'll make a tour of shops and the local Toyota main agent to see if they can help. Will keep everyone posted.
  9. Afternoon all, I've just acquired a 2006 Toyota Estima 3.5L, V6 AWD but unfortunately it only comes with one keyless entry fob. As I'm nervous of having only one key is case it should go missing, can anyone tell me how a second fob might be acquired? Many thanks. Alan Muse
  10. Muse9


    Thanks Neil. I'll give Gary a bell.
  11. Muse9


    Many thanks for the comments. It's a 2.4 and yes, all the usual culprits have been tested with no success however. The mystery continues!
  12. Muse9


    I have a 2003 Estima which I've owned from 5 years. 18 months ago it would occasionally lose power at motorway speeds but by further pressing the accelerator it would immediately recover. Over time however the frequency of this occurring has worsened with the car now losing power several times on even the shortest journeys but still immediately recovers with accelerator pressure. it has been checked on three occasions by Toyota specialists but they can find no fault showing up on computer diagnosis. I would be grateful for any ideas.