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  1. Problem solved (i think) After uninstalling and reinstalling Bluetooth connection on car and phone cleared the Bluetooth memory as follows In your APPS click on Settings Select Apps Click on 3dots at top right of screen Click on Show system apps Scroll down and click on Bluetooth Click on Storage Click on CLEAR CACHE Click on CLEAR DATA The use back key repeatedly to get you back to you normal menu. Seems ok after several days use
  2. Glad to hear your relationship with Corolla has been sealed😎
  3. Tried uninstalling on phone and car. Power both down then pair car and phone. Also when pairing selecting no text messages. No joy
  4. My 2019 corolla hybrid excel is having problems using Bluetooth to connect to my Samsung s7. Quite regularly it seems to drop the Bluetooth connection displaying phone disconnected and then reconnect automatically. This interrupts the call but the phone line remains connected. Telephone conversation is impossible. Any one else experiencing this regular occasional dropout.
  5. I have the hatchback 2L version. Best trip from on-board display was 58.1mpg over 150miles mixed driving. 100miles dual carriageway and 30 miles urban and 20 miles hills. Recorded all petrol and miles and over 1700 miles averaged 54mpg from new. Seems to be improving slowly but that could be due to adapting my driving style to the new car. I have a theory that seems to be showing best driving style as ECO for urban and hills then use NORMAL for dual carriage way and motorways. Will update theory after a few more trips.
  6. Now there is an opportunity for an aftermarket wiggle device to make it hands free😏
  7. No reverse beeps on the 2L Excel but i think they have put all those beeps here
  8. PACorolla

    3 Beeps

    I tried going downhill as you suggested. Display was as you said but only got 2 beeps for above speed limit. This is a clip of what is happening for the 4 beeps
  9. The brightness is adjusted by the little knob on the rhs of the display
  10. If its the hybrid then the discs can start to get a thin film of oxide (rust) on them as regen does most of the breaking especially if your not break happy! I was advised to do a little bit of hard breaking once a week to clean them up. Long term its not uncommon for them to get badly corroded if you dont break hard.
  11. PACorolla

    3 Beeps

    Thanks for that info. You are the first person to give light on four beeps. I will give it a try. Also will look for solid white box. (Bit flat where i am at moment so will be a few days) 3 beeps i am ok with and dont use LTA unless its on dual carriage way or motorway as it seems to get easily confused by bus stops and other across the road markings. I did some checks and it seems to vary between 5 or 3 beeps but i think that may be between crossing the line and line missing. (Not to worried as its only used by me on well marked roads) I have to say it would be nice if there was a beep & bong cross ref table in the manual.
  12. PACorolla

    3 Beeps

    Still getting 4 beeps after satnav update. Had it go off on 4 occasions on a 150mile journey and its the not happened in the following 3 days. So its back to dealer for more diagnostics. Strange but they cannot tell me what 4 beeps could mean despite having heard it from my recordings.
  13. Hi Sidrat The dealer updated to 2019v1 which is the latest according to Will be contacting dealer shortly.
  14. Have ha numerous occurrences when restarting the car to find the satnav resets 3D Route facing to 2D North up. Dealer has loaded in latest satnav software but it has not fixed the problem. Any others experiencing the same problem?
  15. PACorolla

    3 Beeps

    Thanks for all your comments. I set up the dashcam for audio and its actually 4 beeps! Not items on seats. Replaced keyfob battery-no change. Have taken car to dealer with recordings and they contacted Toyota who claim it might be the satnav passing mobile speed camera locations that are no longer there. They have updated satnav software and we shall see if it works.