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  1. Looks like you are not alone. No replies yet. I have not noticed problem but car has not been out since 23rd march. Will check over next few days if i have ant spare time-🙄🙄🙄🙄
  2. Did not solve problem. Dealer updated Audio software to 1011 but it still randomly disconnects phone during a call. Back to the drawing board.
  3. I was so disappointed when the salesman told me that the man with red flag option was no longer available. So i went and bought a horse and cart.
  4. I think what bewA a is saying is you have to have cruise control on and then give a burst from the throttle, ease off accelerator and let it power through the cruise limit. I vaguely recall this happening a few weeks back. I think bewA is right about what is happening but the tolerance on this alarm is tight. I can on some roads that an not excessively hilly get 6 alarms in 2 miles without touching the accelerator. It can only mean the cruise control is not that good!
  5. Thanks for info. It starts to make some sense. But if i disable RSA it never makes the 4 beeps!
  6. Thanks for your comment. Will change my speedo display and see what happens. Your explanation is similar to one offered by the garage when i first reported the problem. However the 1,3 or 5 over speed settings seem to have no effect. Also i started calling out the cruise speed, speed limit and actual speed to record on the dashcam. And the were all within the limits. It also happens uphill, downhill and along flat. Video clip it was flat as a pancake at 30mph I have also had it happen with standard cruise control as well. Anyway will try with alternate display. Thanks
  7. When i first got the car there were lots of beeps and bongs. Slowly over a few weeks i was able to reduce them or make them less sensitive using the setup options. BUT i have one annoying sound. It 4 bongs with no indication on the dash. It happens when cruise control is set and RSA is on. It happens at certain geographic locations 60% of the time. The dealer (despite seeing it whilst they drove the car) and toyota have no idea what is causing it!!!!! The have said 4 weeks ago they will update satnav to latest version to see if that cures it but they can't provide an update as the update service is not working and dont know when it will be fixed. TOYOTA CERTAINLY KNOW HOW NOT TO INSTILL CONFIDENCE IN ITS CUSTOMERS!
  8. Yes i have the same option installed! I think its called SFT (Self Camouflage Tailgate ). But you will find that it also has facility to tell you when you need to wash the tailgate. Its incorporated in the gear shift. When you select reverse the display shows like a wet mist on the screen. For some reason if you wipe the little glass eyeball on the tailgate the mist disappears but the car tailgate remains dirty.😎
  9. Have you checked your car to make sure its not morphed into a Lexus😉
  10. Thanks Jiff Looks like there could be a Toyota problem. Disappointing to know they have such a problem and its taking weeks to fix!
  11. Please don't hijack this topic with costs and availability of apple car play. The topic is Toyota UK unable to provide software update for new 2019 Corolla hybrid
  12. Wanted to get my 2019 Corolla Hybrid Excel sat nav system software updated as I am experiencing a number of annoying issues. Booked in to local UK dealer two weeks ago and after they had had it for 2 days they said there was a problem with the Toyota UK server and they could not download the update. They said it was a national Toyota problem and Toyota were unable to tell them when the problem would be resolved! Have rang the dealer since and they are still unable to get access to the download. They still have no fix date from toyota. Anyone else experienced this? Is it really a Toyota problem or dealer problem? Have you had a dealer update recently?
  13. Problem solved (i think) After uninstalling and reinstalling Bluetooth connection on car and phone cleared the Bluetooth memory as follows In your APPS click on Settings Select Apps Click on 3dots at top right of screen Click on Show system apps Scroll down and click on Bluetooth Click on Storage Click on CLEAR CACHE Click on CLEAR DATA The use back key repeatedly to get you back to you normal menu. Seems ok after several days use
  14. Glad to hear your relationship with Corolla has been sealed😎
  15. Tried uninstalling on phone and car. Power both down then pair car and phone. Also when pairing selecting no text messages. No joy