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  1. PACorolla

    3 Beeps

    Thank you AndrueC. That is a possibility as over the last 3 days i have had no triple bongs and an empty back seat. But certainly multiple tripple bongs on tuesday when back seat was "well stocked". Will keep an eye on that as a possible cause.
  2. PACorolla

    3 Beeps

    Dont think so Speed limit is one beep. Lane beep is switched off.
  3. PACorolla

    3 Beeps

    Its just beep, beep, beep. All over in about 2-3 seconds.
  4. PACorolla

    3 Beeps

    Not speed cameras they show up on sat nav when sounding . Looked in manual but could not find anything.
  5. PACorolla

    3 Beeps

    Having had a 2L Hybrid hatchback (excell) for a month i have just about got used to all the knobs, switches, bings & bongs. Most of the noises it makes i hav managed to tame, suppress or control but for some reason i get an alarm with three bongs. Nothing shows on the display and i am not aware of any problem. Its the same sound as when lane assist is on and you cross the line without indicating. But it occurs if lane assist is off. I have googled "Toyota 3 bongs" without success. Any suggestions welcome!
  6. Took delivery of my Corolla 2L hybrid excell hatchback 3weeks ago. It was a show room model so delivery was 5 days. Previous car was a A3 etron PHEV for 3.5 years so have become expectant of creature comforts. The three that i really miss are 1- Blind spot monitoring which is not a Toyota option on this car. 2-Auto lock of doors above a low speed (10mph) which seems to be available on a lot of lower spec Toyota's but the weird and wonderful ways of setting it posted on the internet don't seem to work for this model. 3-Remote one touch windows open a close on all windows by keeping the the open/close button pressed. Does any one know if there is a solution to any of these deficiencies. Otherwise a great little car that is comfortable, economical (for petrol) and plenty of umph.