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  1. Thanks Frosty, not as scary as I’d thought.
  2. Hi, I wondered if anybody has had to replace a key, and what the cost might be. My OH seems to have decided to throw the key away when tidying the drawer. The car is going back to the company in 6 weeks and I’m wondering whether to replace or take the hit from the lease company.
  3. pany

    Not starting

    I had the issue of a flat battery as well, due to not running it for long enough. Worrying thing in my case, the flat battery seemed to take the parking brake off as well. I needed to get it jump started and had bricks under the rear wheels for a few hours.
  4. I used the Halfords one. Far cheaper than the Toyota. It also breaks down and fits underneath the floor, assuming you haven’t got a spare wheel.
  5. I’m not sure if the software update recently released changes this, but it can’t be done on the original software. It’s a massive bugbear of mine. That and the fact that a car that loves to beep warning tones about anything, is very relaxed about lack of fuel in the tank.
  6. I’m just under 10k mikes in a AWD Excel and average 46.4 mpg over that time.
  7. I’ve also had this happen to me a few times with my satnav. It’s been the worst performing satnav I’ve used. Frequently wants to go cross country and avoid motorways even when using internet for traffic.
  8. The above works, but the dealer needs to set something up at there end for the My T app to link to the car. I think they also need to associate your VIN and email address. Most dealers seem to do this pre delivery. Mine didn’t and I was tearing my hair out with My T until i read another post on here.
  9. Seeing at least one a day now, usually more. Pulled up behind an identical obsidian blue excel to mine in Doncaster earlier this week.
  10. Can’t stop seeing them now. Must see 3-4 everyday. Pulled up behind an identical colour and spec on a side road yesterday.
  11. Can say my precious A6 very markedly altered the matrix light output when hit the continent. Was auto operated by the gps.
  12. IIRC somebody found an empty moles connector beneath the mat on the UK non charging version. Probably cheaper and look eom to stick your charge pad underneath and plug molecules to usb in there. Me, I just use a charge mat.
  13. Has anyone spotted the light that flashes when the alarm is armed? There is a bubble on the passenger side of the dash that looks like it should flash, but doesn’t. Wonder if it’s a light sensor. If so, is there an active flash to warn people the car is alarmed? just seems strange as every other car I’ve owned or borrowed has an indicator visible that the alarm is active.
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