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  1. I appreciate your help with my problem. I apologize for my English. I have a 2006 RAV4 (4.3) with 2.2 diesel engine. I bought the car more or less 2 years ago, and since always I have problems in the reception of FM radio. In the city I get a reasonable FM radio, but when I leave the city I almost stop being able to listen to the radio stations) I went to a workshop and they told me that the problem was from the source radio that I should put a new one. So I did, I had to install a new radio (Kenwood DMX7018BTS) but the problem remains the same. I have tried to measure the continuity of the antenna wire, but it has been interrupted and the electrician said that the car has an antenna amplifier in the middle of the installation so that I can not check the proper functioning of the antenna. Can someone help me by telling me where this antenna amplifier is located and if possible provide an outline with the wire path of the antenna? Anyone have any idea what the problem might be? Thank you very much