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  1. For the past few months, my 2019 Excel alarm has been randomly going off on an evening or during the night. it happened the first time during the night and my 12v battery was 100% flat so the alarm went off but indicators didn’t. (Car has been stood 3 days and had done 200mile round trip before that so dead battery was a surprise too) It has now happened almost twice a week for the past 2-3 months, but the battery is fine now. I just unlock it then lock it and it’s good for another few days. Anyone had similar issues or ideas? Nothing inside is moving, unless there’s a massive
  2. Nice. Noddy’s horn haha. I had a 2018 Hilux for a few months and it had the same standard horn. Looks like a big monster truck, beeps like a smart car
  3. I have the same issue regarding connecting to phone Wi-fi. It used to work fine when I first got the car, May 2019, but I had it in at the dealer back in January for a service and mentioned that the E-Store wasn’t working. They did an update to try to fix it and now it won’t auto connect to my phone Wi-fi. Does seem strange that it will happily connect to my home Wi-Fi. I’ve tried removing the stored settings and re doing it but still won’t auto connect. E-store has never worked on my car, and the dealer has had it a few times and sent a request off to Toyota Tech and (as of March th
  4. Rob88


    I bought some software that can back up dvds to an MPEG format (I think MPEG anyway). I Do a lot of miles and like to use it to listen to programs I’ve seen 100’s of times so I can just picture it while I listen. Older bbc comedies, the old Top Gear specials, stuff like that. Makes sitting in the car for a few hours just fly by. also it’s great for when your sat waiting somewhere for the mrs Doing whatever and taking ages. I agree that the standard sound system is actually pretty good. Way better than I was expecting. Was using a brand new Hilux for work for a few months an
  5. I’ve been to my dealer twice for this. They ended up putting a proper technical question thing back to Toyota and apparently it is a known issue with the eStore in car app system, not with the car, so it affects all cars. im happy enough with that for now. Just as long as it’s not something wrong with just my car
  6. Rob88

    Map update

    I don’t remember having to select anything. Pretty much inserted the usb, put in the code and pressed go as far as I can remember
  7. Rob88


    Just put a video on a USB stick. Can listen to audio when not in Park, but can only see the video when it’s in park. not sure if it will work (though I don’t see why not) by using your phone
  8. Rob88

    My Toyota app

    Hi. ive had a play around with my app but cannot find a way to remove a specific journey. Nothing obvious anyway.
  9. It’s under the bottom cover below the glovebox. The cover is held on by 3 clips along the front. Don’t think the glove box has to come out for it, but might help for routing the cable anyway. I also removed the side plastic that is held on by a plastic nut in the passenger footwell as there is a bolt there which I used for the negative wire. Can’t see which fuse it is I used for definite, but you should be able to tell as the colours will be the same on yours. The fuse box lid says which fuse does what the car uses micro fuses (I think) where as the Halfords and Nextbase Hardwire k
  10. I know you can set the headlights to stay on for 30 Seconds after turning the car off by pulling the indicator stalk towards you briefly (on Excel models at least), but is there any way to have the headlights come on when unlocking the car via the key fob? Haven’t seen anything in the settings or in the manual...?
  11. fitted boot liner. Not bought one yet, tempted though. Not cheap but look good quality https://www.hatchbag.co.uk/toyota-rav4-2019-onwards
  12. New to me anyway, I found out recently, by accident, how to fully charge the hybrid battery (mine never shows totally full on the gauge, always has top bar empty but it’s as fully charged as it can be). Normally my car will always be around half charged - rarely more than 1 bar over or under. Obviously downhill cruising will get it charged up plenty too. if you set the heaters on max (or at least reasonably high), the engine will keep running to provide the heat, and the car will charge the batteries fully, presumably to provide load on the engine for extra heat and less wasted en
  13. Thanks. I did think it will be something I will click once go ‘oh, that’s a thing’ then never press it again for the next 4 years. But, as it’s there, I thought I’d get Toyota on the case.
  14. I’m just making a comment to remind myself of this, as I’m having my light checked in a couple of weeks. I was convinced my Driverside headlight seemed very low compared to my last few cars and I’m pleased I’m not the only one and that it is fixable. I’ll try to get a before and after picture because everyone loves a picture haha edit: before photo added - may try for a better one for a direct comparison
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