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  1. New to me anyway, I found out recently, by accident, how to fully charge the hybrid battery (mine never shows totally full on the gauge, always has top bar empty but it’s as fully charged as it can be). Normally my car will always be around half charged - rarely more than 1 bar over or under. Obviously downhill cruising will get it charged up plenty too. if you set the heaters on max (or at least reasonably high), the engine will keep running to provide the heat, and the car will charge the batteries fully, presumably to provide load on the engine for extra heat and less wasted energy. Im not sure what use this info would be to anyone, unless they were parked up and thought they would like to go a bit further in battery power next time they set off...but it’s a thing I noticed and I’m in a sharing mood this evening so thought I’d share 😁
  2. Rob88

    2019 Rav4 eStore

    Thanks. I did think it will be something I will click once go ‘oh, that’s a thing’ then never press it again for the next 4 years. But, as it’s there, I thought I’d get Toyota on the case.
  3. I’m just making a comment to remind myself of this, as I’m having my light checked in a couple of weeks. I was convinced my Driverside headlight seemed very low compared to my last few cars and I’m pleased I’m not the only one and that it is fixable. I’ll try to get a before and after picture because everyone loves a picture haha edit: before photo added - may try for a better one for a direct comparison
  4. I’m fairly happy with Autoglass. The did a good job, used a proper Toyota windscreen and there’s no visual indication the screen has been replaced. The guy did break a small clip that holds part of the plastic cover behind the rear view mirror, which he didn’t tell me, possibly didn’t noticed himself to be fair. It was only small but I found the broken piece on the floor. It does now move a bit when you touch it, but it doesn’t vibrate and rattle so it’s not an issue really. I suspect they reused several of the parts which are classed as Replace on the image above, but I can’t tell so can’t complain.
  5. Has anyone got the eStore app working on their car? Mine just loads for ~30s then stops. Wi-fi all set up and working, getting traffic updates etc. Toyota log in details all stored. I went to the dealer who did a software update and registered some additional details so now the MyT app works on my phone, so I get driving details etc, but the eStore app still does nothing. The car is booked back in to Toyota in a couple of weeks time but I thought I’d see if anyone had any experience. Additionally, since the software update, the car won’t store Wi-fi connection details, so I have to go to settings-Wi-fi-available connections then put in Wi-fi password each time. The old software saved it and auto-connected each time my iphones Personal Hotspot was turned on.
  6. Autoglass came today and almost as soon as he got out the van he said he’d have to ring and find out if the trim is reuse or replace. I mentioned what I’ve seen on here and showed him the picture above showing the parts. When he got through to his tech support they confirmed the trim needs replacing and that had been requested to be included in their ‘required parts’ list for the Rav but it hadn’t been processed yet. He also checked to make sure I knew the cameras needed to be recalibrated by Toyota, which I’ve already booked it in for. Said they could do it tomorrow but I’m waiting til Friday. Overall I’m not too bothered. It’s a fairly new car so I doubt they’ve done many yet, and I’d much rather wait and it be right than they try and bodge it and it not be right
  7. My 2019 Rav is having its windscreen replaced by Autoglass on Monday. I told them it’s the version with the wiper deicers but that’s all I’ve said so fingers crossed they know what they need...
  8. I have the standard system as it’s a lease car and I didn’t have the option. Was pleasantly surprised with it though. My last 2 cars were both Skoda octavias with the uprated Canton sound system and I’m hard pushed to tell the difference (maybe listening side by side I would) but I listen to all sorts and it’s bassey enough for dance music which is usually where cheap systems fail. It does struggle with bass when the volume is cranked up high, but it really is much better than I was expecting
  9. Something I’m over the moon about but I’ve never seen mentioned in reviews or Toyota info, is that you can play videos from a USB on the screen. Paid extra for this ability on my previous 2 Skoda Octavia’s and just assumed it wasn’t a thing with this car. The display turns off obviously when not in Park, but it’s good if your parked up somewhere waiting for someone or munching on a cheeky drive thru then you can watch. I find it good for long journeys on my own where I can listen to tv programs I’ve seen a thousand times and don’t need to watch to know what’s going on. 90’s BBC comedies like One Foot in the Grave, Porridge, Open All Hours, Red Dwarf, that kind of thing. Amazing how time flies when ‘watching’ tele