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  1. On the map screen you can search Google poi's when looking for a destination and there is also a weather icon and street view both of which don't use magic to get the information and if my phone isn't connected none of that stuff works ;-) Not being funny [emoji23]
  2. This one: I'm using it with my OnePlus 6 with Android 10, although since upgrading it says it might not work but had no issues so far.
  3. I installed an app from the Google play store that would auto enable Bluetooth tethering as I got sick of doing it each time ;-)
  4. The map in 3d mode does auto zoom, you need to set it to near, far or off in settings. It will help if you have the 1530 update so it remembers the setting. It would be nice if it persisted to the main screen. The knob on the wrong side is annoying is annoying but I hardly use it. The lack of track information is annoying and I've narrowed that down to phones with android, it works as expected with an iPhone (at least iPhone 8 which is what my wife has). I contacted Toyota GB support and they said they have no plans to improve the "function". I guess in the android Auto apple car play update it would be removed. I guess most of these will be less of an issue if MY19 cars get AA or ACP. And for you lucky cool kids getting MY20 cars, I'm jealous [emoji23]
  5. Because my phone says Bluetooth tethering is enabled (and it only says if the supporting device has requested it and capable) and weather data and Google searches work from maps.
  6. Mine is connecting to the internet via bluetooth tethering.
  7. No, never had that before or even with the latest update (1530).
  8. Interesting to see the map updates, also only a handful of map changes for 2019.1.
  9. That's correct and yea that is weird... Another reason to want Android Auto... [emoji23]
  10. Of the list of fixes Devon Aygo posted I only had one which is the map orientation which is fixed. I thought things feel a little snappier but that might be placebo, it's not huge but enough to mention.
  11. Had mine done on Saturday ;-) One of the fixes is where the map defaults to 2d north regardless of what you set.
  12. I think it might be January, but it is coming. The question is how much will it cost!
  13. No updates, nothing on Twitter or the Toyota blog. Went to the dealership today to have the MEU update done to 1530 and no news from them either.
  14. The dealer can do it, the service department have to do it. I had an issue with mine where the connected services where linked to a different email address than what I had setup for myt. It took a little while but they did do it. If you contact Toyota direct they will just say speak to the dealer.
  15. bewA

    Google maps

    It might be if your car allows mirrorlink/miracast? Other than that you may have to hope that Toyota will update your system to support Apple CarPlay or Android Auto...