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  1. I think i would have loved to have had HUD and blind spot monitoring as well as working apple/google integration 🙂 Maybe all these things will be available when i refresh my car in a couple of years!
  2. Gah i have buyers remorse now [emoji23]
  3. bewA

    Map update

    Oh the positivity is too much [emoji23]
  4. My dealer gave me the option during the sale to have a TRK or a spare wheel. It was also made clear i would loose boot space if i went for a spare wheel so my decision to go for a spare wheel was well informed. In hindsight i think i would have preferred the boot space however if a tyre gets damaged in a way that a TRK wouldn't help then overall i'd rather just have the spare wheel!
  5. There is a certain amount of loyalty to the brand especially when you spend a large amount of money with them ;-) However for myself it's not blind like people are with apple and Android/Windows!
  6. and i just got it because i liked the carbon fibre look 😄
  7. Thanks @Parts-King it's a fair bit more than i wanted to spend although the camera does look good! I was just trying to work out where people hardwired from e.g. an existing fuse (with an extended fuse adapter thing) or one of those OBD2 port extenders or something completely different.
  8. oh ok, how much are they? do you have a website?
  9. Thanks for the reply however that wasn't quite answering my question [emoji3]
  10. Afternoon, I'm looking to get a dashcam and ideally hardwire it. From what i've seen in the manual (P.524) the fuse box is under the glove box but i was wondering which fuse would be the best one to attach to? I'm probably looking at something like this when i decide which dashcam to get. Has anyone done this on their Corolla?
  11. bewA

    Tracking info

    I don't think there is as Frosty said on the other thread there isnt!
  12. Why does there have to be a problem?
  13. Ordered something similar looking from Amazon for delivery tomorrow!
  14. Just try and see how you like it 🙂 my driving style varies, relaxed on my commute to work so i tend to use eco and then normal on the way home 🙂
  15. I used it for the first month and it reduces the throttle response and smoothes it out and i believe enhances the regen. I prefer driving in normal though but it was a fun test.