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  1. You probably shouldn't paste your VIN on a public forum 🙂
  2. I personally don't consider it an anti-theft/tracker more of a remembering where I parked feature. As far as i've seen and am aware the car is recording it's location via the GPS (regardless of whether you use nav or not). if your car is registered for online services and logged in on the car to Toyota (with your account) and in the myT app (with the same account) the car will upload telemetry (speed/location/driving style etc) to Toyota and the car's last location when you turned it off and this will be available in myT. For this to work as an anti-theft it would need a permanent d
  3. That's somewhat underwhelming! 😂 But glad it's sorted!
  4. I've never heard of this but I wouldn't expect you to have to pay for anything given it failed during the update under their "custody" which unfortunately bricked the head unit. I had mine done a couple of months a go and mine was the first done at the dealership.
  5. yep had the confirmation email with the purchase!
  6. I have this right angled USB type C cable which works perfectly fine for android auto and charging. https://smile.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07K8G5VVT/
  7. Have a look at this thread...
  8. well my issue is that i "purchased" the 2020 v2 map update and when i go to Purchases it says i have no purchases and i need to make one. https://www.toyota.co.uk/tme#/my-toyota/eStore/purchased The purchase is listed in payment history and i can view the invoice. https://www.toyota.co.uk/tme#/my-toyota/eStore/paymentHistory Any thoughts? I have the AA retrofit and i've not tried getting it via the car yet.
  9. this is literally torture reading about people that have the upgrade done! I'm waiting on my dealership to call me to get it booked in but have been told not before the end of October! 😄
  10. i don't really have any pics but i didn't fully remove the trim, i had some plastic "spudgers" which i used previously for screen repairs on mobile devices which allowed me to pull things out enough to stuff the cable in, The only thing i had to pop off completely was the largish rectangular plastic section next to the glove box that you can see when you open the door. again the plastic tools i had already took care of that. then it was just a case of adjusting the amount of excess cable. to be honest it's a mess but you can't see it which is the main thing 🙂
  11. yea mine was serviced last week and i didn't even bother asking about it 😄
  12. my heart rate just sky rocketed through the roof when i saw that and then crushed by the NZ statement 😞 #sadtimes
  13. It's a shame it's delayed but tbh totally understandable given the situation. we will get it and when it's available i will have it installed 🙂
  14. maybe this is strange but perhaps to rule out an issue take a pic of the display when in reverse and upload here and someone could upload there's and at least it would be possible to confirm if there is actually an issue?
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