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  1. Must admit i've not had that issue mentioned by OP with my GR Sport (almost a year old), I guess there's time! 😄
  2. haha good spot, i should of clicked on the download button 😄
  3. It looks like the physical buttons are all gone completely from the sides and there is a single button/capacitive button at the bottom on in the middle Makes me want to get rid of my car already just for that! Don't worry i won't really, i'm not totally insane!
  4. ooo the buttons on the sides of the display are gone! 😎
  5. Ok I'm glad it didn't exist on my previous 2019 Corolla!
  6. In fairness i would think it's safe to say that the MMU will be the same for UK/EU territories, we know that that the US market get a different system completely which is why they are mostly ignored. I would think as a degree of confidence the unit/capabilities will be largely similar between the YarisCross, new CHR and Corolla (MY22), although the caveat to that is the YarisCross has two different MMU's depending on the trim level. My comments are based on what i've read here previously 🙂
  7. On my second Corolla Hybrid (TS) i've only just discovered (by accident) that you can lock the car from where you open the boot! There is a small but separate button to the right of the one that releases the boot, i'm quite confident this is in the manual but still who reads that anyway 😛 In the spirit of sharing, what hidden features have you come across by complete accident?
  8. It is for exchanging information but it's a UK forum and most of the users here are from the UK and Toyota specs vary depending on the country.
  9. I think it's perfectly reasonable to expect this to just work, as a connected car that collects all sorts of telemetry to give us handy stats about our hybrid driving score etc i don't understand why it can't just time sync with the internet/gps and make DST adjustments based on the date and car location, it's just a half baked solution at the moment! Yes changing the time isn't the end of the world and is straight forward to do but this isn't rocket science. Hopefully in a couple of years Toyota will make the software changes in the next big Corolla update (not the iterative annual ones). rant over 😄
  10. Some nice little tweaks and a refresh on the MMU will be much needed, I look forwarding to seeing how that is when the models actually start coming out. Any news on wireless charging and wireless apple carplay/android auto? I guess if it's not specifically mentioned then it's unlikely.
  11. hmm very interested in trying this, does anyone have a list of configurable options or is it self explanatory?
  12. I must admit i got worried about this with my second car a nearly 18 years ago, it was the first one that had AC and i freaked out because i saw this wet/damp looking patch on the road under the car, i did go full "Due South" (the TV show from years ago where the Mountie tasted everything) and dabbed the ground with my finger at least to find out if it tasted like oil (and no i don't know what that tastes like), i then realised that the it was the AC condensing/drainage pipe and yes i felt like a complete idiot at the time but i learnt some valuable lessons 1) i'm not a Mountie 2) you shouldn't just randomly taste things on the floor even if it does happen on a TV show 3) it tasted of damp road 4) i still don't know what oil tasks like and nor do I want to Hope this helps 😄
  13. Thanks i'm glad i'm not totally insane, it's more of a feeling i guess than a technical/mechanical thing. 😄 The situation happened more recently yesterday when going from 40mph (slow car) to 60mph to overtake, I think i just wasn't expecting the "punch" with associated nice sounds from the engine 😄
  14. I have a Blueskysea B1W which i've hardwired off one of the fuses in the passenger side fuse box (under the glove box). I chose it because i wanted something discrete with no screen.
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