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  1. I actually quite like the auto high beam and sometimes have a couple of issues but nothing too major. I'm usually pretty good at reacting to the beam not dipping but i use it most of the time on my commute. In fact i'm still using a lot of the TSS and have left all the beeps on, loving the tech, maybe i'm in the minority!
  2. I had seen that a couple of months a go and whilst it looked intriguing i don't really fancy modifying the car in that way! You will need to declare it as far as insurance is concerned...
  3. bewA

    Lane guidance

    Whaa?! You said something positive about the Corolla! [emoji23] #christmasmiracle
  4. If you mean dealership the yes but it should be a warranty upgrade as in free...
  5. bewA

    Lane guidance

    well not quite, according to Page 324 in the manual which is pretty much what i said... The manual is your friend 😉
  6. bewA

    Lane guidance

    I don't quite understand what you're asking. If lane guidance (lane keep assistance?) is enabled the icon is white and it will still try and correct lane creep, when radar cruise control is active then it goes green and the steering assist is enabled (with Lane keeping assistance) it will keep you in lane and assist round slight bends...
  7. I do a fair bit of rural (country lanes) driving as part of my daily commute and i don't have any issues. I have a Design, so i don't have the bi-led lights that the Excel comes with.
  8. "playback song information not changing on display" !!! Finally!
  9. It's pointless complaining about it as the decision has been made and is now law.
  10. Also with how hot a topic AA/AC is for the MY19 Corolla's i expected more excited/jealous responses! 😄
  11. I predict my first service will be around may so maybe I'll be lucky... If not I'll just pay the cost to upgrade whether that's before or after. Although I do have a service plan so I'm not sure how that will work.
  12. Why waste space having both ;-) just because you can doesn't mean you should [emoji23]
  13. Yep I do really prefer the digital one! [emoji41] Analogue is so... Analogue [emoji23]