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  2. I asked on twitter and Toyota GB replied with some good tips!! [emoji41]
  3. I've pondered this and the hybrid battery. My daily commute of 45miles a day has gone to about zero!
  4. I have seen it use mobile data tethered via Bluetooth...
  5. bewA

    Mpg hybrid

    Hah sorry I just realised this was in the CHR forum and not the corolla one!! Same engine I think so maybe you can take something from it!! [emoji23]
  6. bewA

    Mpg hybrid

    For the last month (not calendar month, according to the MyT app)... Driven 1097 miles 49% time spent in EV 53mpg My daily commute is 45 miles a day and a mixture of town and rural driving. Hope that helps! I have changed my route to work recently so I get to spend more time in EV and the average speed is lower so I'm expecting the mpg to improve. Take with a pinch of salt tho as everyone's usage is different and there are a lot of factors that can impact as I'm sure you can appreciate ;-)
  7. Here's mine (just one front camera) which is hardwired and connected to the cigarette lighter fuse under the glovebox. It's a BlueSkySea B1W.
  8. Do you still need to have your mobile device paired via Bluetooth (for music+calls) or will it work the same as the Bluetooth connection but via the USB only?
  9. I believe the Corolla is also equally as good 🙂
  10. I suspect it can't read the new sign if there's one and the defaults to map data.
  11. Hmm well I've never turned off RSA so I'll play with it!
  12. The 4 beeps has zero to do with RSA, it's about what speed you have set.