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  1. I'm on my second HB now and tbh as far as my use case is concerned it's fine for 2 adults (up front) and our two small dogs. With how the seats are positioned we wouldn't get anyone sat in the back (without dogs of course) so although it's probably a 4/5 seat car imo it's 2. I love this car (which is why i bought a second one) but tbh i wouldn't recommend the HB for families there's simply not enough room and if you have the 2.0ltr or a spare tyre then you will have less boot space as well. I prefer the HB over the TS but i was never considering the TS because of my use case/requirements.
  2. I believe this is exactly it https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-58266794 And the Toyota Press release: https://global.toyota/en/newsroom/corporate/36003677.html I think i was probably lucky as mine was already in production before this was announced and took about 6 weeks.
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    I find they are adequate but i got some toyota rubber mats for the front and rear which i think will wear better. I found that the standard mats in my 2019 Corolla on the drive side had worn away on the back where i sent to rest my right foot.
  4. I have never heard that before on either my 2019 or 2021 Corolla! At least not that high pitched and it also sounds like the gap between the first beep and subsequent beeps is longer. E.g. beep -wait- beep beep beep beep. It could be the seat belt warning for the rear but that should be associated with the warning light on the dash.
  5. So it's not done on pure GPS l, e.g. dropping a marker regardless of what the map says, it drops it on the closest street to the marker? I'd rather know the exact location, closest road isn't really helpful unless there it loses GPS signal in which case the last known good/heartbeat is useful.
  6. I would be definitely interested to know the outcome of this.
  7. Your new car should not ever be used as a runabout for someone regardless of whether it's for a staff member or another customer. I would ensure you have screenshots of the journeys and make a complaint. If they hadn't already registered the car in MyT then perhaps you wouldn't have known however it's pretty stupid/niave of them to not realise that this gets recorded.
  8. I've not personally had this issue but then again I have extra padding 😂
  9. Don't worry it will be fine 🙂 The TS might have taller tyre walls compared to the hatchback due to weight so I wouldn't worry! maybe you could ask your dealer if they have one to test drive?
  10. The road noise is a bit more obvious with the 18s on my GR compared to the 17s on my previous Design spec, but tbh I just tune it out 😂
  11. I believe the manual says about a mile is possible but my journeys according to the MyT app are typically over 50% EV mode. As others have said it's not about the max range totally on EV it's about how often it's able to kick in e.g. cruising, gentle acceleration, gradual stopping all help with getting the most out of hybrid. It helps I think that Toyota have game-ified eco driving by giving you a score when you stop and switch off, doesn't appeal to all but it's clever psychology really 😉
  12. The only issue i've had was the 2 days after picking up my car the trips didn't appear and then after the missing trips where eventually added. I can't say i've had a situation with my previous car with stuff not pulling through, doesn't mean to say it won't happen to me in the future tho!
  13. I don't think i've seen that, i'll have a look next time i'm in the car but i've just downloaded the 3 manuals that are available from MyToyota and i can't find anything about "Smart Ventilation" ?! I know there are 3 settings modes, Fast, normal, ECO but that's it.
  14. As far as i've seen the HVAC stuff is a completely separate system to the MMU so i would be highly surprised if it was possible. If you get someone to hack it to work that would be cool to see and i'm sure a lot of people would like it just because 😄
  15. Never used it on the last car and I've noticed it doesn't exist on my 2.0, not that I'll miss it 😂
  16. bewA

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    @TonyHSD Ok managed a bit of a drive today, mixture of dual/single carriageway way A and B roads, driving in normal mode apart from sport mode at some traffic lights 😉 and I mostly drive with cruise control. Indicative figures obvs via MyT.
  17. bewA

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    No problem and will do! The 1.8 was being for my daily 1hr 30min'ish commute pre-covid and was pretty impressed with. I know it will be "worse" but as my job isn't changing to back to office based (hybrid working) i'm ok with the prospect of a reduction in MPG, but all will be seen in the figures! FYI i'll only be using MPG figures reported by the car and MyT, i'm not into all that brim to brim calculation stuff, it's all a bit to serious for me 🙂
  18. bewA

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    As far as i'm aware the suspension is the same (I could be wrong), however the ride is a bit firmer with the 18" wheels and i would say the seats in the GR are nice and snug for me and i'm on the larger side and i have lower back problems 😄 Unfortunately i've only driven it last night for about 30 minutes so i don't really have any more to add to that limited experience but i'll post here or start a new thread with an update 🙂
  19. bewA

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    i'll keep my rare electric windows to myself 😄
  20. bewA

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    How dare you have your own differing opinion! #internetrage #imjoking and thank you 😄 Ordered 1st August, projected delivery date was 22nd September, then couple of weeks a go changed to 24th September and it arrived at the dealership on the 14th September. When i ordered they initially said could be late September, early October but there was no actual date at the time until a week or so later.
  21. bewA

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    And it's collected, GR Sport 2ltr in Manhattan Grey, a worthy upgrade from my Design (white) 1.8ltr!
  22. The car has been delivered just waiting on the PDI to be scheduled in! 😎
  23. Never had a problem, and literally millions would probably agree with me 👍
  24. I would say the update in this case is a red herring, the cable (connection) was the source of the problem, is how I read it.
  25. I would always prefer to use a proper cable for charging/data. I think the magnetic style connectors are quite convenient however the latter part of your post proves the reason why I have avoided. Perhaps in someway you are lucky it didn't blow the port on the phone.
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