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  1. I am Sorry. I meant 2020 🙂
  2. Hey fellow Century enthusiasts, I am going to import a 2019 century. I found a very nice import office in Japan, that could import the new century to any destination 😉 There is a group rebate involved... The next batch of ordering slots opens up in November, delivery would be in April 2019. Feel free to contact me, if you want in on the deal. I am very excited for this 😄 Karlss0n from Berlin.
  3. Hey, my name is Till, I am from Berlin, Germany and came here looking for insights on member's experience regarding their Toyota Century. I hope there are some 🙂
  4. Hi, I am looking into importing a Century to Germany. Could any of the owners chime in on how they behave at higher speeds? Has anyone taken their's up to 90 or even 110 mph? I might opt for the 2018 version, but am still interested in opinions on the older models. Especially how quiet the car is on the inside at higher speeds 🙂 thanks till