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  1. ulysse

    Wet Bum!

    The scuttle drain! If thats the one by the door sill, its a problem I had aswell! There is a good thread onhere on how to unblock it. (some of these members are very knowledgable on these things!)
  2. did not know about the no roof rails! What a pain in the bum! If I were you I would go for the rack that straps on the back door . The doors are made strong enough to carry a spare wheel so two bikes wont make much difference and you can use it on your wifes car depending on wat she has got
  3. sorry pressed add by mistake! Look at this http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.p...mp;hl=bike+rack This is the one ive got. You get two large bars that fit 4 bikes on that slip into the 'bits' by the tow bar. Even my wife can put it on and take it off!
  4. If you spend out on a tow bar I can recommend a very good cycle carrier.
  5. Did you pay £250 from a toyota dealer and they gave you the wrong one! I would be taking it back mate, or at least back to the bloke who you bought it off telling him its the wrong type!!!!!
  6. PS One just went on EBAY for 40 quid + 15 p&p
  7. Now then.......And how much would you be selling it for then?
  8. ulysse

    Eco Diesel

    A call to anyone who has used this in their RAV! I have been told by a mate at work (not that old gag, he is a good mate!) that he has been using Eco Diesel in his Laguna and its great, especially the 15p a Ltr he saves on normal Diesel. No set-up, no changes just bung it straight in. Anyone tried any yet? If any of you are from down here in deepest Devon, get your passport out and venture across the border into Cornwall and its in Callington!
  9. Speedy You dont need a light bar on this. You do need the 10". With the 6" rack you will be scraping the pedals of the bike on the spare wheel cover. I dont have a pic with my bike on, as my bike is getting fixed, but if you would care to wait I can post one for you. Andy
  10. It was all in the price £210 the lot, parts and fittings!
  11. I cant remember which tow bar I had fitted, but yes you can open the door with the ball on. You can also tow as well as carry bikes. I went to a towbar centre in Plymouth and he did the lot for me You should be able to see how easy it is to fit the two bars. They just slot in and a pin holds them.
  12. I had a tow bar fitted and a Pendle Landrover 4x4 bike rack. (10 inches of clearence ) They are soooo easy to fit, even my wife can do it, and it fits 4 bikes on. http://www.pendle-bike.co.uk/nulldet.asp?R...androver%20Rack OK it was 100 quid for the tow bar and 110 for the rack but its ever so easy to use. Highly recomended
  13. My sister has a Parrot. They are quite good (no, not a joke about parrots!). Go for a new one and see if the shop will fit it for free for you.
  14. Sorry, missed this one. I had the same problem with my 2003 RAV4. When I parked on an incline. We took it to the garage for something else and he unblocked the drains that are behind the rubber sill by the back passenger door I think.
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