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  1. My thinking was you would revert with "flick this switch, Roy and all will be well'. Sheesh! You are great and thank you. I will let you know how I get on. Cheers. Roy
  2. Spot on. Small cover exactly in the diagram. Slid open without any problem. There was some duct tape caught between in the top gap (from other work I was doing) and removed of course. However, it seems it may be electrical as will not open again without going through the same process. This is probably why I can't hear any open/shutting sound at the boot. On the top there is a cover housing leads and two white multi connectors which seem to look ok but who knows. Any micro-switches or such that would need changing? I am just a simpleton and open for any inexpensive suggestions? Thank you all again. Roy
  3. Hi all, Sorry for the delay. Thanks for the suggestions. Tried the bumpering but sadly it didn't work. The key has: close, boot & open. Close: All doors lock with sound (can't hear the boot locking) 1 indicator flash Boot: No locking sound with 2 indicator flashes Open: Doors sound unlock & 2 indicator flashes - no locking sound on boot. I will try to take off the inside cover. Wish me luck...going in now...🙂 Roy
  4. Hi everyone, Hopefully you can help & advise. Something has been caught in the boot and it is jammed closed. Remote key won't open it. I got inside but cannot see any panels that may have a manual unlock or something that may allow me to reopen the lid. Any ideas? Many thanks. Roy
  5. Thank you RUToyota. Now in our 3rd year. Loving it but dislike the satnav or more to the point I think she dislikes me. It isn't good. Nice to meet you.
  6. Thank you PaulinhoT. Good to meet you.
  7. Hi everyone, 2016 - 1.8 - Verso owner here. Hope all is well with everyone and looking forward to chatting and learning. Cheers, Roy & Linda.
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