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  1. plus from what i read you should check if car scraped front bumper and/or underbody protection becouse of low ground clerance
  2. well in basic new yaris or 2016-2017 Gen 4 Prius both will need to be leased, but i suspect i might get better deal and discount with Prius plus i might sleep with less worry about car being stolen plus i could find on web what too look for in Prius while Yaris would be too new for that
  3. Greetings, Did car behaved the same way during test drive or it started to behave after you drove it from dealer?
  4. Update: as im waiting i started thinking: Yaris is most popular Toyota in my country i even se quite a few Hybrid Yarises on road from time to time if car is popular so its more chances of being stolen for parts or sale in other country, but on the other hand Prius is unpopular here so there may be safer as car itself is unpopular plus it has unique look so it can be spoted fast. Currently there are no priuses reported stolen while 30 Yaris-es are reported stolen whats your take on this?
  5. Thanks, i keep reading forums about hybrids currently while waiting for new Yaris to be revealed and avaible to order so i can see what kind of tech it offers and at what price(Prius is still alternative) i read alot about Prius and its tech, but im still researching could ICE reach operating temperature in my short trip and from what i found is that it can reach it. Most info i got Prius normaly starts using EV mode after traveling 1mil one report said it took 0.9mil at 10°C for car to start using EV mode and if im not mistaken car will not stop ICE warm up if its not warm enough? Why is this important Prius or yaris both are hybrids and will be used in same route so if one can reach operating temperature so could the other. Based on my caculation i could travel 33% of my route in EV mode.
  6. Even normal ICE car i doubt reaches operating temperature in 2.4 miles. Look my wish is to own a hybrid car becouse of intresting tech, but i can wait too see what new hybrid Yaris will bring
  7. Update: While choices in my country are still limited i pretty much have to wait, but i noticed something intresting that gen 4s have most normal price diversity and prices are not all over the place. As for warm up time i watched this video(link bellow) and in it gen 4 stayed in EV for short time after start then turned ICE on but after driving 0,7-0,8miles EV mode returned. So we can assume that when car start using EV mode again ICE is warmed up enough? Video link:
  8. yeah, but modern petrol cars do not make much noise if driver drives slowly even i can suprise people with my old 2002 yaris 1.0. Artificial sounds of Hybrids and EVs are anoying and will couse people to be annoyed with them as case off caravan park people there are quite tolerant of cars driving by if they drive slowly, but this artifical sound is anoying as hell
  9. Yes we do have Auris Hybrid here but they are not that cheaper from Prius if you compare same age and milage cars i belive its becouse of popularity Auris is far more popular than Prius so it holds price better
  10. It looks very promising but it is just me or interior shot shows that yaris can have HUD?
  11. Greetings, thank you for your reply to my questions as you may see i currently own 2002 Yaris 1.0 and it averages 40,3MPG.I did think of buying hybrid Yaris but current Yaris has unapelling interior, but i did heard rumors that in October Toyota may reveal new 4gen Yaris sadly it may be avaible to late, but its also one reason im still waiting with buying a Prius in case i like new 4gen Yaris. Im kinda decided i want a Hybrid car so we cannot go smaller than Yaris
  12. I did search in EV direction, but i would have hard time charging it there are no charging stations nearby and at home it will charge 20hr+. so full EV is out of querstion but i did look for Prius plug in sadly they are even rearer than normal prius
  13. its not healthy for engine if it does not reach operating temperature before its stopped it can couse some issues
  14. it looks like i should focus on 4 gen and hope for any discount so lease would be lower and i would be more comfortable with it. Anyway 3 gen or 4 gen i would really need too read owners manuals so i could understand all the tech my Yaris 2002 is so primitive😁