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  1. @JoaoM i agree still new Yaris has some new tech plus compared too previous generation it has quite more equipment. On paper it has better tech than corolla,RAV4 and Prius
  2. I wonder if this is even worth it at such speed battery will be drained fast
  3. Guys one question will new CH-R have LKA?
  4. So can we assume price increase over current yaris will be up to 20% ?
  5. ^^ Lithium battery tech will be in standard Yaris hybrid
  6. ^^ true, but its more than just that they can charge and discharge faster
  7. thanks i will have too get used too it but im getting advices to rather wait for new Yaris becouse im used too small cars yet i still like gen4 Prius
  8. ^i belive lithium-ion hybrid battery helped with this up to 80% ev mode in city becouse of faster charging and they are more powerful
  9. Let me try too explain: bonnet and dashboard were too high(it could be that seats were at lowest setting) so i could in no way predict where car nose ends. I suspect prius may be better becouse of diffrent dashboard design
  10. I asked official Toyota seller in Slovenia(EU) about when Yaris will be buyable/orderable they said it will be September 2020 prices will be known 1 month earlier
  11. not really they call them Atkison cycle petrol engine but new Yaris will have new engine for Hybrid version
  12. you are right Toyota does not have Atkinson engine. About Toyotas Atkinson cycle:
  13. ^^It looks there will be feature for easier entry, but unknown if European version will have this feature Link to full article: Mod edit - already linked in first post of this topic
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