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  1. lovec1990

    It's here!

    ^^ actually it does matter it means Prius is better hybrid car. I apologise to @bewA for hijacking his topic.😥 I hope you will have many happy miles with your Corrola.
  2. lovec1990

    It's here!

    yet still Prius is better designed as hybrid it has less drag and does Corolla have active grill shutters?
  3. lovec1990

    It's here!

    Corolla is cheaper than prius plus its has just hybrid engines while Prius is from ground up a hybrid car, basicaly while Corolla is great car its just not up to Prius.
  4. Are they possible yes you can even beat them, but that would mean you wold need ideal conditions as in low car load,proper tyres, proper mix of open road/highway/city and proper road conditions. look my Yaris is stated too have average consumption of 47MPG yet im avaraging 40MPG by doing very short trips
  5. only reason i would buy plugin is if its used and its priced better than normal Prius
  6. no same i belive that with first one that is reserved they most likely just want too trick those in doubt and that 2016 i belive they just trying too see if reason it does not sell is that it was clasified as test car
  7. well things are turning funny: it seams sellers have hard time selling Prius cars: one decided to write into description that car is reserved untill and that test 2016 Prius suddenly gained 2k km and suddenly become used car
  8. maybe their city is starting to ban Gasoline engines and they do not want too use public transports?
  9. based on our prices here plus our country financal help it would take 37 years for me
  10. lovec1990

    It's here!

    he has prius so why would he downgrade to corolla? Look im not saying Corolla is bad or anything its just lower level car compared too Prius. And i agree with Catlover Corolla has reserved look too apeal to many people and hybrid corolla is just for people who want Toyota hybrid but cannot stand unique look of Prius. All that being said i hope Corolla will serve you well and that you will have nice and fun times with her.😁
  11. Guys i was thinking when i drove from my job with my Yaris: My yaris has this blue coolant icon that indicates engine cold, but normaly it dissapears at 1 mil to 1.2 miles so if my old Yaris can reach running temperature on my trips so we can asume Prius will as well?
  12. better hire exorcist this is beyond Toyota mechanics😁. You said they disconnected the horn so how does blaring horn ocure unless they did not disconnect horn?
  13. plus from what i read you should check if car scraped front bumper and/or underbody protection becouse of low ground clerance
  14. well in basic new yaris or 2016-2017 Gen 4 Prius both will need to be leased, but i suspect i might get better deal and discount with Prius plus i might sleep with less worry about car being stolen plus i could find on web what too look for in Prius while Yaris would be too new for that
  15. Greetings, Did car behaved the same way during test drive or it started to behave after you drove it from dealer?