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  1. I am aware of that menu, but it's mainly for phone connection and audio recognition to call specific numbers. I think I have used it once 🙂 On other points I think you are also correct. I just think that the moment it doesn't react to anything, I would have some soft reset (maybe hold down to buttons for a period of time) to try to stop it going nuts. I don't want to do full reset because it might need that factory security code. But in the end I think that this is just hot weather issue and we don't have that much hot weather in Finland, so nothing major in the end 🙂
  2. You should see the video now. It does cure from that in 5-60minutes of time but is still anoying. Nothing responds when it goes to that mode, but you can listen to cd with the latest volume you have chosen 😄 I also has been quite active on your great tutorial. I do have xcarlink usb reader connected, but there is no effect if I unplug it.
  3. Is it just me who is getting this? It does survive this seizure but it's random how long it takes. Any ideas how to reset this or does would it even help? Head unit is W5328. https://youtu.be/0aR14RDQdVA
  4. Got mine from https://www.sbazar.cz/ but it was a challenge to use translator to get the email address for the seller. It cost me only 50€ mailed to Finland and then there were plenty. You can give it a try.
  5. Problem has dissappeared, but I will have to keep close focus on this. Nothing has been made to the car yet. Maybe the battery is not just holding up that well, because I have been working from home every second week and we still have had cold mornings (under 5C) before this week. I'll let you know when there is some update on the issue.
  6. Thanks for your tips. It happens only on startups and it still isn't every time but more often than before. It also happens on cold and warm engine but the engine runs, idles and pulls normally. I have to check the intake and clean the k&n filter. Still I'm starting to lean more on the start engine fault. Fathers t25 had broken starter at 195 000km and I have now 197000km on clock.
  7. Update voltages ok and no error codes. So let the search begin 🙄
  8. Hello, I haven't even checked the error codes yet, but lately during this week my car has started very roughly. It can even start and stalls for a split second and then keeps going. Any ideas what could be wrong? What I think is to first check voltages and codes and after that spark plugs and air filter. Any bad start motors on these enginse?
  9. highbeam


    On avensis 2009 vs 2016 the only difference was the holders. On avensis they fit to old hook vs turn lockings but I'm not sure about yaris.
  10. Can you also send me the wiring diagram for rear lights on estate? I have hook attached but the knob is gone and I'm thinking of getting the rear light connection for reverse sensor on that connector, but I have no idea where it should be in the trunk. Email is niko.siukola@gmail.com
  11. Added reflectors to winter rims, door handle cups and dimmed back door windows. Progress is still on going 😎
  12. What was the solution to this problem?
  13. Yes I did and I trust them since they have won the best Toyota service title for finding and repairing faults. They are actually given a car with made faults and they got 29/30 last year. I also use k&n filter since it has reduced engines response time. Not much but still. While they updated the software and changed the alternator they also changed my brake vacuum pump. It was scheduled to be changed 15tkm later but it was making very loud noise. This is topical for valvematics. They changed that to face face lift version because there has also been a lot of updates on the part to make it last another 195tkm (changed on 180tkm on mine) without starting to make noise.
  14. Hi right model for my car was OEM-27060-0T181. It has been used before on some avensis verso I think and some other models.