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  1. Added reflectors to winter rims, door handle cups and dimmed back door windows. Progress is still on going 😎
  2. What was the solution to this problem?
  3. Yes I did and I trust them since they have won the best Toyota service title for finding and repairing faults. They are actually given a car with made faults and they got 29/30 last year. I also use k&n filter since it has reduced engines response time. Not much but still. While they updated the software and changed the alternator they also changed my brake vacuum pump. It was scheduled to be changed 15tkm later but it was making very loud noise. This is topical for valvematics. They changed that to face face lift version because there has also been a lot of updates on the part to make it last another 195tkm (changed on 180tkm on mine) without starting to make noise.
  4. Hi right model for my car was OEM-27060-0T181. It has been used before on some avensis verso I think and some other models.
  5. First of all what year is this car? Until 2009 there has been piston ring issues on 1.8 liter engines.
  6. You could get something like this from Aliexpress. There is various sizes and looks available.
  7. Few pictures with the foglight surroundings taped with black vinyl to get rid of that grandpa look 🙂 Tell me what you guys think! These pictures are also a good reminder how much can car color change depending on weather.
  8. First of all with xcarlink it's id3 tags version 2.3 with ISO standard that work. You can change them in mp3tag.de software. Remember to remove other id3 versions to get it working. And now to your question, yes they should work. My setup is that I'm connected via bluetooth to my cars stock bluetooth for calling. Secondary I have in center console bluetooth receiver (on dual usb car charger) and straight 3.5mm cable to aux in to use it for listening music via bluetooth. My phone can have two simultaneous bluetooth connections. Now I have on cd changer only the xcarlink, but there is also a bluetooth module that you can connect to xcarlink if you don't have preinstalled bluetooth on your car. I have installed y-cable on t22 avensis, but the yatour was jamming all the time so I really can't say did it work with stock changer.
  9. Now I have to drum this one! I found this xCarLink unit that displays texts from usb stick via cd changer connection. Buy all you can while you can from xCarLink 😉 It reads fairly fast stick and audio quality is way better than any other adapter I have heard. Price was still pretty decent
  10. Does anyone have chrome surroundings for t27 avensis fog lights. Model year is 2009.
  11. I have the same issue. Unlocking automatically works about 50% of the time but from button every time. I will try the wd40 trick but I think that it is really bug in the controlling software.
  12. Brodit has several good ones. Just pick which you like
  13. All understood on previous replys, which I appreciate highly. I have t27 avensis which is the subject of this thread. I'm a electrician and know all the backgrounds and how they work. It was just that dension homepage said different than your links about even sending cd text to headunit, because that is something I would love to have. Also since I'm living in Finland delivery costs can change a lot depending where I would buy it.
  14. But in the webpage those models say that they don't support cd text, only the more expensive models 🤔