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  1. Does anyone have chrome surroundings for t27 avensis fog lights. Model year is 2009.
  2. I have the same issue. Unlocking automatically works about 50% of the time but from button every time. I will try the wd40 trick but I think that it is really bug in the controlling software.
  3. Brodit has several good ones. Just pick which you like
  4. All understood on previous replys, which I appreciate highly. I have t27 avensis which is the subject of this thread. I'm a electrician and know all the backgrounds and how they work. It was just that dension homepage said different than your links about even sending cd text to headunit, because that is something I would love to have. Also since I'm living in Finland delivery costs can change a lot depending where I would buy it.
  5. But in the webpage those models say that they don't support cd text, only the more expensive models 🤔
  6. I have routed mine to dash panel but is your volume also lower than on the normal cd or radio side? I have some cheap aliexpress cd changer adapter, which I btw routed with taking just glove box off and reaching to the back of the unit. So it can be done also that way.
  7. The brake vacuum pump can start making noise. Mine was changed at 180tkm when toyota service would have done it on next service (195tkm). Cost me ~450€ with the price of the part included. And just so you know EPB is one unit for both rear brake saddles. So if saddle jams still you can get away with just saddle change. There is two wires coming from EPB unit. Unit can still work as it is but wires can break and at they say that all has to be changed as a unit. 950€ in Finland.
  8. My t27. Some added chrome on doors and console. Changed center cups.... and just some waxing shine 😍
  9. Hello. I'm long time member of fintoys (finnish toyota chapter) and wanted to share my knowledge here. Family has had and still has a lot of toyotas. Father has his 16th(I think) toyota at the moment t25 avensis 2.0 gas. No diesels for us 🙂 Brother has gt4 celice st250 and caldina. Wife has t22 avensis and I had 05 corolla sedan and now I have t27 estate avensis 1.8. Feel free to ask anything on those cars and I'll let know if I have ideas for any issues. I gave the answer for the famous hesitation of the gas engine on t27, so check it out. Thanks for having me here.
  10. Just went thru all these and it's ecu fault. I got mine updated with facelift software and it works flawlessly. I had the hesitation on all gear with warm engine. Issue is at least in Finland that car recognizes the ethanol amount wrong from 95 fuel (%10 ethanol). With 98 (%5 ethanol) it behaved better but not flawlessly. Cost me 70€ but had to also change alternator for facelift version, which I got with 110€ from 20000km driven crash car. So with roughly 200€ (had bigger service done at the same time) got mine updated and I'm happy now.
  11. I had ecu updated for facelift version at toyota shop. Works like charm. It's the ethanol on modern fuels that on 2009 ecu doesn't recognise right. Also on the valvematic engine 14% minimum is that throttle is always open otherwise you would stall the engine.