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  1. That is true that you have to let it close from decent height to get it really closed. Otherwise you'll be travelling with only the wind catch.
  2. I have here in Finland one car body painter who also does the welding. We have idead it already but didn't have time to leave my car there. It should stay in 500-600€ cost range but it is much for only repairing doors. In the shop they have only said that be careful when opening doors so it won't crack more.
  3. Hello. My friend said that you can't directly install backup camera to the wires or base for the backup light on t27 2009 tourer, or it will messup the system. Is this true? I need it rarely, and was thinking about installing a wifi camera so I could watch it from my phone the times I do need it.
  4. Bonnet is normal. I have heard that if there is something between it wont immediately cause problem to the metal. The seal should still fill the gap and it won't fly open even after you have pulled the switch inside. There is still the latch that you have to open manually. On the door hinges there is no workaroung for them. You need to know some good welder who can make it stronger. My local welder said that you will probaly break the bolts while getting the door off.
  5. It's more of a simply more wear and tear the back takes. It's the same with VW products I have had for a work car(Skoda and Seat). When new you wont see the difference in Toyotas.
  6. First every polish for this car and wax on it. Shines like new 😎
  7. I know there might be a discussion about this done before and I have 2009 1.8 fuel engine where ecu has been updated but still the issue remains the same. Under 3500rpm there is hesitation. At Toyota service they say that it is caused by engine not measuring the amount of ethanol in Finnish fuel. To cut to the chase what is the sensor measuring that from fuel? I get best performance if i unplug the battery and ecu loses the learned timing. It works well for few days after that.
  8. I haven't opened it but when my 2009 got new fitted toyota service said that there has been two updates made on facelifts for it so there might be differences on different versions.
  9. Big thanks. Then this should be effortless thing to do.
  10. Big thanks. Only AVC Lan vs BUS seems to be non replacable to new connector. This might work.
  11. I think the old one is 86120-02260 and new is 86120-12880.
  12. That actually is the problem. He is moving back from aftermarket to get the consumption and temp back in the game. So I would actually need diagram of what are the pins for the computer side of player.
  13. My friend has a problem with e12 Corolla cd player. He had to buy new player unit, because old one died. Problem is that new player has differend computer connectors, so he is missing temp and consumptions. CD and radio works, but the wide connector needs a connector that is split to three different connectors. Attached is the pictures to demonstrate the problem. Any ideas?
  14. I am aware of that menu, but it's mainly for phone connection and audio recognition to call specific numbers. I think I have used it once 🙂 On other points I think you are also correct. I just think that the moment it doesn't react to anything, I would have some soft reset (maybe hold down to buttons for a period of time) to try to stop it going nuts. I don't want to do full reset because it might need that factory security code. But in the end I think that this is just hot weather issue and we don't have that much hot weather in Finland, so nothing major in the end 🙂
  15. You should see the video now. It does cure from that in 5-60minutes of time but is still anoying. Nothing responds when it goes to that mode, but you can listen to cd with the latest volume you have chosen 😄 I also has been quite active on your great tutorial. I do have xcarlink usb reader connected, but there is no effect if I unplug it.
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