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  1. So I have a 2004 Toyota Corolla E12, 4ZZ-FE. And while in. Gear, the shifter is wobbly and loose, it's not as precise. And specially when it's cold, it's hard to get it into gear. Is there maybe a bushing in the shiftmechanism that is worn? Thanks
  2. I saw your post. Thank you! I changed on volvo, ford, Volkswagen, Audis and some other cars, but they has the motor on the caliper itself. So my Bosch tester had the option for it. But I found the EPB under "repairs", so I'll check tomorrow if they have some calibration option. They really offer from the auto release EPB so I don't want to screw this up. I also have the piston rewind tool 🙂 thanks for the detailed info, I really appreciate it!
  3. Thanks you! And thanks haha, I am new to forums so I didn't find any search option. Well, I'll just slap it togheter and hope for the best! x)
  4. So my dad has a 2012 avensis, we`re going on a 1000km trip on saturday, I checked the brakes beacuse he complained about squeaking noises. The rear pads are worn out, so I ordered some pads through my work. We got a Bosch KTS diagnostic tester, I hooked it up to see if it had any option to calibrate or tell the car that the pads are changed and to be calibrated but there are no option. So before I do this I need some tips, how can I tell the car that the pads are changed and calibrate the calipers? The EPB is a single motor under the car with two steel waiers to each caliper. Thanks! :))