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  1. Found an interesting site were are compared both cars
  2. gezhenry LPG was placed 7 years ago, in 2012. How long do Avensis last? 500 00km? 700 000km? Any resurss of a gearbox or motor? I am planning to exchange cars, from audi a4 b6 to this car above, so all + and - before that would like to know....
  3. Thanks avetoy. Of course I will look under it. Arches also seems to me like a problem, had a Mitsubishi Galant. Every year was fighting the arches.. But cant say 100%, haven yet seen the car in real life.
  4. Hello, thinking of Toyota Avensis 2004 1.8 gasoline/lpg automatic gearbox. Vin - SB1ER56L30E072473 Motor - 1ZZFE Model code - ZZT251 Generation - II Millage- 310 000km Visual and in papers everything's seems ok, but have read about motor oil consumption - worrying 😞 Anything else that I would need to know before making final decision on this car?