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  1. Will be checking head gasket to see if that’s gone in few days to narrow it down??
  2. Am glad have seen this topic raised here as having the same probs with my 2012 d4d TR and to date nobody has the fix?!? Been down the cataclean fuel cleaner, cleaned EGR, replaced fuel filter, Terraclean carbon cleaned the engine too but still excessive white smoke after a few hours of continous driving in town. Mr T had it in for diagnostic check other day too, def and egr not blocked and got latest ECU software too, couldn’t find any faults. So now thinking its 5th injector or head gasket problem as white grey smoke intermittent still happening after few hours driving. Have these Emulators worked ok?? Any update would be great!?
  3. Not sure my friend....only starts when been driving few hours on the’s fine up until then.
  4. Hi there Have read through some archives on the forum about this subject but no definitive answers AFAIK?? I use my 2012 d4d tourer as taxi and have now 125,000miles on clock. Great car apart from this recent annoying problem am having!! Have over the last 3/4 weeks had excessive white gray smoke upon accelerating in 1st / 2nd and 3rd gears ( up to 2000 revs) after the car has been on the road for a few hours and at operating temp. Been down the routes of adding fuel cleaner to the fuel,tank....Cataclean, Cleaned the EGR out and replaced all filters inc fuel filter. DPF and pressure is fine and checked all injectors at fuel injection faults shown. Car was Terracleaned last week with a standard carbon clean....improved slightly and had no smoke for 1 day then back to usual white smoke again in the afternoon, with clouds of while smoke covering the car behind me....bit embarrassing really!! Just been to local Toyota dealer and had expensive diagnostic check; EGR and DPF not blocked and latest ECU software is up to date too, no faults shown. Getting frustrated as still no clue as to what’s causing this?? Seal or pipe leaking somewhere possibly?? EGR not functioning well?? Turbo seals leaking?? Anyone else had this issue and resolved it?? Any help or info much appreciated as tearing my hair out with this??
  5. Still the same here with white grey smoke blowing out from accelerating in 1st/ 2nd/ 3rd gears up to 2000 revs. Only happens when been out continuous driving for about 3-4 hours, so something is blocking up or sticking?? Do the DPF have a life span of so many years and need replacing as could be that it’s not functioning at 100%?.
  6. Yes thanks been located now thanks v much!! At least have got normal wipers now!!
  7. Thanks!! Will have look again on my 2012 D4D
  8. Thanks!! After reading of similar problems on this great forum have disconnected the wired plug sensor next to the mirror, so will revert to old style intermittent wipers saving me hassle of manually turning the wipers on n off!! cant see where the auto lights sensor is unless it’s the same sensor??
  9. Oops sorry and thx for putting in the correct section!!
  10. Hi My auto sensor wipers aren’t working correctly too, just sometimes and when am idling at lights in traffic it’s picking up the rain on the windscreen from the car in fronts tail lights. I have to manually turn the wipers on for intermittent wiping. Normal continuous speed wipers work ok. The auto lights seem to work ok, are they 2 different sensors? Have read if disconnect auto sensor the light s won’t work??
  11. Hi its got 124,000mikes on it and no fault codes shown?? put bottle of cataclean in fuel tank few weeks ago but still same problem. had the EGR cleaned too
  12. Hi all members!! Found this great informative group and forum recently as having probs with my 2012 Avensis 2.0 d4d. Have had it just over 1yr and have got 124,000m on the clock now. Replaced the original battery, had the dpf sent away to be sonically cleaned last yr and replaced the clutch and flywheel at same time. Now for the last few weeks have noticed grey white smoke blowing out when in been on road few hours in 1st and 2nd gear and pulling away up to 2000 revs. Had the EGR cleaned and previously put bottle of cataclean in the fuel tank to see if could get it cleaned up, trouble is still there?? Had noticed on few other pages that it could be an ECU update for the 5th injector?? Or a head gasket problem?? Booked into Toyota main dealer this week but they said on phone there’s no updates due?? any help or info well appreciated as wish to keep it but struggling to fix the fault??
  13. Hi Am a newbie on here but similar probs with my 2012 Avensis 2.0 d4d (124,000m) over last few weeks. No smoke on startup but after few hrs on road it starts blowing out white smoke on pulling away in 1st and 2nd gear, bit embarrassing leaving clouds of grey white smoke behind me. Checked and cleaned EGR and checked injectors and no faults found. Have read it could be ECU update or 5th injector problem?? Booked into Toyota garage this week, see what they say?? any more info help appreciated as it’s a solid car and was hoping to get a few more years from it.